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For the most part, these are appearances set in future or alternate realities. I've also included some Hostess advertisements here (Hostessverse?), as examples of actual appearances of the DD character, but outside the normal Marvel Universe continuity. In addition, whenever possible, I've included a rating of how big a part DD/Murdock plays in that issue. You'll find a grade of "major", "minor", "bit", or "non-appearance" (the same standards used on the main cross appearance summary page) in brackets next to the book title and issue number to help you decide whether a particular issue is worth hunting down or not.
Many thanks to Robert Orme for catching some errors on this page!

1602 #1 [major]
Nov 2003, 34 pgs., $3.50
Part One
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

Strange and Fury, advisors to the Queen, decide to bring a mysterious object to England from Jerusalem before others obtain the secret "weapon". Matt Murdoch is hired to bring the object and its owner to the Queen.
The Spanish Inquisition hunts the "witchbreed" (mutants). A group of the witchbreed free this time period's "Angel" from being burned and take him back to Javier who runs a sanctuary/school for the witchbreed.
Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #2 [major]
Nov 2003, 22 pgs., $3.50
Part Two
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

Natasha joins Murdoch in his mission to retrieve and deliver the mysterious object. Count Otto von Doom sends agents to follow their movements.
Virginia Dare, the first woman born in the New World comes back to England to visit the Queen. Sir Nicholas meets with Javier to warn him about the upcoming witchhunt by the combined forces of James of Scotland and the Spanish Inquisition.
Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #3 [major]
Dec 2003, 22 pgs., $3.50
Part Three
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

The Pope sends an assassin to the Grand Inquisitor when he finds out that the Grand Inquisitor is allying himself with James of Scotland.
Strange and Fury try to unravel what's going on, and Count von Doom sends a present to her Majesty.
Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #4 [major]
Jan 2004, 22 pgs., $3.50
Part Four
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

Virginia Dare is nursed back to health by Strange & Clea, and we discover Strange's and Viriginia's origins.
Fury meets with King James who orders him to take Javier's mutant school by force. Fury sends Peter to Javier to warn him.
The Widow betrays Murdoch and prepares to take him, the weapon, and the old man all to Doom. Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #5 [major]
Feb 2004, 22 pgs., $3.50
Part Five
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

Fury captures Javier and his mutants, but he brings them to Strange instead of King James. Strange tells Javier and Fury that the Four who sailed the Fantastick are still alive and held by Doom, as are the old Templar and Murdoch. The three decide to send a rescue mission to free Doom's captives. Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #6 [major]
Mar 2004, 23 pgs., $3.50
Part Six
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

The Watcher transports Strange to the Moon to have a talk with him. Javier and Grey transport a ship to Doom's castle telekinetically. Fury and Javier's mutants attack Doom's castle as the Fantastick Four break out and Murdoch rescues himself and the Templar from the dungeons. The Templar uses a walking stick which turns out to be Thor's hammer. Gaiman's 1602 world
1602 #7 [major]
Apr 2004, 23 pgs., $3.50
Part Seven
Gaiman, Kubert, Isanove, Klein (cover: McKowen)

The Grand Inquisitor(/Magneto) escapes burning at the stake. James has Strange executed, but Clea, Virginia, and Rojhaz escape from the King. Jean Grey dies as the mutants continue their voyage with the Fantastick Four. And we finally discover who/what came from the future and threw everything out of whack. Gaiman's 1602 world
2099 A.D. Genesis #1 [major]
Jan 1996, 38 pgs., $4.95
"Mid Day Sun"
Ellis, Eaglesham, Koblish, Babcock

A mutant name "Dust" travels to Halo City to find a new mutant leader; a vigilante (DD 2099) starts handing out justice
plus: chromium wraparound cover
2099 universe
4 #1 (Universe X Special) [bit]
Oct 2000, 48 pgs. (no ads), $3.99
"4: A Universe X Special"
Krueger/Ross, Anderson, Anderson/Blyberg, Klein (cover: Ross)

Galactus returns and asks X-51 to explain to him what Franklin Richards has to do with everything. As X-51 explains, we find out that Captain Marvel has a plan to try & set everything right. This will take us into the Universe X maxi-series.
cameo: (p.20-21) Daredevil (& other heroes) in the land of the dead carrying on their battles as if they'd never died.
Earth X future timeline
Avengers Special #2 (Annual #2) [bit]
Sep 1968, 48 pgs., 25¢
"...And Time, the Rushing River..."
Thomas, Heck/Roth, Colletta, Rosen

