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These are cameos of Daredevil (and/or Matt Murdock) that probably aren't of more than passing interest except to the real completists out there. There does have to be an actual appearance (however small), or it'd be filed in the "non-appearance" section. I've also tried to mention in the cameo description if the appearance was by Matt Murdock for those who want to collect all the DD appearances, but aren't interested in the appearances by his alter ego.

Alias #15
Dec 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
no title
Bendis, Gaydos, Gaydos, Comicraft's Levine

Jessica and Luke Cage have a long chat while bodyguarding Matt Murdock standing outside his office. Jessica also has a date with Scott Lang, Ant-Man.
cameo: (pgs.2,10) A brief glimpse of Matt through the doors to his office as the Black Widow enters and then exits later.
Alpha Flight #127
Dec 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Faith!" (pgs.1-15)
Furman, Carrasco, Patterson, Chiang

Heroes battle heroes as the "faithful" following the Goddess battle all the other heroes.
plus: pinup; wildheart story
cameo: (pgs.1-2) Guardian takes out DD after Wolverine warns her of DD's presence (also shown in Infinity Crusade)
Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #3
Nov 1966, 64 pgs., 25¢
"...to Become an Avenger!" (pgs.1-21)
Lee, Romita/Heck, Demeo, Simek

The Avengers ask Spidey to bring the Hulk to them as a test for joining the Avengers
plus: reprints of Amaz. Spider-Man #11 and 12
cameo: (p.3) the Avengers consider Spidey for membership and ask DD's opinion
Amazing Spider-Man '98
1998, 38 pgs., $2.99
"Duel with Devil Dinosaur"
DeFalco, Lyle, Jones, Sharpe

The Ringmaster hypnotizes MoonBoy, and then orders MoonBoy (and Devil Dinosaur) to join the circus.
cameo: (pg.13) Matt Murdock (& a few superheroes) show up at the circus along with all the crowds to see Devil Dinosaur & MoonBoy.
Amazing Spider-Man #18
Nov 1964, 22 pgs., 12¢
"The End of Spider-Man!"
Lee, Ditko, Ditko, Rosen

Spidey shies away from all foes while taking care of Aunt May
cameo: (pgs.2, 14) DD wondering about Spidey; also Spidey thinking about DD & others
Amazing Spider-Man #43
Dec 1966, 20 pgs., 12¢
"Rhino on the Rampage!"
Lee, Romita, Romita, Simek

Rhino escapes from jail; Spidey recaptures Rhino
cameo: (p.4) Matt & Foggy discussing Rhino's escape
Amazing Spider-Man #218
Jul 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"Eye of the Beholder!"
O'Neil, Romita Jr., Mooney/Milgrom, Novak

Spidey battles a monster which is apparently the amalgam of Sandman & Hydroman
cameo: (pgs.11-12) Matt has this new "being" released from court
Amazing Spider-Man #267
Aug 1985, 22 pgs., 65¢
"The Commuter Cometh!"
David, McLeod, Rosen

Spidey tracks a robber down in the suburbs
cameo: (p.8) Matt watching Spidey swinging overhead
Amazing Spider-Man (II) #1
Jan 1999, 38 pgs., $2.99
"Where R U Spider-Man???" (pgs.1-30)
Mackie, Byrne, Hanna, RS & Comicraft's Agraphiotis (cover: ?)

Everybody's wondering where Spidey went; Peter tries for a job in a think tank; Spidey fights the Scorpion, but it's someone other than Peter in the Spidey suit
"Rebirth!" (pgs.31-34)
Mackie, Kayanan, Palmiotti, RS/Comicraft/LA

Partial origin of the "improved" Scorpion
"The Secrets of Spider-Man" (pgs.35-38)
Byrne, Byrne, Byrne, ?

Some background on Spider-Man
note: 2 covers available, one is a wraparound
cameo: (p.7) DD dealing with a thug in Hell's Kitchen also wondering what's become of Spidey
Amazing Spider-Man (II) #36
Dec 2001, 22 pgs., $2.25
No title (9-11 commemorative issue)
Straczynski, Romita Jr., Hanna, RS & Comicraft's Wes & Rich (cover: no art - plain black)

A special Spidey issue commemorating the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and elsewhere. A very touching issue with a plain black cover that shows how the Marvel superheroes, Spidey in particular, deal with the horrors of that Sept. 11.
cameo: (p.6,18) DD helping move an injured firefighter; DD surveying the damage
Avengers 1999 (annual)
Jul 1999, 37 pgs., $3.50
"Day of the Remains"
J.Moore, Manco, Manco, RS & Comicraft

Fabian Stankowicz, who worked as support for the Avengers, builds a set of "Avengers" robots from left over pieces of Onslaught to take over the Avengers' role after the Black Widow disbands the Avengers; he activates them not knowing the Avengers have returned. The whole story is from Jarvis' point of view.
cameo: (p.13) The Widow comes to DD telling him of her troubles in trying to form a new avengers team. DD tries to console her and tells Natasha that is she needs him, he'll be there
Avengers #60
Jan 1969, 20 pgs., 12¢
"...'Til Death Do Us Part!"
Thomas, Buscema, Demeo, Rosen

Wasp and YellowJacket(/Goliath) get married
cameo: (pgs.8,12) DD in group shot w/lots of other heroes; DD conferring with Mr. Fantastic, Vision, and the Black Panther
Avengers #159
May 1977, 17 pgs., 30¢
"Siege by Stealth and Storm!"
Shooter, Buscema, Marcos, Wohl

