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These appearances are stories that star or co-star DD in a major role outside his own title or specials. For those collecting back issues who want more DD stories, but don't want 1 frame cameos, this is the place to start. I also recommend you check out the Alternate Appearances section of the site. There are a number of "major" appearances within that page as well. Some very good stories, too!

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22
1988, 56 pgs., $1.75
"Drug War Rages" (pp.1-40)
Defalco/Micheline, Bagley, Esposito, Parker

DD & Spidey defeat High Evolutionary's thugs with help of Speedball
Amazing Spider-Man #16
Sep 1964, 22 pgs., 12¢
"Duel with Daredevil"
Lee, Ditko, Ditko, Rosen

DD & Spidey defeat the Ringmaster and his circus of crime
Amazing Spider-Man #287
Apr 1987, 22 pgs., 75¢
"...And There Shall Come a Reckoning" ("Gang War" pt.4 of 5)
Owsley, Larsen, Nichols, Parker

DD battles Spidey keeping him away from Kingpin
Amazing Spider-Man #288
May 1987, 22 pgs., 75¢
"The War Ends!" ("Gang War" pt.5 of 5)
Owlsey, Kupperberg, Fern, Parker

DD, Spidey, Falcon, Black Cat trade Kingpin's safety for his lieutenants
Amazing Spider-Man #396
Dec 1994, 23 pgs., $1.50
"Deadmen" ("Back from the Edge" pt.3 of 4)
Dematteis, Bagley, Mahlstedt, Oakley

DD/Spidey fight the Owl/the Vulture; Spidey infected with lethal virus
Amazing Spider-Man #429
Dec 1997, 23 pgs., $1.99
"The Price!"
DeFalco, Bennett, LaRosa/Milgrom, Scholl

DD helps Spidey defeat the Absorbing Man and Titania while Spidey is still on the run for "beating up" Norman Osborn
Amazing Spider-Man #438
Sep 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Seeing is Disbelieving!"
DeFalco, Kolins, Martin, RS/Comicraft/SH

Synario develops a device which fools everyone into seeing whatever she wants them to see & uses it to pit Spidey against DD
Avengers #82
Nov 1970, 20 pgs., 15¢
Thomas, Buscema, Palmer, Rosen

DD & Black Panther free Avengers from Aries and then help defeat him
Avengers #111
May 1973, 20 pgs., 20¢
"With Two Beside Them!"
Englehart, Heck, Bolle, Costanza

DD & Black Widow help Avengers defeat Magneto
Avengers #190
Dec 1979, 17 pgs., 40¢
"Heart of Stone"
Grant, Byrne, Green, Costanza

Avengers under senate investigation; DD helps Avengers battle Grey Gargoyle
Black Widow (v.2) #1
Jan 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Breakdown, Pt.1 of 3"
Grayson/Rucka, Hampton, Hampton, RS & Comicraft's Abbott (cover: Grayson?)

Fury captures Yelena Belova (the self-proclaimed new Black Widow), and switches her identity with Romanov via plastic surgery. With DD's help, he then tries to covertly convince Yelena that she IS Romanov.
Black Widow (v.2) #2
Feb 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Breakdown, Pt.2 of 3"
Grayson/Rucka, Hampton, Hampton, RS & Comicraft's Abbott (cover: Grayson?)

After Yelena thinks she's killed Yelena ('Tasha), she's hunted by the police & then S.H.I.E.L.D. for murder. DD tries to protect both Black Widows, and also tells Fury that he's being sadistic. Meanwhile 'Tasha meets with Yelena's superiors posing as Yelena to get information.
Black Widow (v.2) #3
Mar 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Breakdown, Pt.3 of 3"
Grayson/Rucka, Hampton, Hampton, RS & Comicraft's Temofonte (cover: ?)

Natasha recovers the warheads for SHIELD, and after DD reveals the truth to Yelena & brings her to 'Tasha, Natasha reveals to Yelena why she included her in this whole cat & mouse spy "game".
Captain America #234
Jun 1979, 17 pgs., 40¢
"Burn, Cap, Burn!"
McKenzie, Buscema, Perlin, Novak

DD battles Cap who's been brainwashed by Dr. Faustus
Captain America #235
Jul 1979, 17 pgs., 40¢
"To Stalk the Killer Skies!"
McKenzie, Buscema, Abel, Costanza

DD & Cap battle Faustus & National Force who plan to release mind-control gas over NY
Captain America #236
Aug 1979, 17 pgs., 40¢
"Death Dive!"
McKenzie/Fleisher, Buscema, Perlin, Novak

DD helps Cap beat Faustus
Captain America #375
Late Aug 1990, 22 pgs., $1.00
"The Devil You Know" (pp.1-23) ("Streets of Poison" storyline)
Gruenwald, Lim, Bulanadi, Rosen

Cap increasingly irrational due to drug "ice" exposure; Cap battles DD
Captain America #376
Early Sep 1990, 22 pgs., $1.00
"Cross Purposes" (pp.1-23) ("Streets of Poison" storyline)
Gruenwald, Lim, Bulanadi, Rosen

Black Widow & Diamondback battle Cap; DD battles Crossbones
Contest of Champions #2
Jul 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Chpt. 2: Frenzy in the Frozen North" (pp.2-13)
Gruenwald/Mantlo/Grant, Romita, Marcos, Rosen

Daredevil battles Iron Fist; DD wins first portion of contest
Contest of Champions (v.2) #4
Nov 1999, 23 pgs., $2.50
"Final Cut"
Claremont, Ryan, Livesay & Kryssing, RS & Comicraft's Deschesnel

Daredevil battles Deadpool, then joins the others fighting the Brood
Darkhawk #6
Aug 1991, 22 pgs., $1.00
Fingeroth, Manley, Villagran/Wiacek/Larosa, Rosen