Due to the machinations of Rama Tut/Scarlet Centurion/Kang, the old Avengers (1st team) end up battling the new Avengers (2nd team).
cameo: (p.20) A fallen DD (in yellow outfit), one of all of the super-powered beings the old Avengers have defeated under the orders of the Scarlet Centurion in the "changed" timeline that he's attempting to create
Alternate timeline
Avengers: Timeslide [minor]
Feb 1996, 48 pgs.(no ads), $4.95
"The Crossing"
Harras/Kavanagh, Cruz/Ross/Laguna&Toscano/Clark/Albert, Koblish/Micheletti, Oakley (cover: Cruz, Ross)

The Avengers fighting the twins, Tobias & Malachi, end up 10 years in the past. We get to see many of Marvel's heroes, but most seem untransformed. (Storyline continues in Iron Man & Avengers).
plus: wraparound chromium cover
cameo: A young Matt, still being trained by Stick, helps Vision reunite with the Avengers from whom he'd been separated
Alternate timeline? (it's *possible* this one might even be within continuity?)
Darkdevil #2 (of 3) [minor]
Dec 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Cursed!"
DeFalco, Frenz, Milgrom, Orzechowski (cover: Frenz, ?)

Kaine & the Kingpin are battling, the Scriers are involved, and we find out the roles that both Daredevil & Zarathos had in the creation of "Darkdevil".
cameo: (cover,pgs.4-6, 9, 13) DD fights Kaine, then dies protecting Kaine from the Kingpin; DD & Zarathos battle over the one soon to become Darkdevil.
MC2 Universe
Death's Head II #4(of 4) [minor]
May 1992, 23 pgs., $1.75
"2020 Vision!"
Abnett, Sharp, Lanning/Sharp, Godbold

In 2020, all the superheroes are fighting Charnal (an amalgam of Von Strucker & Death's Head)
cameo: (pgs.1-3) DD & Punisher fight back to back against Charnal
Alternate timeline (Death's Head Universe?)
Earth X #7 [bit]
Oct 1999, 29 pgs., $2.99
"Earth X: Chapter One"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Ben helps Reed set up Xavier's "Cerebro Mutant Locator" to help the Inhumans find their people. Bruce Banner/Hulk finds Stephen Strange in the land of the dead & finds out that Clea betrayed him. Clea strands the Hulk and Thor in the land of the dead & we find out that Loki is her lover. The Skull's forces are right outside New York; Cap & Daredevil show up at Grimm's house warning of the impending war.
cameo: (p.15) Bruce Banner/Hulk sees Daredevil (& other heroes) in the land of the dead carrying on their battles as if they'd never died.
Earth X future timeline
Excaliber #14 [bit]
Nov 1989, 26 pgs., $1.50
"Too Many Heroes"
Claremont, Davis, Neary, Mas (cover: Davis, Neary)

Excaliber lands on an "alternate" Earth which we find out at the end was created by Impossible Man. Galactus destroys it for being too silly. In one scene, Daredevil is thrown through a couple frames (and a couple walls), & then he comes limping back through with a can & a couple casts.
alternate universe
Exiles #21 [bit]
Mar 2003, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Legacy" - Part Two
Winick, Calafiore, Holdredge/Cannon, Tutrone (cover: Jeanty)

The Avengers in this universe (which includes Daredevil) decide to team up with the Exiles and attack the VI-Lock Primes in the Mainframe fortress.
alternate universe
Exiles #62 [bit]
Jun 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Timebreakers" - Part One of Four
Bedard, Sakakibara, Sakakibara, Sharpe

The Exiles, X-Men from various realities, have been hopping through dimensions on missions for the Timebroker. Things have been getting very suspicious, and when the Exiles decide to confront Timebroker, they found a "trophy room" of superheroes from the myriad dimensions.
cameo: (p.7) Daredevil in one of the crystaline trophy cases
alternate universe
Fantastic Four Annual 2001 [bit]
2001, 38 pgs., $2.99
"The Devil You Know"
Pacheco/Loeb/Marin, Maguire, Von Grawbadger, RS & Comicraft

In what must be part of an ongoing storyline, the Fantastic Four ends up in some sort of an alternate universe where they battle the Law Enforcement Squad (the Hulk, the Whizzer, Namora, the Shroud, and others). In one scene, an alternate Daredevil who goes by the name of "Battling Jack" fights with the Thing.
alternate universe
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Fruit Pies]
"The Peachy Keen Caper"
writer & artist?