Avengers battle Graviton; Jarvis saves woman
cameo: (p.10) DD ponders island in the sky that Graviton lifted
Avengers #191
Jan 1980, 18 pgs., 40¢
"Return of the Stone Age"
Micheline, Byrne, Green, Costanza

DD plays the part of a statue; Avengers defeat Grey Gargoyle
cameo: (pgs.1-2,11) DD literally plays a statue after being turned to stone by the Grey Gargoyle
Avengers #332
May 1991, 22 pgs., $1.00
"The Many Faces of Doom"
Hama, Ryan, Palmer, Costanza

Party to open new Avengers HQ is crashed & taken over by Doctor Doom
cameo: (p.3) DD mixing with large group of super heroes
Avengers (III) #10
Nov 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Pomp & Pageantry"
Busiek, Pérez, Vey, Rich 'n' CC's Dave

During a parade honoring the Avengers' return, the Grim Reaper returns from the dead & attacks the Avengers using previously fallen Avengers as his allies
cameo: (p.12) DD watching the parade & wondering what it would have been like if he'd ever become an Avenger
Avengers (III) #11
Dec 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"...Always an Avenger!"
Busiek, Pérez, Vey/Wiacek, RS & Comicraft (cover: Pérez?

During a parade honoring the Avengers' return, the Grim Reaper returns from the dead & attacks the Avengers using previously fallen Avengers as his allies
cameo: (p.12) DD watching the parade & wondering what it would have been like if he'd ever become an Avenger
Avengers #503
Dec 2004, 36 pgs., $3.50
"Chaos", Part Four of Four
Bendis, Finch/Coipel, Miki, RS & Comicraft's Deschesne

All the "chaos" of the past few issues turns out to be the product of just one person.
cameo: (pgs.5,9,10,16,20,31) DD in large group shots of super heroes
Black Widow #2
Aug 1999, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Ingenue" (The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pt.2 of 3)
Grayson, J.Jones, J.Jones, Starkings & Comicraft/WA (cover: Jones)

Both Black Widows continue to race for the biotoxin. The orig. Black Widow also captures the scientist who designed the toxin & forces him to start working on an antidote
cameo: (pgs.6-7) Natasha is both feeling her age & wondering about her "identity" with the "new" Black Widow biting at her heels, so she calls Matt to ask him who he thinks she really is
Black Widow #3
Aug 1999, 22 pgs., $2.99
"I.D." (The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pt.3 of 3)
Grayson, J.Jones, J.Jones, Starkings & Comicraft/WA (cover: Jones)

The new & old Black Widows try to prevent a military leader from Rhapastan from wrecking havoc with the biotoxin
cameo: (p.3) Daredevil contacting the Black Widow with information on the Rhapastan situation
Bug #1
Mar 1997, 33 pgs., $2.99
"Apples & Origins"
Dezago, Aucoin, Faber/Cabrera, Starkings & Comicraft/KS (cover: Aucoin, Dell)

Bug & Annihilus fight over a cosmic control rod as they bounce through the space/time continuum affecting the fates of Spidey, DD & many others
cameo: (p.17) Matt (as a boy) saving the old man from being run down by the truck
Cable #55
Jun 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Wiser Times"
Casey, Ladronn, Vlasco/Aiken, RS & Comicraft's Liz (cover: ?)

Irene catches up with Cable at a diner; Blaquesmith's trying to get hold of Cable; Domino finds Cable at his safe house
cameo: (p.5) Matt & Karen eating in the diner that Cable enters
Captain America #250
Oct 1980, 17 pgs., 50¢
"Cap for President!"
Stern, Byrne, Rubinstein, Novak

Cap considers presidential candidacy
cameo: (p.12) DD reads about Cap's possible candidacy in newspaper
Captain America #374
Early Aug 1990, 22 pgs., $1.00
"Falling Out" (pgs.1-23) ("Streets of Poison" storyline)
Gruenwald, Lim, Bulanadi, Rosen

Cap battles Bullseye; Diamondback battles Black Widow; Kingpin, Typhoid appear
cameo: (p.18) DD swinging through NY thinking about Cap & past events
Code of Honor #1
Jan 1997, 48 pgs.(no ads), $5.95
Dixon, Shane & Parker, Eliopoulos

Rookie Jeff Piper tries to be the best cop he can while everyone watches the Marvels; he courts Janet Ruiz
cameo: (pgs.22-23) DD & Beetle fighting it out up on the skyscrapers
Code of Honor #2
Mar 1997, 48 pgs.(no ads), $5.95
Dixon, Nielsen & Evans, Eliopoulos

Jeff continues to run into the Marvels & tries to find something to believe in; he & Janet get married
cameo: (pgs.8-9, back cover) DD & Widow beating up some bad guys; DD, Elektra, & Bullseye
Code of Honor #3
Apr 1997, 48 pgs.(no ads), $5.95
"The Street"
Dixon, Wakelin & Gross & Lee, Eliopoulos

The cops hold the city as best they can when most of the Marvels disappear for a week; Janet, now with 2 small children, leaves Jeff
cameo: (p.29) DD & Widow battling Cobra, Hobgoblin?, and ?
Code of Honor #4
May 1997, 48 pgs.(no ads), $5.95
Dixon, Parker, Eliopoulos