DD helps Capt. America & Darkhawk defeat the U-Foes
Defenders Giant-size #3
Jan 1975, 48 pgs., 50¢
"Games Godlings Play!" (pp.1-44)
Gerber/Starlin/Wein, Starlin, Adkins/Newton/Mooney, Jetter

Grandmaster & Prime Mover create contest-prize:Earth. DD dies, but is brought back by Grandmaster
PLUS: stories from Sub-mariner #38 and Strange Tales #120
Defenders #24
Jun 1975, 18 pgs., 25¢
"--in the Jaws of the Serpent!"
Gerber, Buscema, Mcleod, Orzechowski

DD, Son of Satan, Power Man join Hulk to rescue Defenders from Sons of the Serpent
Defenders #25
Jul 1975, 18 pgs., 25¢
"The Serpent Sheds Its Skin"
Gerber, Buscema, Abel, Holloway

DD, Son of Satan, Power Man help Defenders defeat Sons of the Serpernt
Defenders #89
Nov 1980, 22 pgs., 50¢
"A Death in the Family"
Kraft/Hannigan, Perlin, Marcos, Albers

The Defenders attend Hellcat's mother's funeral; DD battles Fem Force
Defenders #90
Dec 1980, 22 pgs., 50¢
"Mind Over Mandrill!"
Hannigan, Perlin, Marcos, Albers

DD helps Defenders battle Fem Force; Valkyrie falls under Mandrill's power
Defenders #91
Jan 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
Hannigan, Perlin, Marcos, Albers

DD helps Defenders battle Mandrill; Mandrill's mother shoots Mandrill
Defenders #106
Apr 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"The War to End All Wars!"
Dematteis, Perlin, Trapani/Magyar/Abel/Milgrom, Leferman

DD helps Defenders stop Psychic war; Nighthawk dies
Doom 2099 #41
May 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
Peyer/Skolnick, Royle, Koblish/Candelario/Rubinstein, Costanza

In trying to trace a new drug to it's source, DD ends up in the middle of a fight between Doom (2099) and Sub-Mariner
Double Edge: Omega
Oct 1995, 40 pgs., $4.95
"Glory Days"
Ostrander/Yale, Wheatley, Palmiotti, Novak

Nick Fury & SHIELD try to recapture Punisher who is under impression that Nick killed his family; Punisher kills Fury
plus: metallo-foil style cover
Dr. Strange #40
Apr 1992, 17 pgs., $1.75
"From Hope and Fear Set Free..." ("The Great Fear" pt.3 of 3)
Thomas/Thomas, Isherwood, Sanders, Brosseau

DD helps Dr. Strange defeat Nightmare, Dweller in Darkness, and D'spayre
Elektra #11
Oct 1997, 22 pgs., $1.99
"The Good the Bad and the Somewhat Confused"
Milligan, Deodato Jr., Koblish, Morelli (cover: Deodato Jr.)

DD & Elektra run into each other stopping a bank robbery; when the robbers are later killed by an unknown vigilante, the two decide to team up and find out what's going on
Elektra #12
Nov 1997, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Love & Death in New York" (The American Samurai, Pt.2)
Milligan, Deodato Jr., Koblish, Morelli (cover: ?)

Elektra & DD catch up with the Samurai; he explains about himself a little, then escapes leaving a bomb to blow up DD & Elektra
Elektra #13
Dec 1997, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Seppuku" (The American Samurai, Pt.3)
Milligan, Deodato Jr., Koblish, Morelli (cover: Deodato Jr.)

Elektra & DD catch up with the Samurai again; DD & Elektra vanquish him; he then commits seppuku which Elektra condones and Matt condemns sending the two down separate paths once again
Fantastic Four #39
Jun 1965, 20 pgs., 12¢
"A Blind Man Shall Lead Them!"
Lee, Kirby, Ray, Simek

FF loses their powers; DD helps them fight Dr. Doom
Fantastic Four #40
Jul 1965, 20 pgs., 12¢
"The Battle of the Baxter Building"
Lee, Kirby, Colletta, Simek

DD helps the FF regain their powers and defeat Dr. Doom
Fantastic Four #73
Apr 1968, 20 pgs., 12¢
"The Flames of Battle.."
Lee, Kirby, Sinnott, Simek

Doom tricks FF into thinking that DD is Doom; DD, Spidey, Thor battle the FF.
Please click
here to read an excellent article on this storyline by Bill Koenig.

Fantastic Four #281
Aug 1985, 22 pgs., 65¢
"With Malice Towards All!"
Byrne, Byrne, Ordway, Oliver

DD helps FF stop Malice (who is really the Invisible Girl)
Fantastic Four #378
Jul 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Chaos in the Courtroom"
Defalco/Ryan, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli (cover: Ryan)

Huntara, Klaw, Paibok, & Devos attack the FF at the courthouse as they're falling apart due to a lot of internal problems; DD, Spidey, Silver Sable, and Sandman join the fray. The FF are defeated, but the bad guys retreat when the Avengers arrive
Gambit (II) #11
Dec 1999, 21 pgs., $1.99
"The Hamster Run"
Nicieza, Skroce, Owens, RS & Comicraft's Peteri

DD & Gambit battle each other & the Constrictor for the entire comic (except the last 2 pages), all trying to get hold of a synthetic stomach for various parties.
Ghost Rider (I) #20
Oct 1976, 17 pgs., 30¢
"Two Against Death!"
Wolfman, Byrne, Perlin, Wohl

DD helps Ghost Rider defeat Death Stalker
Ghost Rider (II) #36
Apr 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Transformations in Pain"
Mackie, Blevins, Fredericks, Chiang

