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Darkdevil belongs to the MC2 alternate/future Marvel universe. While other alternate/future timelines have come and gone, this one has stayed for a while, especially in the pages of Spider-Girl. And while Darkdevil has even had his own mini-series (see below), the character debuted in the pages of Spider-Girl #2.

Darkdevil's Origin

Darkdevil's civilian identity is Reilly Tyne. Reilly to honor his father, Ben Reilly (yes, the Spidey clone) and Tyne because his mother's name was Elizabeth Tyne. Reilly grew up in a series of foster homes, but when he became deathly ill as a teenager, Kaine (another Spidey clone apparently) took him in and put him in a stasis/regeneration chamber. Kaine was also trying to bring back Daredevil at the time, who'd sacrificed himself to save Kaine when the Kingpin turned on Kaine.

In a fit of desperation, Kaine called upon Zarathos to try and revive Daredevil. Zarathos not only refused, but decided to take Reilly's body as a mortal shell for himself. Daredevil's spirit then appears and drives Zarathos out, but not before Zarathos imposes some changes on Reilly: he now has the appearance of a demon (although he learns to hold a mortal guise with practice), he can teleport to places that are line-of-sight or that he's been at before, and he can manifest flaming objects.

Imbued with the original Daredevil's spirit, figuratively or actually we don't know for sure, Reilly goes to college and becomes a law intern in Franklin "Foggy" Nelson's law practice.

Darkdevil Appearances

In addition to his own mini-series, Darkdevil appeared in many issues of Spider-Girl. If you know of an issue of Spider-Girl (or any other title) that isn't listed below, please let me know.

Issue cover Darkdevil #1 (of 3)
Nov 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"From the Abyss...!"
DeFalco, Frenz, Milgrom, Orzechowski (cover: Frenz, ?)

Amidst a plethora of name dropping, both creator homages (Miller, MacKenzie, Macchio, etc.) and references to characters in the Marvel Universe (Urich, Reilly, Nelson, and others), Darkdevil battles against ninjas and then a Scrier as he tries to figure out if an election is being fixed. Meanwhile, Kaine (he's presented as if we should know him - from some of the old Spidey series maybe?) squares off against the Kingpin, and we find out that Kaine was involved in the creation of Darkdevil at some point in the past.

Issue cover Darkdevil #2 (of 3)
Dec 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Cursed!"
DeFalco, Frenz, Milgrom, Orzechowski (cover: Frenz, ?)

Kaine is captured by the Scriers, and in a series of flashbacks, we learn the roles that Kaine, Zarathos, and the original Daredevil had to play in the origin of Darkdevil. Meanwhile Scrier Prime catches up to Darkdevil and they battle.

Issue cover Darkdevil #3 (of 3)
Jan 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Fathers of the Sin!"
DeFalco, Frenz, Milgrom, Orzechowski (cover: Frenz, ?)

After rescuing Kaine from the Scriers, Darkdevil and Kaine rush to stop the assassination at the political debate and end up running into the Scrier Prime again. And it turns out that the Scrier Prime is actually Zarathos.

Issue cover Spider-Girl #2
Nov 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Chiang

Spider-Girl battles a gang of thugs and the psycho super-villain Crazy Eight. In addition, Darkdevil keeps showing up and warning her that "playing" at being a super-hero is a deadly business.
cameo: cover, p.2, 5-7, 22

Issue cover Spider-Girl #7
Apr 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Chiang

Spider-Girl continues to try to convince her father that she's capable of being Spider-Girl. May also continues her training with her "Uncle Phil". And as Darkdevil is testing (and frustrating) May yet one more time, Nova shows up to join in on the fun.
cameo: cover, p.1-2, 8-11, 15

Issue cover Spider-Girl #9
Jun 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Training Matters!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Morelli

Spider-Girl continues her training with Uncle Phil and also starts training with her dad, who's finally accepted her role as Spider-Girl. May also mixes it up with "Killer-Watt" and comes out on the losing side, but Darkdevil's there to watch over her and later give her a tip on where to find Killer-Watt, so May can settle accounts with this "shocking" villain.
cameo: p.11, 17, 22

Issue cover Spider-Girl #12
Sep 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Duel With Darkdevil!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Chiang

Darkdevil is on a manhunt for Kaine, and May is out to try and stop him.
cameo: cover, p.6-7, 14-20

Issue cover Spider-Girl #14
Nov 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"A Man Called... Kaine!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Chiang

Kaine and Darkdevil battle it out, and May shows up to join in. Kaine makes references to both having had a hand in creating Darkdevil and in being very close to May's father, the original Spider-Man.
cameo: p.1, 11, 13-17, 21-22

Issue cover Spider-Girl #22
Jul 2000, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Dance Fever!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Novak

Darkdevil, Spider-Girl, and the Buzz all end up taking on Funny Face in a melee at the local high school dance.
cameo: cover, p.3-4, 8, 10, 15, 17, 20

Issue cover Spider-Girl #23
Aug 2000, 22 pgs., $2.25
"The Girl With The Power!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Novak

In an issue very reminiscent of early Spidey issues, May has to deal with friends, bullies, basketball rivals, and some bullies stealing bikes and lunch money -- all the usual problems a teen-aged arachnid seems to always encounter. Oh, yeah: she also gets a job offer from J. Jonah Jameson to work at the Bugle.
cameo: p.14-15

Issue cover Spider-Girl #34
Jul 2001, 22 pgs., $2.25
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Workman

May gets a little depressed when folks like the Fantastic 5 go around saving the world, the universe, etc., and she's still trying to convince folks that she's a valid superhero. In addition, she meets Reilly Tyne who's working on the Raptor case for Foggy Nelson. Spider-Girl, Darkdevil, Spider-Man (the new one?), and the Raptor all join forces to try and bring in Mr. Nobody.
cameo: cover, p.14-16, 19-21

Issue cover Spider-Girl #42
Mar 2002, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Mother's Day!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Livesay, Workman

Angelface and Funny Face go on a rampage trying to find Mr. Nobody and Spider-Girl after Crazy Eight is killed in a fight involving the two of them and the new Spider-Man. May pulls together the Lady Hawks, the Buzz, the Green Goblin, and the Raptor to form the new New Warriors to try and stop the Faces.
cameo: p.10, 13

Issue cover Spider-Girl #43
Mar 2002, 22 pgs., $2.25
"A Separate Peace"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Workman

Spider-Girl's team heads out trying to track down AngelFace and Funny Face, and they run into DarkDevil and the new Spider-Man who are trying to do the same. DarkDevil, the new Spidey, and a surprise special guest end up tangling with Mr. Nobody, while Spider-Girl and her team end up taking on the Faces. May comes up with a rather unorthodox solution for dealing with the supervillains.
cameo: p.3-4, 9-10, 12-13, 17

Issue cover Spider-Girl #44
Apr 2002, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Cry Uncle!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, Workman

May, and the team she put together, continue to second guess whether or not she should have made a deal with the Faces. May's dad brings her up to speed on some history regarding Ben Reilly and Spider-Man. Reilly Tyne continues to work on the Raptor's case.
cameo: cover, p.4, 14

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