Demons attack the city; Jeff finds a way to hold his head up & get back together with Janet
cameo: (cover, p.31) DD wounded; DD fighting demons when they invade NY
Conspiracy #1
Feb 1998, 32 pgs.(no ads), $2.99
"Book One: Show & Tell"
Abnett, Kordey, Eliopoulos

In Marvel's answer to the "Conspiracy theory", there is a powerful, clandestine group known as Control which keeps much information about Marvels and monsters from the public, and has had its hands in the creation and/or training of many of them, both good and bad.
cameo: (p.24) Matt (as teenager) saving old man from being hit by truck; also laying in hospital bed shortly afterward
Contest of Champions #3
Aug 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Chpt. 6: Winner Takes None!" (pgs.18-23)
Gruenwald/Mantlo/Grant, Romita, Marcos, Rosen

The Unknown (Death) loses; restores the Collector, but kills the Grandmaster
cameo: (cover, pgs.1, 18-21) DD in a bunch of group shots with all the other heroes
Contest of Champions #3
Oct 1999, 23 pgs., $2.50
"Culling the Herd"
Claremont, Jimenez, Alpuente, Richard Starkings & Comicraft/LA

Cable vs. Scarlet Witch; New Warriors vs. Slingers; Thor vs. Storm; while Lockdown & Rosetta join Iron Man, Psylocke, and the others battling the Brood
cameo: (p.19) DD defeats Firestar
Dazzler #21
Nov 1982, 38 pgs., $1.00
"Alison Blaire This is Your Life!"
Fingeroth, Springer, Colletta, Chiang

Dazzler meets her mom; Daz gives benefit concert (many super heroes attend)
cameo: (p.22) DD watches concert from top of building
DC vs Marvel/Marvel vs DC #1
Feb 1996, 32 pgs., $3.95
"Round One"
Marz, Jurgens/Castellini, Rubinstein/Neary, Oakley

Marvel & DC universes start overlapping & become aware of e/o
plus: 5 pg. character index;
cameo: (p.25) DD giving Riddler patented handstand kick
DC/Marvel:All Access #2
Jan 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Two Sides of the Same Coin"
Marz, Guice, Rubinstein, Oakley

Robin & Jubilee defeat Two-face
cameo: (pgs.1-2) DD just swinging by Access
The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8
Jan 1975, 66 pgs., 75¢
"Storm of Vengeance" (pgs.46-60)
Mantlo, Perez, Milgrom

Sons of the Tiger battle Mr. Budge, Sumo wrestler, Ninjas
cameo: (p.49) Sons of the Tiger bump into Matt while chasing Mr. Budge
Defenders #40
Oct 1976, 17 pgs., 30¢
"Lover, Anarchy, and, Oh Yes...the Assassin!"
Gerber, Buscema, Janson, Rosen

Anti-communists battle Red Guardian
cameo: (pgs.1-2) Matt finishes defending case for Valkyrie
Defenders #88
Oct 1980, 17 pgs., 50¢
"Lord of the Whales"
Hannigan, Perlin, Marcos, Rosen

Hulk battles whaling ship
cameo: (pgs.4, 17) Matt acts as consultant to Nighthawk's attorney Rosenblum
Defenders #103
Jan 1982, 21 pgs., 60¢
"The Haunting of Christiansboro!"
DeMatteis, Perlin, Sinnott, Novak

Defenders battle Null, the Living Darkness
cameo: (pgs.5-6) Matt meets with Nighthawk & a judge trying to resolve Nighthawk's financial/legal problems
Defenders #104
Feb 1982, 21 pgs., 60¢
"Yesterday Never Dies!"
Dematteis, Perlin, Sinnott, Albers

Devil-Slayer, Dr. Strange, Wonderman, Beast battle old foe of Devil-Slayer
plus: Hostess ad with DD at the end of the book
cameo: (pgs.12-13) Matt celebrating with Gargoyle, Hellcat, Valkyrie, & Nighthawk
Doctor Strange #55
Jul 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"World Enough, And Time..." (pgs.1-17)
Thomas/Isherwood, Isherwood, Isherwood, Brosseau (cover: Isherwood)

Dr. Strange battles with Dormammu who fears the Goddess
plus: "Sword and Staff" - tale about Kyllian
cameo: (p.21) DD standing with others of the Goddess' chosen waiting to serve the Goddess
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #1
Nov 1988, 32 pgs.(no ads), $1.25
"Love is the Spell, The Spell is Death!"
Gillis, Case, Emberlin, Chiang (cover: Nowlan)

Strange is presumed dead, but he was just pretending to be whil he battled many of the "Old Ones". Shortly after he finds his way back through the dimensions, Dormammu takes over his body.
cameo: (p.3) DD attends Strange's funeral with many other heroes.
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #55
Jul 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"World Enough, And Time..." (pgs.1-17)
Thomas/Isherwood, Isherwood, Isherwood, Brosseau (cover: Isherwood)

Dr. Strange battles with Dormammu who fears the Goddess
plus: "Sword and Staff" - tale about Kyllian
cameo: (p.21) DD standing with others of the Goddess' chosen waiting to serve the Goddess
Elektra #10
Sep 1997, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Flowers and Flamethrowers"
Milligan, Deodato, Koblish, Morelli (cover: Deodato)

