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These "minor" appearances showcase DD (or Matt) for just a few pages. While these are not just single frame cameos or bit appearances, they don't quite constitute a major or co-starring role in the issue. These are good issues for those fans who are a little more avid than the casual DD collector, but haven't quite reached the rabid obsessive level yet.

Alias #3
Jan 2002, 23 pgs., $2.99
No title
Bendis, Gaydos, Gaydos, RS & Comicraft's Abbott

Jessica Jones, ex-superhero "Jewel", is hired to find a "lost" sister, but the woman turns up that night with a civilian that Jessica later sees putting on his Captain America duds! The person who hired Jessica disappears, the "sister" is murdered later that night, and Jessica becomes a suspect.
cameo: (pgs.15-17) Matt rescues Jessica from the local police interrogation room
Alias #24
Sep 2003, 23 pgs., $2.99
Purple, Part 1
Bendis, Gaydos, Gaydos, Virtual Calligraphy's Petit

A group of families of previous victims of the Purple Man come to Jessica asking her help in proving some of the things the Purple Man did.
cameo: (pgs.1,2,4) Matt tries to get Jessica a job helping Lord Kevin Plunder (Ka-Zar) find the missing Zabu (Ka-Zar's sabre-toothed tiger companion).
Amazing Spider-Man #219
Aug 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"Peter Parker--Criminal!"
O'Neil, McDonnell, Mooney, Novak

While Spidey is investigating prison breaks involving Grey Gargoyle, he gets thrown in prison
cameo: (pgs.7-10) Matt acts as Peter's lawyer
Amazing Spider-Man #277
Jun 1986, 22 pgs., 75¢
"The Rules of the Game" (pgs.1-10)
Defalco, Frenz, Layton, Parker

Matt tells Spidey to stay away from Kingpin; Spidey confronts Kingpin
cameo: (pgs.4-5) Matt talking to Peter
Avengers #502
Nov 2004, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Chaos", Part 3
Bendis, Finch, Miki, RS & Comicraft's Deschesne

The Avengers issue a "code white" calling in all Avengers after suffering setback after setback; and to put the icing on the cake, the Kree go into an all out attack on the gathered Avengers
cameo: (pgs.2-3,7,9-10,17,21-22) Pretty much all group shots with one meaningless line. Other than Bendis being the writer, I'm not sure why DD showed up - he's never been an Avenger.
Black Widow #1
May 1999, 22 pgs., $2.95
"The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" (Uninvited, Pt.1 of 3)
Grayson, J.Jones, J.Jones, Richard Starkings & Comicraft/WA (cover: Grayson?)

The Widow is sent to recover a "biotoxin" which temporarily turns the victim into a "super soldier" of sorts before killing them. While retrieving it, she runs into the "new" Black Widow.
note: wraparound cover; also available in alt. cover
cameo: (pgs.3,5-6) DD magazine clipping; Matt talking with 'Tasha
Contest of Champions #1
Jun 1982, 21 pgs., 60¢
"Chpt.1: A Gathering of Heroes"
Gruenwald/Mantlo/Grant, Romita, Marcos, Rosen

The Grandmaster & The Unknown create a contest between superheroes
cameo: (cover, pgs.1, 9, 12, 20) DD in a number of group shots as the two players "scoop up" all Earth's heroes and choose their teams
Defenders #107
May 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"On Death and Dying..."
Dematteis, Perlin, Esposito/Stone/Trapani/Milgrom, Leferman

Valkyrie is killed, but she might not be dead
cameo: (pgs.1, 3-5, 10-12) DD resting/talking w/Defenders after escaping secret base; DD (& Defenders) watch Valkyrie being shot; DD (& many heroes) at Valkyrie's funeral
Doom 2099 #40
Apr 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Rage Against Time I: Visitation"
Peyer, J.Buscema, Koblish, Costanza

Dr. Doom (2099) comes back to enlist aid of Dr. Doom (1996) in saving future Latveria
cameo: (pgs.7-8, 20) DD breaks up a drug ring operating out of an abandoned church; DD stands "watching" & waitin near the church
Elektra #-1
Jul 1997, 24 pgs., $1.95
"Love is Blind"
Milligan, Deodato, Deodato Studios, Morelli

Elektra seeks revenge on those who killed her father and takes the first steps toward becoming an assassin
cameo: (cover, pgs.1-4) Matt & Elektra's relationship just prior to her father's death
Elektra:Root of Evil #1
Mar 1995, 32 pgs.(no ads), $2.95
"The Force of the Killer" (pt.1 of 4)
Chichester, Mcdaniel, Collazo, Oakley