DD helps Ghost Rider battle Mr. Hyde and Succubus
Ghost Rider (II) #61
May 1995, 37 pgs., $2.50
Betrayals Pt.4: "The Fall"
Mackie, Larroca, Melia, Chiang

Ghost Rider is hunted down by the Ghost Rider Task Force after apparently killing an officer. Daredevil and Punisher also become involved, as well as good ol' Nick Fury and SHIELD.
Green Goblin #6
Mar 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
no title?
DeFalco, McDaniel, Fisher, Novak

DD & Green Goblin capture Purge and keep him from killing Ben Urich
Human Fly #9
May 1978, 17 pgs., 35¢
"...and Daredevil Makes Three!"
Mantlo, Robbins, Esposito, Costanza

White Tiger & Human Fly battle Copperhead; DD battles mobsters
Incredible Hulk #152
Jun 1972, 21 pgs., 20¢
"But Who Will Judge the Hulk?"
Friedrich, Ayers, Giacoia, Simek

Hulk is captured; Matt Murdock offers to be his lawyer
Incredible Hulk #153
Jul 1972, 21 pgs., 20¢
"The World, My Jury!"
Friedrich, Ayers/Trimpe, Severin, Izzo

DD, Spidey, FF battle Hulk; Hulk is tried with Matt as his lawyer
Infinity War #2
Jul 1992, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Ethereal Revisionism" (pt.2 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli

Magus continues his plans; doppelgangers attack the heroes; Reed Richards calls meeting of all heroes; Wolverine says Iron Man & Reed are doubles; DD agrees; Reed sets off Gamma bomb
Iron Man #35
Mar 1971, 20 pgs., 15¢
Conway, Heck, Esposito, Simek

Iron Man and Nick Fury battle the Zodiac; DD and Madame Masque are captured
Iron Man #36
Apr 1971, 20 pgs., 15¢
"...Among Men Stalks Ramrod!"
Conway, Heck, Esposito, Simek

DD helps Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Madame Masque defeat Zodiac
Iron Man #89
Aug 1976, 17 pgs., 25¢
"Brute Fury!"
Goodwin, Tuska, Colletta, Costanza

DD & Iron Man battle the Blood Brothers
Nov 1997, 48 pgs. (no ads, 6 pgs. of sketches), $5.99
"Spider-Man/Kingpin to the Death"
Lee/DeFalco, Romita, Green, Oakley (cover: ?)

Fake Spider-Men injected with a deadly experimental "Death's Arrow" drug are framing Spidey by killing criminals all over the city. While stopping some of the fake Spideys, DD is accidentally injected with the deadly drug. Spidey has to get the antidote to DD before he dies & prevent the Kingpin from trading the drug to terrorist Zoltaro.
Marvel Adventures #1
Dec 2001, 16 pgs.(no ads), free (Jack in the Box Giveaway)
No title
no credits

A criminal named "Dunn" sends out some attack robots to divert the heroes in the vicinity while he goes to recover his loot in Central Park.
plus: there are also 5 "toys" or figures available: DD, the Hulk, Cap, the Invisible Woman, and Hawkeye as well as the giveaway comic book
Marvel Comics Presents #5
Late Oct 1988, 32 pgs., $1.25
"You'll See It When You Believe It" (pp.25-32)
Kavanagh, Turner, Gustovich, Klein

DD helps a boy who's attempting suicide
plus: Wolverine, Man-Thing, Master of Kung Fu stories
Marvel Comics Presents #19
May 1989, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Overture" (pp 25-32)
McDuffie, Colon, Williamson, Parker

DD & Turk battle at Josie's; Josie's is levelled; Damage Control rebuilds it
Marvel Comics Presents #49
1990, 32 pgs., $1.25
"White Messiah" (pp 17-24)
Figueroa, Wilson, Albrecht, Harkins

DD takes out all the players in a drug deal including "Scope" who seems to have something a lot like DD's radar sense
plus: Spidey & Wolverine, Gladiator, Devil-Slayer stories
Marvel Comics Presents #69
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Hot in the City" (Redemption Song pt.1 of 4) (pp.17-24)
Plunkett, Plunkett/Turner, Ivy, Chiang

DD finds out about secret research group conducting intelligence-enhancing experiments on dogs
plus: Wolverine/Ghost Rider, Shanna, and Silver Surfer stories
Marvel Comics Presents #70
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Summertime Blues" (Redemption Song pt.2 of 4) (pp.17-24)
Plunkett, Plunkett/Turner, Ivy, Chiang

Ellington (the head of the secret experiment) gets away from DD
plus: Wolverine/Ghost Rider, Shanna, Dark Star/Starlight/Black Widow stories
Marvel Comics Presents #71
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Just a Shot Away" (Redemption Song pt.3 of 4) (pp.17-24)
Plunkett, Plunkett/Turner, Ivy, Chiang

DD confronts Octagon Corp. (company financing the experiments)
plus: Wolverine/Ghost Rider, Shanna, Warlock stories
Marvel Comics Presents #72
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"A Momentary Taste of Being" (Redemption Song pt.4 of 4) (pp.17-24)
Plunkett, Plunkett/Turner, Ivy, Chiang

Scientist/DJ Ellington gets NY to join hands and sing
plus: Weapon-X (Wolverine), Shanna, Red Wolf stories
Marvel Comics Presents #81
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"The Call" (pp.25-32)
Denatale, Rogers, Williamson, Morelli

DD helps keep some goons from "evicting" an old voodoo lady & her granddaughter
plus: Weapon-X (Wolverine), Capt. America, Ant-Man stories
Marvel Comics Presents #91
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Truth or Daredevil" (pp.9-16[side B])
Manak, Manak, Hudson, Sharpe

Impossible Man saves DD from Kingpin while looking for missing Imp. child
plus: Ghost Rider/Cable, Wolverine, Beast stories
Marvel Comics Presents #93
1991, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Split Seconds" (pgs.9-16[side B])
Scott, Turner, Dutro