Shang-Chi & Wolverine are keeping an eye on Elektra as her relationship with McKinley continues to develop; Konra/Konnie tries to get used to being a woman
cameo: (p.22) Matt thinks he sees Elektra on the street, but dismisses the idea
Fantastic Four Annual #13
1978, 34 pgs., 60¢
Mantlo, Buscema, Sinnott, Watanabe

FF battles the Mole Man who's been kidnapping people
cameo: (p.11) DD decides to investigate the disappearing people
Fantastic Four #242
May 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Terrax the Untamed"
Byrne, Byrne, Byrne, Novak

Terrax kidnaps Manhattan to force the FF to battle Galactus for him
cameo: (p.17) DD almost misses a building because of Terrax "lifting" Manhattan
Fantastic Four #243
Jun 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Shall Earth Endure?"
Byrne, Novak

Galactus "unherald"s Terrax; FF & Avengers battle Galactus
cameo: (p.18) Spidey & DD watch the battle from nearby
Fantastic Four #367
Aug 1992, 22 pgs., $1.25
"By Reed...Betrayed!"
DeFalco, Ryan, Ivy & Kryssing, Babcock

While Reed's doppelganger tries to gather all the heroes together into a trap at the Baxter Building, the Thing confronts his own doppelganger. These events happen concurrently with the Infinity War mini-series
cameo: (pgs.18-20) DD standing in crowd shots & then accusing Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man of being fakes
Fantastic Four #368
Sep 1992, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Day of the Dark Side!"
DeFalco, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli

As the heroes try to discern what's happening, the Torch takes on a gang of X-Men doppelgangers plus a doppelganger of himself
cameo: (pgs.3,5,12) DD at the Baxter Building with all the other super heroes
Fantastic Four #370
Nov 1992, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Forever Evil"
DeFalco, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli (cover: Ryan)

The Magus & Warlock (along with some help from Thanos) battle each other for...well, the entire universe.
cameo: (pgs.9) Sue Richards frees DD, Reed, and some other heroes from the Magus' stasis chamber
Fantastic Four #373
Feb 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Shattered Lives"
Defalco, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli

A rogue watcher holds the FF captive; Puppet Master tries to use Molecule Man to free them
cameo: (p.10) Sue asks Matt to use his legal prowess to help stop the manhunt for her brother, the Torch
Fantastic Four #375
Apr 1993, 39 pgs., $2.95
"It's Always Darkest Before the ... Doom!" (cover: ?)
Defalco/Ryan, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli

The FF, at the Watcher's request, along with the Inhumans, battle Doom who has stolen the cosmic power of another Watcher
plus: prism cover
cameo: (p.17) Matt (& Makio Yakaki) meet with representatives of Empire State Univ. to settle with them for damges caused by the Human Torch
Fantastic Four #376
May 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"To a Future, Darkly"
Defalco/Ryan, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli (cover: Ryan)

Reed's father kidnaps Franklin who is becoming more & more powerful every day
cameo: (pgs.6, 10) Matt takes the Torch to the police accompanied by the Thing & Lyja
Fantastic Four(III) #23
Nov 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Skull Session"
Claremont, Larroca, Thibert, RS & Comicraft

The FF end up causing damage at the San Diego Comicon while fighting the Mad Thinker and the Red Skull.
cameo: (p.1) Matt defends the FF in a San Diego courtroom.
Fantastic Four(III) #27
Mar 2000, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Say -- What?!"
Claremont, Larroca, Thibert, RS & Comicraft/AD (cover: Larroca)

Reed has apparently been switched into Doom's body & is being blackmailed into "marrying" Susan Richards (as Doom?).
cameo: (cover, p.3) Matt makes a 1 panel statement saying that he hopes his clients know what they're doing.
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine #3
Apr 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"When Strike These Sentinels!"
Larsen/Stephenson/DeFalco, Scioli(p.16)/Giffen(p.17,20), Timm(p.16)/Gordon(p.17,20), RS & Comicraft (cover: ?)

Dr. Doom reprogams the Sentinels at the X-Men Mansion to attack NY City. The FF & X-Men battle the Sentinels with the help of Spidey, DD, and Dr. Strange.
cameo: (pgs.16-17,20) Daredevil joins Spidey & Dr. Strange in battling some Sentinels.
G.L.A.(Great Lakes Avengers) #2
Jul 2005, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Dismembership Drive"
Mott, Pelletier, Magyar, Lanphear

Flatman and Doorman go on a recruiting drive for new members in New York City.
cameo: (cover, p.12) DD along with MANY other heroes just says "no"
Hercules #1
Jun 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Hercules: The New Labors", Part 1
Tieri, Texeira, Palmiotti, Gentile

Some producers are making a movie/series about Hercules. Hercules runs into a couple of old foes.
cameo: (p.7) DD along with MANY other heroes at a memorial service for the four fallen Avengers
Incredible Hulk #277
Nov 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"What Friends Are For!"
Mantlo, Buscema, Sinnott, Novak

U-Foes capture Hulk; Hulk defeats U-Foes
cameo: (p.5) DD hears about Hulk's capture on TV.
Incredible Hulk #278
Dec 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
Mantlo, Buscema, Sinnott, Novak

Hulk is granted amnesty by the President; Matt handles legal details
cameo: (pgs.12, 15) Matt presenting amnesty petition to President; Matt "looking" at spaceships with everyone else
Incredible Hulk #279
Jan 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
Mantlo, Gruenwald, Larocque, Chiang