Hostess Fruit Pie advertisement; haven't seen this one in an actual issue yet
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Fruit Pies]
May 1976
"Daredevil's 'Dare-Double'!"
writer & artist?

Rob Rainey, the "man with 999 faces" goes on a crime spree disguised as DD. Daredevil catches him by leaving Hostess Fruit Pies for bait!
note: while I listed "May 1976" as the date this ad appeared, it does not appear in all the Marvel titles from that month. Only in Amaz. Spidey #156 as far as I can tell.
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Fruit Pies]
writer & artist?

Hostess Fruit Pie advertisement; haven't seen this one in an actual issue yet; just using the copyright date as a guide
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Twinkies]
Apr 1978
"McBrain's Brain Drain"
writer & artist?

Hostess Twinkie advertisement; for some reason, I can't find this in the other titles from this month. Only in Amazing Spidey #179
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Fruit Pies]
Feb 1981
"DD vs Johnny Punk"
writer & artist?

DD stops Johnny Punk from using high frequency sound to control everyone's minds by bribing him with Hostess Fruit Pies
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Hostess Advertisement [1 page ad - Fruit Pies]
Feb 1982
"Daredevil's Longest Fight!"
writer & artist?

DD fights Baby Face Johnny after a misunderstanding but calms Johnny down by offering him Hostess Fruit Pies
Click here to see the ad.
Hostess Universe?
Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects #2 [minor]
Jul 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Rise of The Imperfects", Part 2
Pak, Arlem, Arlem, Wooton (cover: Lee)

Spidey, The Thing, Wolverine, Elektra, and Storm are all captured by some aliens and subjected to some sort of "treatment" that changes them. Matt Murdock talks with a man that he knows is innocent of a crime.
Nemesis Universe
Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects #3 [minor]
Jul 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Rise of The Imperfects", Part 3
Pak, Arlem, Arlem, Wooton (cover: Lee)

The Marvel heroes are returned to their lives, but some of them are still feeling some sort of aftereffects from the treatment. Elektra convinces DD to help her track down the aliens that captured her.
Nemesis Universe
Mutant X #6 [minor]
Mar 1999, 22 pgs., $1.95
"The Trial of the Brute!"
Mackie, Nord, Pepoy, Eliopoulos

In yet another Marvel alternate universe, Hank McCoy (the "Brute"), something of a cross between the Hulk or Swamp Thing and the Beast, is on trial with Matt Murdock defending him. There are alternate versions of MANY Marvel characters including Spidey, Bullseye, Elektra & the X-Men, but this issue doesn't reveal if there is an alternate DD.
alternate timeline?
Powerless #1-6 [major]
Aug 2004-Jan 2005, 22 pgs., $2.99 each
Powerless (Parts 1-6)
Cherniss/Johnson, Gaydos, Gaydos, Sharpe

An alternate universe without superheroes that focuses on Logan (Wolverine), Peter Parker, and Matt Murdock all from the perspective of a psychiatrist named Watts (the Watcher?). While there aren't any "super"heroes, Logan, Parker, and Murdock all still prove that there are still heroes.
alternate universe
Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe [major]
Nov 1995, 44 pgs., $5.95
"Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe"
Ennis, BraithWaite, various, Oakley (cover ?)