DD & Black Widow take out a Hydra base for S.H.I.E.L.D.
plus: Ghost Rider/Cable, Wolverine, Nova stories
Marvel Comics Presents #136
Early Sep 1993, 32 pgs., $1.50
"The Prisoner" (pp.9-16[side B])
Higgins, Powers, Higgins, Higgins

Thoughts of revenge on DD keep a prisoner going
plus: Ghost Rider/Cage, Wolverine, Iron Fist stories
Marvel Comics Presents #150
Late Mar 1994, 32 pgs., $1.50
"Fractured Fairy Tales" (A Battle of the Sexes pt.1 of 2)
Nocenti/Lightle, Lightle, Higgins

Wolverine tries to use Typhoid to free captive psychic girl; Typhoid develops 3rd personality: "Bloody Mary"
plus: wrap around cover
Marvel Comics Presents #151
Early Apr 1994, 32 pgs., $1.50
"Quite Contrary" (A Battle of the Sexes pt.2 of 2)
Nocenti, Harper, Higgins/Babcock

Typhoid takes revenge on men who've abused women; Wolverine helps Typhoid find 4th personality: the real Mary
plus: wrap around cover
Marvel Fanfare #1
Mar 1982, 28 pgs., $1.25
"Snow" (pp.19-28)
McKenzie, Smith, Austin, Leferman

DD goes after local drug pusher after neighborhood Santa is mugged for money for drugs
Plus: Spidey & Angel story; DD back cover
Marvel Fanfare #7
Mar 1983, 32 pgs., $1.25
"Bless the Beasts & Children..." (pgs.23-32)
Mantlo, Freeman, Kawecki

DD saves a blind boy from getting hit by a van, but fails to save his dog at the pound
Plus: Hulk story; DD back cover
Marvel Fanfare #15
Jul 1984, 29 pgs., $1.50
"Crimson Ash" (pgs.20-29)
McKenzie, Sparling, Akin/Garvey, Novak

DD & arsonist save small child
Plus: Thing story; DD back cover
Marvel Fanfare #27
Jul 1986, 32 pgs., $1.50
"Cars" (pgs.1-20)
Mantlo, Salmons, Novak

Matt & Foggy buy a car for "Nelson & Murdock"; it's stolen & DD catches the theives
plus: Spidey story & 4 McLeod pinups; DD front cover
Marvel Fanfare #60
Dec 1991, 32 pgs., $2.25
"The Monkey Never Dies" (pgs.25-32)

DD helps Lewis who gets mugged again
plus: Black Panther story & X-men story; DD back cover
Marvel Graphic Novel: Daredevil
1986, 63 pgs., $6.95
"Love and War"
Miller, Sienkiewicz, Novak

The Kingpin kidnaps Dr. Mondat to cure his wife Vanessa; the doctor takes Vanessa to Europe
Marvel Graphic Novel: Daredevil/Black Widow
Jul 1993, 64 pgs., $14.95
Starlin, Chiodo, Chiang

Black Widow is captured by killer who tortures victims; DD & BW fight with and end up killing the killer who was abused growing up
Marvel Holiday Special
Jan 1993, 80 pgs., $2.95
"The Rapt Lamb" (pp.73-80)
Nocenti, Grindberg, Fredericks, Joyce

The travels of a toy lamb with DD from purchase at a curio shop to donation at an orphanage
Plus: Wolverine, New Warriors, Spider-man, Punisher, Doc Samson, Thanos, Iron Man stories; also fair # of pinups
Marvel Knights #1
Jul 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Burrowers"
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, Peteri (cover: Quesada, Palmiotti)

The Punisher tells Daredevil about some Russian mobsters that were killed by some powerful "force", and DD recruits the Black Widow & Dagger to investigate with him. Shang Chi faces off against a gang to protect a girl, but she's kidnapped.
Marvel Knights #2
Aug 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Thunder Below"
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, Peteri (cover: Barreto, Janson)

DD becomes separated from Dagger & the Widow when he's captured by trolls, but Punisher frees him. Meanwhile Dagger & the Widow end up joining with Shang Chi, and we find out that Ulik (the troll) is pursuing a mystical horn which will give him an immense amount of power.
Marvel Knights #3
Sep 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Destroyers"
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, Starkings/Comicraft (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

Punisher goes toe to toe with Ulik while DD heads up to the surface to get the horn Ulik's destroying a building for. Cloak continues to sweep up petty criminals. Shang Chi, Dagger and the Widow band together to protect a subway train full of civilians.
Marvel Knights #4
Oct 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, Starkings/Comicraft's Peteri (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

Zaran breaks into AIM to steal a special chemical for Shang Chi's father. DD is trying to convince Black Widow, Shang Chi, and Dagger that they all need to put a stop to the Punisher. BW & DD also promise Dagger they'll keep helping her try to find Cloak. Castle hears them considering coming after him.
Marvel Knights #7
Jan 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Strange Matters"
Dixon, Barreto, DeCastro, RS & Comicraft's Peteri (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

The Weapons Master escapes. The Widow & Dagger enlist Dr. Strange's help in trying to find Cloak. Cloak ends up "swallowing" the Punisher in his darkness, and then when the whole Knights "team" shows up plus Dr. Strange, he swallows DD, Moon Knight, and the Black Widow before Strange can stop him.
Marvel Knights #8
Feb 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Dark Matters"
Dixon, Barreto, DeCastro, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

DD, the Widow & Moon Knight all fight to survive in the "dimension" that Cloak has pulled them into. The Punisher is also there battling the hordes they find there. Dagger & Shang Chi watch as Dr. Strange battles with Cloak to try to save him from his own powers. Strange also sends a projection "into" the cloak to let DD & the Widow know where they are & what they're dealing with.
Marvel Knights #9
Mar 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Dark Matters"
Dixon, Barreto, DeCastro, RS & Comicraft's Saida T. (cover: Trent, Miki?)