Everybody! celebrates the Hulk's pardon
cameo: (p.7) DD watches from nearby building
Incredible Hulk #293
Mar 1984, 22 pgs., 60¢
Mantlo, Buscema, Talaoc, Robins

Man whose town was flightened in past by Hulk tries to kill Hulk; Hulk rebuilds town
cameo: (p.19) Matt is hired by Hulk to free a man from murder charges
Incredible Hulk #300
Oct 1984, 40 pgs., $1.00
"Days of Rage!"
Mantlo, Buscema, Talaoc, Novak

Hulk in a rage vs. everybody
cameo: (cover, pgs.4-5) DD & other heroes running toward the Hulk; DD saves a child from being trampled by a panicking crowd
Incredible Hulk #434
Oct 1995, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Funeral Story"
David, Justiniano, Milgrom, Starkings (& Comicraft)

Nick Fury's funeral
cameo: (cover, p.15) DD at funeral; Matt at funeral
Infinity Crusade #1
Jun 1993, 40 pgs., $3.50
"Epiphany" (pt.1 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli (cover: Lim, Milgrom)

The Goddess calls to her side the most religious or spiritual super heroes for her Infinity Crusade
plus: gold foil cover
cameo: (cover, pgs.19, 25, 31) Goddess talking to DD; DD (& many others) giving allegiance to the Goddess; DD shown on Avengers' computer as one of the Goddess' faithful
Infinity Crusade #2
Jul 1993, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Enlightenment" (pt.2 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli (cover: Lim, Milgrom)

The unchosen heroes find out about the Goddess, and it appears the Goddess may be controlling? her chosen ones
cameo: (pgs.3, 13, 23, 33) DD in many group scenes with the rest of the Goddess' faithful
Infinity Crusade #4
Sep 1993, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Mortal Sins" (pt.4 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli (cover: Lim, Milgrom)

The unchosen heroes breech Paradise Omega's defenses & prepare to meet the chosen small group to small group
cameo: (pgs.21, 39) group shot; DD waiting for his unchosen match up
Infinity Crusade #5
Oct 1993, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Holy War!" (pt.5 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli (cover: Lim, Milgrom)

While the chosen & unchosen battle the goddess nears "rapture" & a cleansing of the universe
cameo: (p.25) Guardian takes out DD thanks to Wolverine's warning
Infinity Crusade #6
Nov 1993, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Rapture" (pt.6 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli (cover: Lim, Milgrom)

Thanos, Warlock, & Prof X defeat the Goddess; reality is returned to normal; the Goddess is exiled to the soul gem along with the Magus
cameo: (pgs.26, 36) group shot; DD & Spidey back at work stopping some bad guys
Infinity War #3
Aug 1992, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Nefarious Rhapsodies" (pt.3 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Lopez

Magus continues plans; power & experienced heroes meet Warlock & Thanos; other heroes battle doubles; Dr. Doom & Kang are still around
cameo: (cover, pgs.2, 13, 34) DD in groups of heroes
Infinity War #4
Sep 1992, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Mortiferous Artifice" (pt.4 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli

Magus steals the Infinity Gauntlet
cameo: (pgs.2-3,13) DD is part of group of heroes fighting the evil doubles
Iron Fist #11
Feb 1977, 17 pgs., 30¢
"A Fine Day's Dying!"
Claremont, Byrne, Adkins, Costanza

Iron Fist battles the Wrecking Crew (Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer)
cameo: (p.2) Matt & Heather see Iron Fist exercising/showing off before battle
Iron Man #169
Apr 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
O'Neil, McDonnell, Mitchell, Parker

Magma attacks; Iron Man falls further in his alcoholism; Jim Rhodes puts on the Iron Man costume
cameo: (p.3) DD sees Iron Man busting up billboards with alcohol ads
Iron Man(III) #38
Mar 2001, 22 pgs., $2.25
Remote Control, Part 2
Tieri, Martinez, Pennington/Ramos, Comicraft's Jason

Iron Man and Tony Stark are implicated in the death of Whiplash who was apparently killed shortly before this issue. Then, Iron Man goes to battle Radioactive Man who has kidnapped Tony's old friend, Ty.
cameo: (p.14) Matt appears at the courthouse with Tony and then with Iron Man as legal counsel
Journey Into Mystery #116
May 1965, 21 pgs., 12¢
"The Trial of the Gods!" (pgs.1-16)
Lee, Kirby, Colletta, Simek

While Thor & Loki battle in Asgard
cameo: (p.13) DD swings by street scene in NY
Ka-Zar (II) #5
Sep 1997, 20 pgs., $1.99
"Life in the Big City"
Waid, Kubert, Delperdang, Klein

Ka-Zar, Shanna & Zabu battle the Rhino, sent after them by Parnival Plunder
cameo: (pgs.11-12) Matt says hello to Ka-Zar & Shanna at a dinner party
Man-Thing #1
Jan 1974, 19 pgs., 20¢
"Battle for the Palace of the Gods!"
Gerber, Mayerik, Trapani, Costanza

Man-Thing, Howard the Duck & others battle the Overmaster & try to set right the cosmic axis
cameo: (p.11) DD & Black Widow swing in & out of the scene through a dimensional bridge
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #43
Oct 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Multiple Maniacs"
Kavanagh, Kwapisz, Palmiotti, Lopez (cover: Kwapisz, Palmer)