In this alternate universe, Frank Castle's family is killed in a firefight between the X-Men & Avengers and some aliens. Frank is then approached by a number of people who've been injured or had their families injured or killed in "superhuman" fights. Frank undertakes the mission of killing ALL the super-powered humans. Matt Murdock/DD appears throughout the magazine and is the last hero left at the end to take on the Punisher.
alternate timeline
Spider-Girl #42 [non]
Mar 2002, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Mother's Day!"
DeFalco, Olliffe, Livesay, Workman

Angelface and Funny Face go on a rampage trying to find Mr. Nobody and Spider-Girl after Crazy Eight is killed in a fight involving the two of them and the new Spider-Man. May pulls together the Lady Hawks, the Buzz, the Green Goblin, and the Raptor to form the new New Warriors to try and stop the Faces. The Green Goblin warns May about Angel Face remembering a time when the original Daredevil defeated her.
note: I'm tempted to put this as a regular non-appearance instead of an alternate/future appearance. DeFalco writes it as if it connected with the Green Goblin issues that he wrote himself that were part of Marvel canon, but I don't think the scene was actually in the old Green Goblin series. So, you could argue that this is in the MC2 continuity looking back toward Marvel canon, or you could say it's unpublished Marvel canon being remembered from within the MC2 universe!
MC2 universe
Spider-Girl #84 [major]
May 2005, 22 pgs., $2.99
"I, Hero!"
DeFalco, Frenz, S.Buscema, Sharpe

Spider-Girl battles Venom, the Green Goblin battles Fury (another Goblin avatar), and Doc Magus and Dr. Strange battle Zarathos to help Reilly regain his Darkdevil persona.
MC2 universe
Spidey Super Stories #43 [major]
Nov 1979, 34 pgs., 40¢
"Spidey Meets Daredevil!" (pgs.1-13)
Salicrup/Kupperberg, Mortimer, Villamonte/McCarron, ??

DD & Spidey defeat the Ringmaster at the Circus
plus: other adventures of Spidey and Iron Man
note: SSS was a kid's book that isn't tightly tied into the normal Marvel continuity; this story is loosely based on Amazing Spiderman #16
loosely connected reprint universe
Spidey Super Stories #50 [major]
Jan 1981, 34 pgs., 50¢
"The Man with a Thousand Faces!" (pgs.21-32)
Salicrup/Grant, Mortimer, Esposito/Villamonte, Holloway (cover: Budiansky, Stone)

DD & Spidey team up to stop the Chameleon after he impersonates each of them while committing crimes.
plus: other adventures of Spidey and the She-Hulk, and half page DD/Spidey splash on back cover
note: SSS was a kid's book that isn't tightly tied into the normal Marvel continuity; unknown whether this "retells" any actual story about Spidey, DD, and the Chameleon
loosely connected reprint universe
Timeslip Special #1 [major]
Oct 1998, 48 pgs. (no ads), $5.99
"The Coming of the Avengers"
Krueger, Smith, Mitchell, Eliopoulos (cover: Smith, Mitchell)

Odin puts Midgard in a deep freeze; Thor to prove Midgard (and humans) are worthy, challenges his father to pit 5 Asgardians against 5 humans that Thor will choose. These end up being Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, Matt Murdock, and 2 others that either I'm not familiar with or aren't in the regular Marvel continuity
Timeslip universe
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7 [major]
Oct 2001, 22 pgs., $2.25
no title
Bendis, Sienkiewicz, RS/Comicraft/WA (cover: Sienkiewicz)

After Frank Castle's family is killed by crooked cops, he becomes the Punisher. One of the crooked cops, Frank's old partner, comes to Matt Murdock afraid for his life.
Ultimate universe
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #8 [major]
Nov 2001, 23 pgs., $2.25
no title
Bendis, Sienkiewicz, RS/Comicraft/WA (cover: Sienkiewicz)

The Punisher goes after the last of the cops who killed his family. Daredevil keeps trying to reason with him and prevent him from executing the cop. In the middle of the confrontation, Spidey crashes the party.
Ultimate universe
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1 [minor]
Jul 2002, 64 pgs. (no ads), $3.50
"The Coming of the Avengers"
Bendis, 22 artists, Eliopoulos (cover: ?)