Elektra is trying to find her way; begins her own group
cameo: (pgs.8-11) DD keeps Elektra from killing the last of a group of mercenaries that she has tangled with
Fantastic Four Annual #3
1965, 69 pgs., 25¢
"Bedlam at the Baxter Building!" (pgs.1-23)
Lee, Kirby, Colletta, Simek

Reed & Sue's wedding
plus: reprints of FF#6, 11
cameo: (pgs.11-12, 15, 19) DD diverts vortex bomb HYDRA was driving to Baxter Bldg. into the Hudson where it stops Attuma's legions
Fantastic Four #255
Jun 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
Byrne, Novak

FF is trapped in the negative zone.
cameo: (pgs.1-4) DD isn't on the cover or part of story, but we get 4 pages of him swinging along until he runs into a "null field" generated by Annihilus.
Fantastic Four #377
Jun 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"If This Be War -- !"
Defalco/Ryan, Ryan, Bulanadi, Morelli (cover: ?)

Franklin returns, but as a teenager; bad guys & heroes gather at the courthouse for the Human Torch's trial.
cameo: (pgs.10, 12, 18-20) Matt argues the Torch's case
Fantastic Four(v.3) #36
Dec 2000, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Day of the Dark Sun"
Pacheco/Marin, Pacheco, Merino, Richard Starkings & Comicraft (cover: Pacheco, Merino)

Fantastic Four versus Diablo.
cameo: (pgs.2-3) Spidey & DD help pull some firefighters out of a burning building after Diablo destroys it.
Incredible Hulk Annual #16
1990, 55 pgs., $2.00
"Quality of Mercy" (pgs.2-38)
David, Medina, Mahlstedt, Rosen (cover: Medina, McLeod)

Man infected with the Lifeform virus recounts his confrontations with Punisher, DD, and especially the Hulk and Mercy to another individual who also got infected.
cameo: (pgs.11,17) DD talking with Ben Urich about the lab worker who was infected with the virus, flashback of DD battling the Lifeform.
Ka-Zar(v.2) #8
Dec 1997, 23 pgs., $1.99
"Bright Lights, Big Jungle" (Urban Jungle, Chpt.1)
Waid, Kubert, Delperdang, Klein (cover: ?)

In getting things ready for Thanos to return, Parnival turns Manhatten into a jungle
plus: Spider-Man cybercomic with AOL signup CD-ROM
cameo: (pgs.4-6) Matt has been trying to help Ka-zar & Shanna figure out what Parnival is up to
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41
Aug 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"The Dark Doppelgangers Descend"
Kavanagh, Kwapisz, Palmer, Lopez (cover: Kwapisz, Palmer)

Using the power of Franklin Richards, Moon Knight's doppelganger draws power from Moon Knight entities across the multiverse to become "MoonShade". (Infinity War Crossover)
cameo: (pgs.1,2,5,10-12) DD fighting with the Mr. Fantastic double. Similar to what was seen in the Infinity War mini-series.
Marvel Comics Presents #4
early Oct 1988, 32 pgs. (no ads), $1.25
"Silent Thunder!" (pgs.25-32)
Milgrom, Milgrom, Milgrom, Novak

The Fear Eater attacks Thor, and while it momentarily has the upper hand, Thor is able to eventually shake the creature from his system, at which time a starving Fear Eater looks for an "ordinary" mortal to sustain it so it can regain its strength.
cameo: (p.32) The Fear Eater enters Daredevil to replenish itself.
Marvel Fanfare #31
Mar 1987, 33 pgs., $1.50
"The Call" (pgs.31-33)

DD rescues hostages in bank holdup
plus: Capt. America & Dr. Strange stories
cameo: (pp.31-33) not actually a cameo, this is a 3 page self-contained story
Marvel Graphic Novel: Black Widow
Apr 1990, 64 pgs., $9.95
"The Coldest War"
Conway, Freeman, Colon/Farmer/Freeman/Harris/Mayerik/Rubinstein, Muns

An old comrade/rival of Natasha's tries to get her to steal a microchip from SHIELD.
cameo: (pp.24-26) Natasha comes to Matt to confide in him but decides not to
Marvel Knights #5
Nov 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Family and Friends"
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, Starkings/Comicraft's Peteri (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

Moon Knight puts a proposal to DD to bankroll the Knights & provide them with a headquarters. Fury cautions the Widow that he's not thrilled with her participating in this little "non"-group. The Punisher tries to figure out how he can use the group to his best advantage and runs into Daddy Wronglegs. Shang-Chi is confronted by Zaran, the Weapons Master!
cameo: (cover, pgs.2, 9-10) Punisher looking at DD's photo; DD & Moon Knight talking.
Marvel Knights #6
Dec 2000, 22 pgs., $2.99
"The Reckoning"
Dixon, Barreto, Janson, RS & Comicraft's Peteri (cover: Quesada, Mills?)