Spector returns to NY to find everyone fighting Doppelgangers (Infinity War Crossover)
cameo: (p.3) DD and others fighting doppelgangers in double page splash
note: in addition to the "actual" bit appearance, there are over 2 pages of DD's doppelganger later in the book fighting with Moon Knight

Marvel Age Annual #1
1985, 48 pgs., 50¢
"'Information, Please...!' or .... When Destiny Calls!" (pgs.1-25)
O'Neil, Mazzuchelli, Mazzuchelli (Gammill, Morgan)

note: diff. writers/artists do each page this month; creators listed above are for DD page
Kurt Busiek is calling all of Marvel's characters to find out what's going on in their stories
plus: previews and news on all the Marvel mags
cameo: (p.13) DD listens to Foggy talking on phone with Kurt
Marvel Age Annual #2
1986, 48 pgs., 50¢
"Marvel A-Z" (pgs.9-39)
Englehart, Williams, Williamson (cover: Frenz, Sinnott; back cover: Howell, Milgrom)

note: diff. writers/artists do each page this month
Basically, the issue is full of blurbs about what will be happening in each of the Marvel titles. There are also little 1-3 page excerpts or vignettes for many of the characters.
plus: flip cover and 4 page 1963 version of Marvel Age on the flip side of the comic.
cameo: (p.10) This is borderline for being a "non-appearance". Matt is talking to the readers about who & what he is, & leaves you with a "but who knows what is to come" type thing which ends with a "find out by reading DD each month" ad.
Marvel Comics Super Special #1
1977, 66 pgs., $1.50
"KISS Comics" (pgs.7-27, 43-65)
Gerber, Weiss/Milgrom/Buscema

KISS interacts with the Marvel universe
plus: other KISS features
cameo: (p.26) DD amongst some of the other Marvel heroes
Marvel Fanfare #23
Nov 1985, 32 pgs., $1.50
"-From the Ashes-" (pgs.1-26)
McKenzie, Steacy

Iron Man defeats Dr. Octopus; plus 6 Steacy pinups
cameo: (pgs.10-11) DD questions Turk about location of 9th Street Mary
Marvel Graphic Novel: The Death of Captain Marvel
1982, 62 pgs., $5.95
"The Death of Captain Marvel"
Starlin, Starlin, Starlin, Novak (cover: Starlin)

Captain Marvel discovers he is dying of cancer, reflects on his life and exploits, and is visited by an armada of friends and even a few "enemies"
cameo: (cover, bk cover, p.38) all group shots of DD with everyone else
Marvel Knights 4 #14
Mar 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Eyes Without a Face", Part 2
Aguirre-Sacasa, Muniz, Royal, Sharpe

Phillip Masters kidnaps the Invisible Woman thinking to give her eyes to Alicia as none of the eyes from normal humans have been able to survive the transplants for more than just a few days.
cameo: (pg. 22) DD informs Reed where the Puppet Master has been getting eyes for his experimental operations
Marvel Team-Up #51
Nov 1976, 17 pgs., 30¢
"The Trial of the Wraith!"
Mantlo, Buscema, Esposito, Watanabe

Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Spidey battle the Wraith at his court hearing
cameo: (pgs.3, 27) Matt (& others) teleconference into Wraith's trial
Marvel Team-Up #107
Jul 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"This Rumor of Revolution!"
DeFalco/Shooter, Trimpe, Esposito, Albers

Spidey & She-hulk battle Mankiller & her minions
cameo: (p.2) Matt & Foggy heading out of courthouse
Marvel Two-In-One #69
Nov 1980, 21 pgs., 50¢
Gruenwald/Macchio, Wilson/Day, Roussos, Costanza

Vance Astro (from the future) meets with his present day self to keep him from becoming a Guardian
cameo: (p.11) DD saves some people in the unnatural fog created by young Vance Astro
Marvel Two-In-One #78
Aug 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"Monster Man!"
DeFalco/Michelinie, Wilson, Stone, Rosen (cover: Wilson, Stone)

The Thing heads to Hollywood to confront WonderMan about "Monster Man" series; Thing & Wondie end up defeating Xemnu
cameo: (p.9) Ben asks Matt about suing "Monster Man" series
Marvel Universe: The End #3
Jun 2003, 23 pgs., $2.99
Starlin, Starlin, Milgrom, Petit

Thanos and the Defenders seek to find a way to cut Akhenaten off from the Celestial Order and their seemingly infinite supply of energy. Doom heads into the past to see if he can stop Akhenaten before Akhenaten ever has a chance to become "all-powerful".
cameo: (p.6) DD, Black Widow, Spidey and others are battling Klaw, Absorbing Man, and others appointed by Akhenaten as his "Imperial Police Force".
Marvel Universe: The End #5
Jul 2003, 23 pgs., $2.99
Starlin, Starlin, Milgrom, Petit

Thanos gains ultimate power only to find that the Universe is dying.
cameo: (p.9,21-22) Thor calls on all the heroes to help overthrow Thanos; the second of two double page splashes showing ALL the heroes that the Living Tribunal has gathered against Thanos.
Marvel Universe: The End #6
Aug 2003, 23 pgs., $2.99
"The Cure"
Starlin, Starlin, Milgrom, Sharpe