Nightmare mounts an assault on all the heroes trapped through Cloak's portal. The Punisher saves Moon Knight, and they try to hook back up with the Widow & DD. Dagger keeps working on Cloak to try to bring him back to the person she knew. And the heroes look for a way to get back out of Cloak's dimension.
Marvel Knights #11
May 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Hero for Hire"
Dixon, Barreto, Nelson, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Trent, Miki?)

There's increasing friction between Moon Knight and Daredevil when Moon Knight hires Luke Cage to join the team. And the Knights run into some old friends: Tombstone, Bullet, Bengal, and Big Ben.
Marvel Knights #12
May 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Hero for Hire"
Dixon, Barreto, Nelson, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Trent, Miki?)

Zaran & Shang Chi's father continue to plot against Shang Chi & the Knights, the Knights are beaten by Tombstone, Bullet, Bengal, and Big Ben, except that when they wake up, they find Dagger standing and all the bad guys have disappeared.
Marvel Knights #13
Jul 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"No Rest for the Wicked"
Dixon, Barreto, Nelson, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Kaniuga, Miki)

'Tasha & Dagger take on a Life Model Decoy of Nick Fury sent to kill them by someone from SHIELD??! The rest of the Knights take on a band of Dacoit warriors plus Zaran, all sent by Shang Chi's father.
Marvel Knights #14
Aug 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Everything Dies"
Dixon, Lilly, Nelson, RS & Comicraft's Saida (cover: Trent, Miki)

Shang-Chi's father destroys Moon Knight's headquarters. Tyrone helps 'Tasha and Dagger defeat the LMD of Fury. Dagger and the Widow go to SHIELD to confront Fury about the LMD. Moon Knight decides to retire from the Knights.
Marvel Knights #15
Sep 2001, 22 pgs., $2.99
"No Rest for the Wicked"
Dixon, Barreto, Nelson, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Trent, Miki)

DD duels with the Punisher. Dagger and the Widow take out the Helicarrier full of LMDs. The Knights break up and each head their own way.
Marvel Knights (v.2) #1
May 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Enter the Brothers Grace"
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, Comicraft (cover: ?)

The Brothers Grace decide to take over New York City. Black Widow hooks up with the Punisher and DD, as well as Seargent Kim of the North Korean police, to try and stop them.
Marvel Knights (v.2) #2
Jun 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Taking of New York City One-Two-Three"
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: ?)

The Punisher is captured by the Graces' men, but their head henchman Tune lets him live. Daredevil's attempts at taking the Brothers Grace to court fails as does the Punisher's "war" on the Brothers Grace, so the Widow & Sgt. Kim suggest they go after the Brothers Grace's money instead.
Marvel Knights (v.2) #3
Jul 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Tune in Love"
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, RS & Comicraft (cover: Ponticelli)

The Knights find the Grace Brothers' money pipeline. In addition, a judge that the Brothers wanted to have working for them escapes and is protected by the Knights. And Mr. Tune falls in love with one of the Brothers' foot soldiers.
plus: a 5 page preview of the new Call of Duty title.
Marvel Knights (v.2) #4
Aug 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"In the Belly of Poseidon"
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, RS & Comicraft's Jimmy (cover: ?)

The Knights take out the Brothers Grace's financial pipeline, and the Punisher destroys a major portion of their fleet of vehicles. Tune's lieutenants threaten to let the Brothers Grace know that Tune let the Punisher live.
Marvel Knights (v.2) #5
Sep 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Knight Hunters"
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, RS & Comicraft's Jimmy (cover: Ponticelli)

Mr. Tune eliminates the Grace Brothers' soothsayers. The Brothers and Mr. Tune decide to go after the Widow, DD, the Punisher, and Kim. Kim is captured, but the rest of them eliminate or elude their pursuit.
Marvel Knights: Double Shot #1
Jun 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
"dirty job" (pgs.12-22)
Haynes, Haynes, Haynes, RS & Comicraft's Wes (cover: Fabry)

Daredevil helps the police get to the bottom of a "secret" delivery for the Kingpin.
plus: a Punisher story
Marvel Knights: Double Shot #4
Jun 2002, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Serious People" (pgs.13-23)
Figueroa, Ponticelli, Ponticelli, RS & Comicraft's Levine (cover: Fabry)

An old aquaintance of Natasha's turns bank robber. DD & the Widow take him and his men on with the Punisher added in just to keep things interesting.
plus: an Iron Fist story
Marvel Super Heroes #2
Jul 1990, 72 pgs., $2.95
"Turn a Blind Eye" (pgs.17-24)
Kavanagh, Turner, DeCarlo, Albers

Little boy has Matt help him confront his mother about possible drug use--turns out she's diabetic
plus: Iron Man, Rogue, Speedball, Falcon, Tigra, Red Wolf stories
Marvel Super Heroes #4
Dec 1990, 71 pgs., $2.95
"Sheer Heart Attack" (pgs.24-31)
Campanella, Miehm, Campanella, Starkings, Gaffney

DD keeps "booby-trapped" doctor from blowing up his own family and Kingpin
plus: Spiderman & Nick Fury, WonderMan, Black Knight, Spitfire, Speedball stories and 3 pin-ups
Marvel Team-Up Annual #4
1981, 38 pgs., 75¢
"Power Play!"
Miller, Trimpe, Esposito, Albers

Kingpin tries to use the Purple Man to get a crowd to kill DD, Spidey, Moon Knight, Power Man and Iron Fist
Marvel Team-Up #25
Sep 1974, 18 pgs., 25¢
"Three into Two Won't Go!"
Wein, Mooney, Giacoia, Simek