Spidey is trying to learn how to cope with being a costumed superhero. In one scene he catches up with DD to ask him some advice, but DD basically tells him that he's too young and should hang it up for a while. (Scott Morse did the art for this section of the book).
Plus: a number of pinups as Peter ruminates over the meaning of it all. One pinup is DD & Punisher by Bret Weldele.
Ultimate universe
Ultimate X-Men #36 [minor]
Oct 2003, 22 pgs., $2.25
Blockbuster: Part 3
Bendis, Finch, Thibert, Eliopoulos (cover: Finch, Isanove)

An unknown group hunts Wolverine in Hell's Kitchen.
Ultimate universe
Ultimate X-Men #37 [major]
Nov 2003, 23 pgs., $2.25
Blockbuster: Part 4
Bendis, Finch, Thibert, Eliopoulos (cover: Finch, Isanove)

Spidey and Daredevil help to drive off Wolverine's pursuers.
Ultimate universe
Ultimates 2 #3 [major]
Apr 2005, 24 pgs., $2.99
"Trial of the Incredible Hulk"
Millar, Hitch, Neary, Eliopoulos

Matt Murdock defends the Hulk who is on trial for killing hundreds of civilians during a rampage.
Alternate universe (Ultimate universe?)
What If...? (I) #8 [major]
Apr 1978, 33 pgs., 60¢
"What If the World Knew Daredevil Was Blind?" (pgs.1-25)
Glut, Kupperberg, Mooney, Karin

Matt gets his eyesight restored, becomes DA, and marries Karen.
plus: "What if the Spider Had Been Bitten by a Radioactive Human?"
continuity: branch from 1st battle w/Electro; Spidey joins in and Electro figures out that DD is blind
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #15 [non]
Jul 1979, 34 pgs., 60¢
"What If ... Someone Else Had Become Nova?"
Wolfman, Perez, Palmer, Higgins/Watanabe

Four vignettes of other people becoming Nova (each by a different artist). In the one that has DD, a no name thug brings together Doom, the Sphinx, the Red Skull, and others to wipe out Earth's good guys. On a computer screen, we see the images of Earth's heroes including Daredevil.
alternate timelines
What If...? (I) #19 [major]
Feb 1980, 34 pgs., 75¢
"What If Spider-Man Had Stopped the Burglar Who Killed His Uncle?"
Gillis, Broderick, Esposito, Orz

Spidey uses his powers as a movie actor & superstar
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #20 [bit]
Apr 1980, 35 pgs., 75¢
"What If the Avengers Had Fought the Kree-Skrull War Without Rick Jones?"
DeFalco, Kupperberg, Patterson, Orz

The Avengers (& other Earth heroes) defend the Earth by battling both the Skrulls & Kree who are involved in an intergalactic conflict with Earth stuck in the middle.
cameo: DD & others receive Prof. Xavier's summons, DD & others depart Earth, DD & others return
continuity: branches from storyline in Avengers #89-97; Rick dies and cannot help with his augmented mental powers
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #28 [major]
Aug 1981, 38 pgs., 75¢
"Matt Murdock, Agent of...S.H.I.E.L.D." (pp.21-32)
Barr/Miller, Miller, Janson, Rosen

DD becomes an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. & his dad doesn't get killed
plus: "What If Ghost Rider Were Separated From Johnny Blaze?"; "New Life" (Inhumans, Eternals, Kree story)

continuity: branches when Matt is first blinded and Tony Stark takes him directly to Nick Fury
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #35 [major]
Oct 1982, 39 pgs., $1.00
"...What If Bullseye Had Not Killed Elektra?" (pgs.1-16)
Miller, Miller, Austin, Rosen

Stick?/Stone?/Urich? tells tale of Elektra not dying to console? Matt
note: while the tale being told to Matt is an "alternate/what if" type tale, I consider Matt and the tale teller to be completely within normal continuity
plus: Untold tales regarding Tigra's origin; "What if Yellow Jacket Had Died?"
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #38 [major]
Apr 1983, 37 pgs., $1.00
"Daredevil: 2013!" (pgs.26-37)

DD & Black Widow battle terrorists & the Kingpin in a possible future
plus: "The Leaving" (Avengers); "What if Sharon Carter Had Not Died?"
continuity: possible reality when Matt is older
alternate timeline
What If...? (I) #42 [bit]
Dec 1983, 38 pgs., $1.00
"What If Susan Richards Died in Childbirth?"
Gillis, Frenz, Sinnott, Chiang

Reed goes mad with revenge after Annihilus after he fails to return in time from the Negative Zone to help Susan.
cameo: (p.15) DD (& others) at Susan Richards' funeral.
continuity: diverges from the point where the *did* leave the Negative Zone in time to help Susan.
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #1 [bit]
Jul 1989, 29 pgs., $1.25
"What If The Avengers had Lost the Evolutionary War?"
Thomas, Wilson, Gustovich, Heisler (cover: Pollard)