All the cosmic forces, the gods, and Earth's heroes unite against Thanos to try and stop him. They lose.
cameo: (p.7,21) large double-paged splash of everyone battling Thanos; just the heads of some of Earth's heroes as Warlock is thinking about them
Marvel vs DC/DC vs Marvel #2
Mar 1996, 32 pgs., $3.95
"Round Two"
David, Castellini/Jurgens, Neary/Rubinstein, Oakley

champions are chosen from each universe to fight each other
plus: 6 page character index section
cameo: (p.12) DDs head as he "understands" all that is going on
Marvel vs DC/DC vs Marvel #3
Apr 1996, 39 pgs., $3.95
"Round Three"
Marz, Jurgens/Castellini, Rubinstein/Neary, Oakley

The heroes continue to battle each other
cameo: (p.3) part of a "hero collage"
Marvels #2
Feb 1994, 45 pgs., $2.95
"Monsters" (pt.2 of 4)
Busiek, Ross, Starkings/Gaushell

admiration for the super-heroes; antipathy for mutants, finally becoming riots; all from the "man in the street" point of view
cameo: (p.25) DD battling stiltman (as seen through photographer's lens)(DDV 8); (p.33) DD in audience at Sue & Reed's wedding (FF a3)
Marvels #4
Apr 1994, 45 pgs., $2.95
"The Day She Died" (pt.4 of 4)
Busiek, Ross, Starkings/Gaushell

Gwen Stacy dies & Phil Sheldon retires
cameo: (p.5) Matt defending Natasha for death of Scorpion;
(p.18) DD & BW fighting the Indestructible Man in SF

Power Man and Iron Fist #125
Sep 1986, 41 pgs., $1.25
Owsley, Bright, Esposito, Chiang

Iron Fist dies while he & Power Man fight John Lumus & try to help Bobby (Captain Hero).
cameo: (p.39) back of DD at Iron Fist's funeral
Punisher War Journal #1
Nov 1988, 28 pgs., $1.50
"Sunday in the Park"
Potts, Potts, Lee, Novak

Punisher helps a young couple escape the mob; also retell of origin
cameo: (p.15) Matt walking with owner of corner store in Punisher's building
ROM #23
Oct 1981, 21 pgs., 50¢
"The Thing from Outer Space!"
Mantlo, Buscema, Sinnott, Rosen/Zalme

Power Man & Iron Fist help ROM battle dire wraiths & get back to his planet
cameo: (p.3) DD tries to help find the "alien killer"
Sentry/Void #1
Feb 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
(Act 6) "The Truth"
Jenkins, J.Lee, Villarrubia, Comicraft's Roshell

Reed Richards (& Dr. Strange) help the Sentry to defeat the Void...once & for all!(?)
cameo: (p.17) DD (& Subby) - one of many vignettes of heroes experiencing the battle between the Void & the Sentry.
Silver Sable #17
Oct 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Enlightened Allies!!" (pgs.1-17)
Wright, Butler, Eklund, Dutro (cover: Butler)

Sable & the Wild Pack, & Nick Fury battle HYDRA
plus: 2nd story - retelling of early Spidey/Sable meeting
cameo: (p.5) side note of Goddess recruiting DD, Spidey, Namorita, and Surfer vs. She-Hulk, Vision, Spider-Woman & Iron Man
Silver Surfer: The Enslavers
1990, 80 pgs. (hard cover), $16.95
"The Enslavers"
Lee/Pollard, Pollard, Rubinstein/Marzan/Ivy, Heisler (cover: Butler)

ISBN 0-87135-617-1
Mrrungo-Mu and his race of enslavers come to Earth to take the entire population as slaves & to absorb their energy.
cameo: (p.75) DD is part of a huge group of heroes welcoming the Silver Surfer after he defeats Mrrungo-Mu
Spectacular Spider-Man #218
Nov 1994, 23 pgs., $1.50
"When Monsters Roam" ("Back from the Edge" pt.2 of 4)
Defalco/Dezago, Buscema, Robins

Spidey battles Puma, works with Nocturne
cameo: (p.19) DD swings by
Spider-man Unlimited #6
Aug 1994, 55 pgs., $3.95
"People Like Us!" (pgs.1-25)
DeFalco, Lim, Sanders III/Williams/Mahlstedt/Florimonte/Fredericks, Dutro

Spidey & Thunderstrike battle Hydro-man
cameo: (p.4) DD reads article about Spidey
Spider-man Unlimited #13
Aug 1996, 53 pgs., $2.95
"The Sting of Conscience!" (pgs.1-48)
Felder, Bennett, Emberlin/Milgrom/Montano, Morelli (cover: Teran?)

The Scorpion kidnaps J.Jonah Jameson to scare the Bugle off a case. Spidey, Misty Knight, Power Man, and Iron Fist all take on the Scorpion.
cameo: (p.16) Matt & Foggy pass by Luke Cage's office discussing lunch
Spider-man: Chapter One #12
Oct 1999, 38 pgs., $3.50
"The End of Spider-Man!"
Byrne, Byrne, Milgrom, ?