DD & Spidey rescue girl kidnapped by the Unholy Three for ransom
Marvel Team-Up #56
Apr 1977, 17 pgs., 30¢
"Double Danger at the Daily Bugle"
Mantlo, Buscema, Hunt, Rosen

DD & Spidey defeat Electro & Blizzard who planned on holding Daily Bugle for ransom
Marvel Team-Up #73
Sep 1978, 17 pgs., 35¢
"A Fluttering of Wings Most Foul!"
Friedrich, Gammil, Perlin, Wohl

DD & Spidey defeat Owl who has "brain relapse"
Marvel Team-Up #123
Nov 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Rivers of Blood"
DeMatteis, Gammill, Esposito, Albers

DD & Spidey defeat Solarr and save "Peepers" Scanlon who's turning State's evidence
Marvel Team-Up #140
Apr 1984, 21 pgs., 60¢
"Where Were You...When the Lights Went Out?"
Mantlo/DeFalco, Frenz, Esposito, Albers (cover: Hannigan/Janson)

Spidey & Natasha help Matt try to find a murderer so an innocent kid doesn't get convicted
Marvel Team-Up #141
May 1984, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Blind Justice!"
DeFalco/Owsley, LaRocque, Esposito, Albers

Kingpin helps DD find real killer of pawn shop owner
Marvel Team-Up (II) #9
Aug 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Master of the Ring", Parts 3 & 4
Kirkman, Kolins, Kolins, Petit

Daredevil mixes it up with a new Stilt-Man and bumps into his old pal Luke Cage. They both witness an explosion, but Luke has to get back to Jessica, so DD heads off to investigate on his own.
Marvel Team-Up (II) #10
Sep 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Master of the Ring", Part 5 & Conclusion
Kirkman, Kolins, Kolins, Petit

DD, Spidey, and Moon Knight battle the Ringmaster who has acquired a ring made from fragments of the cosmic cube.
Marvel Two-In-One #3
May 1974, 19 pgs., 25¢
"Inside Black Spectre!"
Gerber, Buscema, Sinnott, Hunt

DD & Thing battle Nekra
Marvel Two-In-One #37
Mar 1978, 17 pgs., 35¢
"Game Point!"
Wolfman, Wilson, Marcos, Costanza

Ben now without the FF is charged with being a menace to society
Marvel Two-In-One #38
Apr 1978, 17 pgs., 35¢
"The Thing Behind Prison Bars"
Wolfman/Slifer, Wilson, Mooney, Costanza

The Mad Thinker captures Ben and DD
Marvel Two-In-One #39
May 1978, 18 pgs., 35¢
"The Vision Gambit"
Slifer, Wilson, Marcos, Iro

DD & Yellow Jacket free Ben from Thinker's influence & free Vision whom DD & Ben had captured
Marvel Valentine Special #1
Apr 1997, 48 pgs., $2.99
"Love Hurts" (pgs.11-20)
Ostrander, Mitchell, Ivy, Lopez

DD stops a guy from beating his girlfriend; Karen convinces her to leave the boyfriend
plus: Spidey, Cyclops & Phoenix, Venus, Absorbing Man & Titania stories
Moon Knight #13
Nov 1981, 21 pgs., 50¢
"The Cream of the Jest"
Moench, Sienkiewicz, Rosen

DD & Moon Knight defeat the Jester
New Avengers #1
Jan 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Breakout!", Part One
Bendis, Finch, Miki, Starkings and Comicraft's Deschesne

While Matt, Foggy, and Luke Cage are making a trip to Ryker's Island to talk to Robert Reynolds (The Sentry), Electro starts a breakout of supervillains from "The Raft", the Maximum Security portion of Ryker's Island.
Interesting note: Wolverine appears on the side of the cover of #1 and takes up almost the entire variant cover for #3, but doesn't appear in the first 3 issues at all.
New Avengers #2
Feb 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Breakout!", Part Two
Bendis, Finch, Miki/Morales, Starkings and Comicraft's Deschesne

Cap and Spidey fight the bad guys upstairs while Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and DD (out of uniform) take on the baddies downstairs. Foggy pleads with the Sentry to step in and help his friends stop the breakout. Purple Man orders Luke Cage to turn on his friends and then kill himself.
Nighthawk #1 (of 3)
Sep 1998, 23 pgs., $2.99
Krueger, Case, Wiacek, Workman (cover: Case, Edwards)

Nighthawk comes out of a coma, is given some unusual powers and a second chance as a hero

Nighthawk #2 (of 3)
Oct 1998, 22 pgs., $2.99
Krueger, Case, Wiacek, Workman (cover: Case, Edwards)

Nighthawk uses the flame that Daredevil created when DD was last in Mephisto's realm to revive a "dead" DD

Nighthawk #3 (of 3)
Nov 1998, 23 pgs., $2.99
"101 Damnations"
Krueger, Case, Wiacek, Workman (cover: Case, Edwards)

Although Mephisto tries to trick him yet again, Kyle wins his way from Hell (& Matt with him) by offering himself for Matt and by realizing that he's just another person -- rejecting Mephisto by accepting "truth"

Nomad #6
Oct 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"The Mortal Coil Shuffle" (Dead Man's Hand pt.8)
Nicieza, Olliffe, McKenna, Eliopoulos/Dutro

DD, Punisher, Nomad break up crime bosses & their gangs in Vegas

Over the Edge #1
Nov 1995, 23 pgs., 99¢
"...And Fear Will Follow!"
Macchio, Brown, Witherby, Babcock

Mr. Fear kidnaps Urich & Columbia law profs. to force confrontation w/ DD
Over the Edge #6
Apr 1996, 22 pgs., 99¢
"Of Kings...and Bright, Shiny Things..."
Macchio, Brown, Witherby, Babcock

