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Issue cover Daredevil Annual #1
Sep 1967, 55 pgs., 25¢
"Electro, and the Emissaries of Evil!"
Lee, Colan, Tartaglione, Rosen

DD defeats Electro, Gladiator, Matador, Stilt-man, and Leap-frog combined
plus: 8 "feature" pages and 8 pinups

Issue cover Daredevil Annual #2
Feb 1971, 40 pgs., 25¢
"While the City Sleeps!","A Time to Unmask!"
Wood/Lee, Wood/Powell, Wood, Simek/Rosen

Reprint of DD #10,11; new cover

Issue cover Daredevil Annual #3
Jan 1972, 40 pgs., 25¢
"Enter...Spider-man","None Are So Blind..!"
Lee, Romita, Giacoia(Ray), Simek/Rosen

Reprint of DD #16,17; cover from DD #16

Issue cover Daredevil Annual #4
1976, 35 pgs., 50¢
"The Name of the Game is...Death!"
Wolfman/Claremont, Tuska, Chiaramonte, Kawecki

Inventor Robert Mallory designs a tidal power station; The Maggia kidnaps his son and the Black Panther; Namor wants to safeguard the sea from this invention

Issue cover Daredevil Annual #5 (#4 on cover)
1989, 55 pgs., $2.00
"A Friend in Need" (Atlantis Attacks, Chpt.7)(pgs.2-30)
Conway, Bagley, DeLaRosa, Heisler

Atlanteans & rebel Lemurians are turning all NY's drug addicts into serpent people

Backup stories:
  • "Role Reversal" (pgs.31-37)
    Wright, Lee, DeMulder, Starkings
    The Wildboys beat up on a dealer for kicks; the cops tell them they are heroes
  • "Super senses comparison" (pgs.38-39)
    Sanderson, Bagley, Mielcarek
    Explanation & comparison of super senses
  • "The Rescue" (pgs.40-45)
    Wright, Romita Jr., Janson, Starkings
    Darla is kidnapped by thugs; Fatboys try to find DD & then decide to rescue her themselves
  • "The Redeemed & the Condemned" (pgs.47-57)
    Wright, Portacio, Milgrom, Starkings
    Urich's story on Lambert gets Nidetz killed & almost Ben; then Bushwhacker kills Lambert
  • "The Rebel" (The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Chpt.7)(pgs.58-64)
    Sanderson, Bagley, Williams, Moede
    Some history of the Serpent Crown

  • Issue cover Daredevil Annual #6
    1990, 56 pgs., $2.00
    Lifeform (Pt.2 of 4)
    "Predator" (pgs.2-30)
    Wright, Kennedy, Kennedy, Starkings

    DD battles the Lifeform

    Backup stories:
  • "Truth or Dare" (pgs.31-47)
    Wright, Hartle, DeCarlo, Rosen
    Eightball is dared to steal one of the Tunnel Teens' skateboards
  • "Innocent Bystander?" (pgs.48-55)
    Wright, Sutton, Sutton, Morelli
    Questionable detective Robbins is infected by the Lifeform and dies
  • "Two Schizos" (pgs.56-64)
    Wright, Bair, Bair, Starkings
    Typhoid has a schizoid duel within herself & with Lifeform which is doing the same

  • Issue cover Daredevil Annual #7
    1991, 56 pgs., $2.00
    "Crippling Death" (The Von Strucker Gambit, Pt.1) (pgs.9-32)
    Wright, Garney, Hazlewood, Rosen

    Furman burns buildings he wants to rebuild; DD, Fury, & Crippler try to catch Sathan; Crippler tries being a vigilante

    Backup stories:
  • Origin retell (p.2)
    no credits
  • "Prologue" (pgs.3-8)
    Wright, Guice, Guice, Felix
    3 genetic mutants created by Von Strucker/HYDRA escape; 3 bounty hunters are sent after them
  • "Dark Lady" (pgs.33-43)
    Fein, Hudson, Hudson, Heisler
    Kingpin uses Ben's first love, an abused girl, to put him in his place
  • "Malicious Justice...or Injustice" (pgs.43-54)
    Wright, Alexander, Fredericks, Robins
    Crippler continues spree as vigilante
  • "Guns don't kill..." (pgs.55-64)
    Wright, Brigman, Richardson, Joyce
    Eightball decides to carry a gun & gets shot while stopping a rapist

  • Issue cover Daredevil Annual #8
    1992, 56 pgs., $2.25
    "Maxed Out" (The System Bytes, Pt.2) (pgs.2-43)
    Wright, Wyman, LaRosa, Dutro

    Bushwhacker hired to kill Max; Deathlok battles Ultra-Max (comp. virus); DD & Deathlok battle Bushwhacker

    Backup stories:
  • "Daredevil's Top Ten Villains" (pgs.45-47)
    Caragonne, Panosian, Panosian, Dutro
    List of ten of DD's foes
  • "Disturbingly Alike" (pgs.48-55)
    Wright, Alexander, Alexander, Chiang
    Crippler roughs up the Wildboys, tells them to play it straight(er)
  • "Growing Up?" (pgs.56-64)
    Wright, Brigman, Richardson, Chiang
    Darla gets involved with older boy who's two-timing her; Eightball gets jealous; Darla kisses him

  • Issue cover Daredevil Annual #9
    Jul 1993, 54 pgs., $2.95
    "Devouring Madness" (pgs.2-31)
    Wright, Heebink, Fredericks, Dutro

    Ancient Mayan statue turns guard into Devourer; DD fights creature & reverses curse

    Backup stories:
  • "On the Clock" (pgs.35-40)
    Wright, Paquette, Paquette, Dutro
    A day in the life of DD
  • "Resurrections" (pgs.45-63)
    Herdling, McDaniel, LaRosa, Dutro
    Retelling of Zombie's origin; Calypso resurrects Zombie & recreates "Devil ge Rouge"

  • Issue cover Daredevil Annual #10
    1994, 57 pgs., $2.95
    "Vendettas" (pgs.2-48)
    Wright, Renkewitz, Barnett, Sharpe

    Fury recruits Shang Chi to bring in Elektra; Snakeroot resurrects Ghostmaker; DD, Elektra & Shang Chi defeat Ghostmaker

    Backup stories:
  • "Dead End" (pgs.49-64)
    Newell, Cariello, Rankin, Chiang
    Fury recruits Widow for a job; old Russian agent is still trying to bring Widow in

  • Issue cover Daredevil/Deadpool '97
    Sep 1997, 48 pgs. (no ads), $2.99
    "Whomsoever Fights Monsters..."
    Kelly, Chang, Holdredge, Starkings & Comicraft

    Deadpool follows Typhoid who wants to kill DD, to NY; DD stops Typhoid who we find out is the prostitute Matt thought he had killed as a teenager; Deadpool takes Typhoid away
    plus: wraparound gatefold cover
    Issue back cover

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