Spidey vs. the Sandman (based on the early stories of Spider-Man)
cameo: (pgs.4&5) DD reading article about Spidey, then thinking about it
Spider-man: Power of Terror #2
Feb 1995, 24 pgs., $1.95
"War Zone"
Wright, Robertson, Jones/Milgrom/Emberlin, Starkings/Comicraft (cover: Robertson, Jones)

The Maggia & Hell's Kitchen gang are killing each other. Spider-man and Deathlok battle with Hydroman and Scorpia, who are working for Silvermane.
cameo: (p.12) DD tries to stop some of the violence & decides to find the source.
Strange Tales #156
May 1967, 22 pgs., 12¢
"The Tribunal!" (pgs.1-12)
Steranko, Rosen

Nick Fury battles Hydra; also Dr. Strange story
cameo: (p.7) DD (& other heroes) listen to Supreme Hydra deliver ultimatum to the whole world
Thor Annual 2000
2000, 56 pgs., $3.50
"Final Confrontation" (pgs.1-43)
Jurgens, Ordway, Ordway, RS&Comicraft's Abbott (cover: Ordway, Tam? & Rich)

Thor seeking to clear Jake Olson's name before heading after Thanos & Mangog finds that his half-brother Loki is once again interfering in his life.
cameo: (pgs.38-40) Matt Murdock convinces police to release Jake Olson
Thor #233
Mar 1975, 18 pgs., 25¢
"Midgard Aflame!"
Conway, Buscema, Stone, Simek

Thor vs. Loki when Loki declares war on Earth
cameo: (p.11) DD (& other heroes) are enclosed in forcefields by Loki
Thor #271
May 1978, 18 pgs., 35¢
"...Like a Diamond in the Sky!"
Wein, Simonson, DeZuniga, Rosen

Thor & Iron Man destroy Faust (orbiting computer threatening the Earth)
cameo: (p.27) DD "sees" Faust's laser beam fired at the Earth
Thor #395
Sep 1988, 22 pgs., 75¢
"Enter the Earth Force!"
DeFalco, Frenz, Breeding, Workman

Seth creates the Earth Force and sends them to kill Hogun
cameo: (p.3) DD delivers Hogun to hospital then heads out searching for Thor
Thunderbolts '97
(Jun) 1997, 39 pgs., $2.99
"The Origin of the Thunderbolts!"
Busiek, misc (Colan pgs.14-18), misc (Palmer pgs.14-18), Lanphear

Baron Zemo gives a somewhat slanted origin of the members of the team to Jolt, the team's newest member
cameo: (pgs.16-17) DD battling the Beetle just before Beetle joined the Thunderbolts
Thunderbolts #8
Nov 1997, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Songbird: Alone!"
Busiek/Stern, Bagley, Russell, Lanphear (cover: Bagley, Russell)

DD, along with Spidey, Heroes for Hire, New Warriors, and others, battles the Elements of Doom in Central Park until the Thunderbolts devise a way to destroy the Elements
cameo: (pgs.2-3, 17, 20) DD & the other heroes battling the Elements; DD & White Tiger sense Thunderbolts imminent arrival; DD in group shot after the Elements have been defeated
Thunderbolts #10
Jan 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Heroes' Reward"
Busiek, Bagley, Russell, Lanphear (cover: ?)

The Thunderbolts are exposed for what they really are, and they flee Earth's heroes with mixed feelings
cameo: (p.15) DD is amongst the heroes laying siege to Four Freedoms Plaza after the Thunderbolts hole up there
Uncanny X-Men #13
Sep 1965, 20 pgs., 12¢
"Where Walks the Juggernaut!"
Lee, Kirby/Gavin, Sinnott, Rosen

X-men vs. Juggernaut
cameo: (p.7) Matt "hears" Prof. Xavier sending out a mental impulse while in the courtroom
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20
Sep 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Pip, King of the Universe!"
Starlin, Medina, Almond, Morelli

Pip manages to wrest control of the Cosmic Egg from the Goddess & thinks about how he'd change the universe
cameo: (pgs.5,19) DD, Herc, Thor, Cap, Northstar, & Wonderman in awe of Pip's new physique; DD (& everyone else) at Pip's birthday party
Web of Spider-Man #104
Sep 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Infinity Crusader" (Crisis of Conscience Pt.1 of 3)(pgs.1-14)
Kavanagh, Savilik, Hudson, Dutro (cover: Savilik)

Spidey has some doubts & ends up battling with Moondragon
plus: Nightwatch story
cameo: (pgs.5, 9) DD with the other chosen heroes listening to the Goddess; simultaneous telling of events happening in Infinity Crusade #2
Web of Spider-Man #106
Nov 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Judgment Day" (Crisis of Conscience Pt.3 of 3)(pgs.1-16)
Kavanagh, Saviuk, Baskerville, Dutro (cover: Saviuk, Baskerville)

Heroes against heroes in this Infinity Crusade crossover
plus: Nightwatch story
cameo: (pgs.1, 3, 5-6) DD standing in some crowd scenes with everyone else
WebSpinners: Tales of Spider-Man #5
May 1999, 22 pgs., $2.50
Stephenson, Giffen, Smith/Palmiotti/Elmer/Ramos, Benchmark Productions (cover: ?)

Psycho-Man manipulates & then recruits the Surfer to help him battle the Insectivorids in the Microverse. He kidnaps Spidey as well.
cameo: (p.15) DD (along w/ Dr. Strange & others) awaits an attack on Manhattan by the Surfer that doesn't happen.
Wolverine/Punisher Revelation #3
Aug 1999, 22 pgs., $2.99
"One Shot at Heaven" (Revelation - chapter three)
Sniegoski/Golden, P.Lee, A.Lee, RS & Comicraft (cover: ?)

Wolverine & the Punisher try to both protect Revelation and stop her from killing any more people
cameo: (p.1) DD at the top of a building is listening to the CDC workers in the street below talk about the wake of the killings left behind by Revelation

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