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Earth X? Earth X Daredevil?

Earth X Daredevil debuted in the Wizard Earth X Special Edition. These were a set of character sketches by Alex Ross which described a possible future (30 years from now) in the Marvel Universe where EVERYONE has been affected by "Plague X" & acquired superpowers of some sort.

This "Man Without Fear" is fearless in part because he is immune to pain or injury. He travels around from town to town as part of a "circus" show. As far as we can tell, this Daredevil is not the same Daredevil. In fact, Daredevil (the one we know) seems to have been killed at some point and is in the "land of the dead" with all the other dead heroes. Those appearances are listed on the official appearances checklist page as alternate/future appearances.

Daredevil aflame Swan dive Daredevil impaled
In the pictures above, we see a typical example of one of his stunts: volunteers from the audience douse Daredevil & his motorcycle with flamethrowers. He then rides up a large ramp, does a swan dive off the cycle, starts yelling, "Wait! This isn't right! Something's gone wrong!", and impales himself on a nasty barbed spike. At which point the Ringmaster comes out hollering, "Somebody. Anybody. Is there a doctor in the house?"

In reading through the Earth X series, you get the impression that "life" has lost all meaning for him (literally). It's almost like he's trying to find a thrill or some purpose, but can't. He finally hooks up with Captain America when the Skull threatens to take over all of America. He figures he's with the losing side, so it ought to be fun.

A number of characters have been offered as possible candidates for the man under the mask. Earth X even throws out the name of "Foggy Nelson, the orig. Daredevil" which leaves some interesting stories untold. My guess is that this character is Madcap whom we first met in Daredevil #234. For a really interesting interview with Jim Krueger (who, along with Alex Ross, is responsible for Earth X), be sure to visit my good friend Kuljit's DD site.

Earth X Daredevil Appearances

Issue cover Earth X (supplement to Wizard #77)
1997, 16 pgs.(no ads), supplement
"What if There Were No Need for Superheroes?" (Earth X Introduction)
Ross/Krueger, Ross (cover: Ross)

A series of character sketches by Alex Ross about Earth X -- 30 years in the future, when EVERYBODY becomes superpowered.
cameo: (cover, p.3) There is a one page profile (illustration & paragraph) on the Earth X Daredevil. You can see the illustration on the Art > Preview Art page.

Issue cover Earth X #1
Apr 1999, 28 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter One"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

The Inhumans come back to Earth to find it inhabited by humans who've all been changed. Capt. America & Redwing (Wyatt Wingfoot) fight the minions of Hydra. Tony Stark & his manufactured "Avengers" fight to keep New York free.
cameo: (cover, p.9) This is actually more of a "non"appearance. DD only appears on the cover, and on an advertising poster on page 9.

Issue cover Earth X #2
May 1999, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Two"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

The Inhumans visit Ben Grimm and try to find out some answers. Reed Richards toils in Doom's old hideout trying to find a "cure" for Plague X. Cap & Redwing head for the West Coast to try to get some answers regarding "the Skull". Some of the Skull's minions interrupt one of Daredevil's thrill shows.
cameo: (pgs.19-23) Daredevil performs one of his stunts for a large crowd. The panels above were taken from this issue.

Issue cover Earth X #5
Aug 1999, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Five"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Thor, now female by Odin's hand, has a conversation with Loki. The Inhumans attempt to visit Reed Richards. Bruce & the Hulk ask Clea to help them visit the land of the dead. Daredevil tells Cap he wants to be his partner.
cameo: (pgs.9-10) Daredevil approaches Captain America about becoming his partner & not giving up the fight against the Skull.

Issue cover Earth X #6
Sep 1999, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Six"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Reed searches for Xavier's "Cerebro Mutant Locator" to help find the Inhumans. Bruce Banner/Hulk & Thor try to convince Clea to send them to the land of the dead. Vision tries to convince Tony Stark to join in the fight. Daredevil's circus troupe finds Scott Summers & asks him to train them. Daredevil, Cap, and others ride on a train into New York trying to beat the Skull there.
cameo: (p.22-23) Daredevil & Cap riding the train into New York. There are also character sketches of Daredevil on pages 26 & 29, but they're just blowups of the drawing from the Jan 1998 Earth X Wizard supplement.

Issue cover Earth X #7
Oct 1999, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Seven"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Ben helps Reed set up Xavier's "Cerebro Mutant Locator" to help the Inhumans find their people. Bruce Banner/Hulk finds Stephen Strange in the land of the dead & finds out that Clea betrayed him. Clea strands the Hulk and Thor in the land of the dead & we find out that Loki is her lover. The Skull's forces are right outside New York; Cap & Daredevil show up at Grimm's house warning of the impending war.
cameo: (p.23) Daredevil & Cap show up at Ben Grimm's house to warn him of the upcoming battle with the Skull.

Issue cover Earth X #11
Mar 2000, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Eleven"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Everyone versus the Skull. Tony Stark takes off in a flying super-fortress. Black Bolt makes it into the sky and shouts as he is destroyed. Cap takes the Skull on, one on one. Uatu continues to question Richards regarding what mankind is trying to do.
cameo: (p.16) Daredevil diving (literally) into the fray with the Skull. Pgs. 19-20 also have some nice shots of the clay Daredevil.

Issue cover Earth X #12
Apr 2000, 32 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter Twelve"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Loki tries to convince the other Norse gods that the humans turned them into what they are. Iron Man & Reed Richards try to delay the Celestials buying time for whoever Black Bolt called to come help.
cameo: (p.6, 25) A cameo of Daredevil's head (and all the other characters) as Uatu informs Reed that it was all for nothing with the Celestials taking over now. And a sketch of Daredevil as at the back of the book, Cap tells the Skull about himself, Daredevil, and others while kneeling over the Skull's grave.

Issue cover Earth X #X
Jun 2000, 48 pgs. (no ads), $3.99
"Earth X: Issue X"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

The wrap up of the Earth X maxi-series. Galactus & the Celestials square off against each other. Reed develops a series of "torches" that will burn away the terrigen mists, and allow humanity to de-mutate & become normal again. The Asgardians join in the battle with the Celestials. Medusa finally finds her long lost son. X-51 confronts Uatu. Mar-vell shows up and leaves Richards with vague hints that things aren't quite finished...paving the way for another maxi-series.
cameo: (p.1, 40) Daredevil, with others, around Tony Stark as he dies asks why it couldn't have been him. Daredevil being asked by the circus troupe if he minds if they decide to stay as X-Men.

Issue cover Universe X #0
Sep 2000, 48 pgs. (no ads), $3.99
"Earth X: Issue X"
Krueger/Ross, Braithwaite, Reinhold/Williamson/Riggs, Klein (cover: Ross)

Kyle with his visions relates to Gargoyle a future where the weather patterns on the Earth are changing and many of Earth's "mutants" decide they don't want to be reverted back to their human form. Much of Marvel's history is tied in to the Earth X/Universe X storyline by Kyle as he recants to Isaac much of the Marvel Universe's history & how it relates to all that's been happening and is going to happen.
cameo: (p.8) Just a brief mention of Daredevil by Kyle to Isaac to let the readers know what became of Daredevil since the Earth X maxi-series.

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