Klaw escapes from courtroom; DD & Panther defeat Klaw & Killmonger
Over the Edge #10
Aug 1996, 23 pgs., 99¢
"The Politics of Infamy"
Kelly, Jones, Witherby (also: Milgrom, Bloomer, Pavier), Babgins

DD vs. Infamnia while trying to protect a presidential candidate
Power Man and Iron Fist #77
Jan 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"What's Black and White and Red All Over?"
Duffy, Gammill, Villamonte, Novak

DD helps PM & IF with problems in a Russian ballet troupe
Punisher #10
Aug 1988, 22 pgs., $1.00
"The Creep"
Baron, Portacio, Williams, Bruzenak

DD keeps Punisher from killing psycho who was killing people by tampering with headache pills & mouthwash
Punisher (II) #4
Feb 1996, 21 pgs., $1.95
Ostrander, Lyle, Ivy/Nichols, Starkings & Comicraft

Punisher, who is trying to decide on a path for his life, & Daredevil battle Jigsaw.
Punisher (III) #3
Jun 2000, 22 pgs., $3.99 (incl.Marvel Knights preview)
"The Devil by the Horns"
Ennis, Dillon, Palmiotti, Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Wes Abbott (cover: Bradstreet)

The Punisher is eliminating portions of the Mob; DD tries to stop him, and the Punisher decides to teach DD a lesson.
Punisher (IV) #33
Dec 2003, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Confederacy of Dunces" Pt.1
Ennis, McCrea, CrimeLab Studios, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (cover: Bradstreet)

Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Daredevil team up to stop the Punisher's killing spree.
Punisher (IV) #34
Dec 2003, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Confederacy of Dunces" Pt.2
Ennis, McCrea, CrimeLab Studios, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (cover: Bradstreet)

Castle gets away from Wolverine, Spidey, and DD and takes out a huge meeting of criminals meeting to bid on a person they have stashed in the back of a van.
Punisher (IV) #35
Jan 2004, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Confederacy of Dunces" Pt.3
Ennis, McCrea, CrimeLab Studios, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (cover: Bradstreet)

Castle starts nursing the mysterious stranger back to health, and he sets a trap for DD, Spidey, and Wolverine.
Punisher (IV) #36
Jan 2004, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Confederacy of Dunces" Pt.4
Ennis, McCrea, CrimeLab Studios, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (cover: Bradstreet)

The Punisher disables Spidey, DD, and Wolverine, and then calls them in for one final confrontation a day or two later when he introduces them to his "secret weapon".
Punisher (IV) #37
Feb 2004, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Confederacy of Dunces" Pt.5
Ennis, McCrea, CrimeLab Studios, Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (cover: Bradstreet)

Castle, with a little help from his secret weapon, defeats Spidey, DD and Wolverine.
Punisher War Journal #47
Oct 1992, 21 pgs., $1.75
"Say Goodbye to Vegas" (Dead Man's Hand pt.9)
Dixon, Hebert, Fredericks, Novak

DD, Punisher, Nomad finish cleaning up the crime bosses & their gangs
Punisher War Journal #57
Aug 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Blood Money"
Dixon, Kwapisz, Kwapisz, Chiang

Punisher & Ghost Rider are trying to track down "vampire" killers; so is DD
Punisher War Journal #58
Sep 1993, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Blood Red Moon"
Dixon, Kwapisz, Kwapisz, Chiang

DD, Punisher, & Ghost Rider stop ring of blood merchants
(The) Real Heroes #3
1994, 16 pgs.(no ads), free (Pizza Hut Giveaway)
"The City Above, The City Below"
Cavalieri, Gustovich, Adams, Chiang

When some local youths are accused of arson, DD decides to investigate. After finding a hidden HYDRA base, DD is joined by Cap, Falcon, and the Wasp in the ensuing battle
plus: trading card featuring the 4 heroes on the front and a message about community service on the back
Shadows & Light #1
Feb 1998, 48 pgs., $2.99
"Devils & Angels" (pgs.38-47)
Marz, Stelfreeze (cover: Stelfreeze)

DD talks with an old blind man helping him to find a little hope again. DD also has a 1 frame cameo in the Black Widow story as the Widow reminisces.
plus: Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man stories & a few pinups
Silver Sable #23
Apr 1994, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Death Threats" (pgs.1-17)
Wright, Cordova, Hudson, Dutro

DD helps Sable stop Deadpool from kidnapping her for the Genesis Coalition
Silver Surfer (III) #128
May 1997, 23 pgs., $1.95
"Beneath the Silver Skin"
DeMatteis, Garney (prologue: Leonardi), Wiacek, Costanza

DD & Spidey try to subdue a "clay" Silver Surfer fashioned by the Puppet Master & given the power cosmic by the Surfer
Silver Surfer (III) #129
Jun 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Of Time and Truth"
DeMatteis, Garney, Wiacek, Costanza

The Surfer finds himself (and Alicia Masters) in the past; DD & Spidey watch the Puppet Master get kidnapped by some high-tech bad?/good? guys
Spectacular Spider-Man #26
Jan 1979, 17 pgs., 35¢
"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory"
Mantlo, Mooney, Springer, Parker

Spidey is blinded while battling Masked Marauder
Spectacular Spider-Man #27
Feb 1979, 17 pgs., 35¢
"The Blind Leading the Blind"
Mantlo, Miller, Springer, Wohl

Spidey, still blind, helps DD track down Masked Marauder who's turned the Tri-Man into a nuclear bomb
Spectacular Spider-Man #28
Mar 1979, 18 pgs., 35¢
"Ashes to Ashes!"
Mantlo, Miller, Springer, Heinl