The High Evolutionary succeeds in transforming the human race into something FAR beyond what it was, and also turns the superheroes into something even further yet evolved.
cameo: (p.9,19) DD first has to seclude himself because of his even more amplified senses, then later comes back & befriends Vision for a time.
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #2 [major]
Aug 1989, 28 pgs., $1.25
"What If Daredevil Had Killed the Kingpin?"
Fingeroth, Capullo, Akin/Garvey, Heisler

In the violent gang wars that erupt, DD dies (with Hobgoblin) while saving Richard Fisk from the Hobgoblin; Fisk then becomes Daredevil
continuity: branches from DD's confrontation with Kingpin (DDV #228)
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #13 [bit]
May 1990, 28 pgs., $1.25
"What If Professor X Had Become the Juggernaut?"
Busiek, Mielcarek, Akin/Garvey, Fields (cover: J.Lee)

In trying to prevent humans from EVER harming any mutant anywhere, Xavier/Juggernaut creates a mutant ruled world where now the humans live if fear & oppression.
cameo: Prof Xavier/Juggernaut "cures" DD and other heroes so that they will not oppose the mutants.
continuity: branches when Xavier instead of Cain Marko touches the ruby in the Cave of Cyttorak
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #15 [bit]
Jul 1990, 28 pgs., $1.25
"What If...the Trial of Galactus Had Ended in Reed Richards' Execution?"
Thomas/Lofficier, Capullo, DeLaRosa, Fields (cover: Capullo, DeLaRosa)

Reed is tried for saving Galactus & indirectly causing the death of 7 billion skrulls. Without Galactus & Eternity's testimony, Reed is found guilty & executed. The FF take revenge on the Shi'ar homeworld.
cameo: DD & others give their views of how they hope the situation can be resolved.
continuity: branches from Reed's trial in the Marvel Universe
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #17 [major]
Sep 1990, 25 pgs., $1.25/$1.50
"What If...Kraven the Hunter Had Killed Spider-Man?"
Howell, Howell, Severin, Albers

Kraven goes on rampage as Spidey after killing him; Capt. America, DD, Torch finally capture him & learn the truth
continuity: branches when Kraven buried Peter alive in Marvel Universe
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #25 [bit]
May 1991, 41 pgs., $1.50
"What If Set Had Come to Earth?"
Valentino, Levins, Cabrera, Joyce

Llyra & Ghaur, Lemurians, strive to free Set on the Earth...and succeed.
cameo: Lizardlike DD battles Wolverine.
continuity: branches from Atlantis Attacks annuals saga
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #26 [bit]
Jun 1991, 27 pgs., $1.25
"--What If the Punisher Killed Daredevil?"
Busiek, McDonnell, McDonnell, Chiang

Punisher accidently kills DD, is forced to kill Spidey, then dies killing Kingpin
continuity: branches from DDV 183?
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #31 [bit]
Nov 1991, 27 pgs., $1.25
"What If Spider-Man Had Not Lost His Cosmic Powers?"
Herdling, McDaniel, Delarosa, Bruzenak (cover: Scott, McLeod)

Peter continues as Capt. Universe, and finally sends the Uni-power out to unite everyone on the planet briefly
continuity: branches from where Spidey lost the Uni-power
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #44 [major]
Dec 1992, 27 pgs., $1.25
"...What If Venom Had Possessed the Punisher"
Busiek, McDonnell, McDonnell, Chiang

Venom, possessing Punisher, goes on a Spree before Punisher can take control; Spidey, DD, Moon Knight guest star
continuity: branches from when Venom takes over Eddie Brock at the church
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #48 [major]
Apr 1993, 27 pgs., $1.25
"What If Daredevil Saved Nuke?"
Marz, Kobasic, Pepoy, Chiang

Nuke takes out Bullseye and Urich helps take down Kingpin
continuity: branches from when Nuke died
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #52 [bit]
Aug 1993, 28 pgs., $1.25
"What If Dr. Doom Became Sorcerer Supreme?"
Slott, Galan, Stegbauer, Chiang (cover: Galan, Stegbauer)