Spidey & DD stop the Masked Marauder; Spidey regains sight; Spidey & White Tiger take on Carrion
Spectacular Spider-Man #107
Oct 1985, 22 pgs., 65¢
"Original Sin" (The Death of Jean DeWolff pt.1)
David, Buckler, Breeding, Felix

Capt. DeWolff is killed; Spidey investigates; DD sees Sin-Eater kill a judge
Spectacular Spider-Man #108
Nov 1985, 22 pgs., 65¢
"Sin of Pride" (The Death of Jean DeWolff pt.2)
David, Buckler, Breeding/Rubinstein/Baker/Redding, Felix

Spidey & DD are both trying to find Sin-eater
Spectacular Spider-Man #109
Dec 1985, 22 pgs., 65¢
"He Who is Without Sin" (The Death of Jean DeWolff pt.3)
David, Buckler, Breeding, Felix

DD & Spidey figure out who Sin-Eater is
Spectacular Spider-Man #110
Jan 1986, 24 pgs., 65¢
"All My Sins Remembered" (The Death of Jean De Wolff pt.4)
David, Buckler, Hands, Parker

Spidey catches Sin-Eater; DD keeps Spidey from killing him
Spectacular Spider-Man #219
Dec 1994, 22 pgs., $1.50
"Two of a Kind" ("Back from the Edge" pt.4 of 4)
Defalco/Dezago, Buscema, Hanna, Robins

DD defeats Vulture (Owl helps); Spidey takes antidote, but it's fake
Spider-Man #74
Nov 1996, 23 pgs., $1.95
"Last of the Heroes"
Mackie, Romita Jr., Williamson, Starkings & Comicraft (cover: ?)

DD & Spidey (& Jimmy-6, Fortunato's son) break up attempt by Hydra boss Fortunato to unite all the crime factions; also rescue hostages including Tombstone
plus: 6 "time-slip" pages (redesigns of marvel heroes)
Spider-Man and Mysterio #1
Jan 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"The Mysterio Manifesto pt.1 of 3: Jack's Back"
DeFalco, Weeks, McLeod, Sharpe (cover: ?)

Spidey, DD, J.Jonah Jameson, Betty & Joe are all kidnapped by someone who appears to be the Jack O'Lantern but calls himself "Mad Jack".
Spider-Man and Mysterio #2
Feb 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"The Mysterio Manifesto pt.2 of 3: Even the Dead Can Lie!"
DeFalco, Weeks, McLeod, Sharpe (cover: ?)

Spidey, DD, Jameson, Betty & Joe are living out some sort of hallucination/virtual memory. They "break out", but we see that "Mad Jack" & someone who appears to be Mysterio are still viewing them existing in some sort of virtual reality.
Spider-Man and Mysterio #3
Mar 2001, 23 pgs., $2.99
"The Mysterio Manifesto pt.3 of 3: False Truths!"
DeFalco, Weeks, McLeod, Sharpe (cover: Weeks, Soto?)

As Spidey & DD rescue themselves (and the others), the identity of Mad Jack is revealed, as well as the answer to how Mysterio killed himself in the pages of DD and then also appeared in Spidey a short time later.
Spider-Man Special Edition #1
Nov 1992, 23 pgs., **$1.25
"The Trial of Venom"
David, Craig, Day/Day, Lopez (cover: Craig, Daly)

Venom pretends to be dead in an effort to have Eddie Brock released from the Vault and freed in an appeal with Matt Murdock defending him
plus: poster; **cover price of $1.25, but minimum donation of $5 to UNICEF required
Spider-Man: Power of Terror #3
Mar 1995, 23 pgs., $1.95
"Division of Power" (pt.3 of 4)
Wright, Robertson, Jones/Sullivan, Starkings/Comicraft

Silvermane takes over Deathlok's body; DD, Spidey, Punisher all trying to stop him
Spider-Man: Power of Terror #4
Apr 1995, 24 pgs., $1.95
"From the Inside Out" (pt.4 of 4)
Wright, Robertson, Adams/Palmiotti, Starkings/Comicraft

Silvermane is defeated; Silvermane, Scorpia, Punisher get away
Thor #393
Jul 1988, 23 pgs., 75¢
"The Blaze of Battle"
DeFalco, Frenz, Breeding, Workman

Thor battles Quicksand; DD battles Hogun
(Marvel Double Feature...) Thunderstrike(/Code Blue) #16
Jan 1995, 44 pgs.(very few ads), $2.50
"Krask Force" (pgs.1-22 - flipbook opp. side of Thunderstrike story)
Thomas/Lofficier, Alexander/Miehm, Barnett, Chiang (cover: ?)

DD helps Code Blue tangle with an energy entity until Code Grey can show up and defeat it.
Uncanny Origins #13
Sep 1997, 22 pgs., 99¢
"The Origin of Daredevil"
Budiansky, Wyman, Cabrera, Costanza

On the way to an awards ceremony, DD stops by a gym & reminisces about his past
Venom: On Trial #2
Apr 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Disorder in the Court!"
Hama, Hood, Fisher, Lopez (cover: Hood, Fisher)

While Cletus Kasady is testifying for prosecution, both he & Eddie Brock revert to Carnage & Venom; Spidey is also there
Venom: On Trial #3
May 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Trial and Error!"
Hama, Hood, Fisher, Lopez (cover: Hood, Fisher)

After helping Spider-Man and DD subdue Carnage, Venom is led off by a federal secret agent and excused of all charges.
Wolverine (II) #24
Mar 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Enemy of the State", Part 5 of 6
Millar, Romita Jr., Janson, Gentile (cover: Land, Isanove)

DD takes out the Hand and defeats Wolverine only to find out that he was just bait all along. The Gorgon captures Elektra while DD & Wolverine battle.

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