When the Ancient One falls helping Doom rescue his mother from Mephisto, Dormammu decides to attack the Earth; it takes ALL of Earth's heroes (including a couple frames of the old yellow suited DD) to keep Dormammu & the demons from his dimension at bay.
continuity: Doom gets to the Ancient One before Stephen Strange
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #58 [bit]
Feb 1994, 28 pgs., $1.25
"The Day I Killed Spider-Man"
Dixon, Purcell, Pepoy, Chiang (cover: Purcell, Pepoy)

Prof. Warren tricks the Punisher into killing Spider-Man
cameo: DD is depicted as one of many hunting down the Punisher after he kills Spider-Man
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #61 [bit]
May 1994, 27 pgs., $1.50
"What If...Spider-Man's 'parents' destroyed his family?"
Busiek, Jarvinen/Wildman/Yaniger/Amash, DeLarosa/Patterson/Amash, Higgins

Two artificial constructs posing as Peter's parents murder May & Mary Jane. When Peter takes his revenge on them, he's blamed for killing his 'parents' & possibly May & Mary Jane.
cameo: DD and about 2 dozen other heroes capture Spider-Man.
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #64 [minor]
Aug 1994, 44 pgs., $2.00
"What If Iron Man Went Public?"
?, ?, ?, ?

Iron Man's technology gets out of hand. After chaos erupts, in part due to the technology, but also due to Magneto, Iron Man puts some controls in place on the world's use of technology.
cameo: DD, Thor and others battle Magneto
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #73 [major]
May 1995, 24 pgs., $1.50
"What If...the Kingpin "adopted" Daredevil?"
Chichester, Grindberg, Garzon, Novak

Kingpin takes revenge on the Fixer for Matt; Matt becomes Kingpin's lawyer
continuity: branches when Kinpin approaches Matt after his father's death & offers his assistance
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #79 [bit]
Nov 1995, 26 pgs., $1.50
"Covenants Broken" (What if Storm had the power of Phoenix?)
Byam, Franchesco, Albrecht, Owsley (cover: Ringo, Austin)

Storm, with the power of Phoenix, "manages" the world with an increasingly iron hand. DD is shown once as one of the many superheroes who had once opposed her, but is now being held in a hyperthermic stasis high in the sky.
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #83 [major]
Mar 1996, 26 pgs., $1.50
"The Disciple's Devil!"
Edgington/Baron, Kayanan, Kayanan, Dutro

Dr. Strange becomes Stick's disciple rather then the Ancient One's; DD becomes Strange's disciple, then joins the hand; Elektra becomes Strange's disciple
continuity: branches when Dr. Strange finds the Chaste instead of the Ancient One
alternate timeline
What If...? (II) #102 [major]
Nov 1997, 26 pgs., $1.99
"Shadow Boxing"
Rosemann, Collazo, Akin, Eliopoulos

Ben Urich interviews heavyweight champion Matt Murdock, convicted for murdering the Kingpin, about Murdock's past and what *really* happened
continuity: branches when Matt's dad, Battlin' Jack Murdock *does* take a fall in a fight
alternate timeline
What If Karen Page Had Lived? #1 [major]
Feb 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"What If... Karen Page Had Lived?"
Bendis, Lark, Lark, Petit (cover: Lark, D'Armata)

Matt snaps after the attack on Karen and goes after the folks responsible, ultimately leading to a confrontation with the Kingpin.
continuity: branches with Karen surviving the attack by Bullseye
alternate timeline
X-Universe #1 [minor]
May 1995, 34 pgs., $3.50
"Last Stand"
Lobdell/Kavanagh, Pacheco, Smith, Starks & Comicraft

Most of the world in ruins, a handful of former heroes try to decide whether to treat with one of the former Horsemen of Apocalypse for peace; Matt Murdock is already working as an aide to the Horseman
alternate timeline
X-Universe #2 [minor]
Jun 1995, 34 pgs., $3.50
"Dying Breath" Lobdell/Kavanagh, Pacheco/Dodson, Smith/Riggs, Starkings & Comicraft

The heroes rebel against their captors; some fragments of humanity escape toward space as an "all powerful" weapon is set in motion against the rest of Europe?/the world? Matt Murdock realizes he's been on the wrong side.
alternate timeline

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