The Weapons Master and Shang Chi battle it out. The Punisher & Daddy Wronglegs battle it out (until the Fantastic Four show up). And Daredevil, Widow, & Dagger agree with Moon Knight to become a "team".
cameo: (pgs. 10-11) DD, 'Tasha, Dagger & Spector discussing becoming a team
Marvel Knights 4 #13
Feb 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Eyes Without a Face", Part 1
Aguirre-Sacasa, Muniz, Hanna, Sharpe

As the Fantastic Four get back on their feet with Reed, Johnny, and Ben heading out on a mission into outer space, the Puppet Master works at restoring his daughter's eyesight.
cameo: (pg. 18) DD recovers the body of a dead woman whose eyes have been cut out from the Hudson River
Marvel Treasury Edition #13
(Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag)
1976, 84 pgs. (incl. wraparound cover), $1.50
"'Tis the Season"
Stern, Tuska, Perlin, Gaspar

4 reprints woven into reminisces by some of the heroes at Christmas
(Avengers 58, Tales to Astonish 93, Marvel Team-Up 6, Daredevil 86)
cameo: (pgs.60,81) Matt walking with Heather thinking about the events of issue #86 (reprinted in pgs.61-80)
Marvel Two-In-One #40
Jun 1978, 17 pgs., 35¢
"Conjure Night!"
Slifer/DeFalco, Wilson, Marcos, Irv W./Annette K.

Ben and T'Challa fight a vampire(/zombie?)
cameo: (pgs.2-4) Matt has pizza & says bye to Thing & Yellow Jacket
Marvel Two-In-One #96
Feb 1983, 23 pgs., 60¢
"Visiting Hours!"
DeFalco, Wilson, Esposito, Rosen

Ben Grimm convalesces in the hospital while the good guys & bad guys fight outside
cameo: (cover, pgs.9-11, 20-21) DD fights off Mirage & his men
Marvel Universe: The End #1
May 2003, 38 pgs., $3.50
Starlin, Starlin, Milgrom, Petit

"Cosmic" mini-series by Starlin. Akhenaten, a pharoah from long ago in Earth's past, has been endowed with power that dwarfs everyone's, including Eternity and Infinity!
cameo: (cover, pgs.33-35) DD & Spidey find the Fantastic Four and the Avengers
Marvel: Heroes and Legends
Oct 1996, 48 pgs., $2.95
"For Better and For Worse!"
Lee/Nicieza, S.Buscema/J.Buscema/Romita/Ditko/Colan/Severin/Frenz, Palmer/Sinnott/Austin/Reinhold/Severin/Milgrom, Starkings & Comicraft

Retelling of Fantastic Four Annual #3 (Sue & Reed's wedding)
cameo: (cover, pgs.25-30, 43)(very large minor appearance) DD diverts Hydra's vortex bomb into the river which also stops Attuma's plans; then he saves Phil Sheldon from a cab that's about to explode; group shot with LOTS of heroes fighting LOTS of villains
New Avengers #3
Mar 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Breakout!", Part Three
Bendis, Finch, Miki/Martinez/Olazaba, Starkings and Comicraft's Deschesne

With the help of SHIELD, Iron Man and The Sentry, Ryker's is slowly put back in order. Steve Rogers decides that he'd like to reform the Avengers, so he goes around to recruit those involved in the night's battle: Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, and Daredevil.
cameo: (pgs.4,7,9,17) Some action shots of Murdock fighting at Ryker's, and then Steve Rogers asking Daredevil to join the New Avengers
Punisher #17
Mar 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Dead Man Walking"
Ostrander, Lyle, Jones, Starkings and Comicraft

The Federal Marshall's Office begins to hunt for Castle who had been presumed dead in an explosion
cameo: (pgs.7-8) The marshall's ask DD for advice/information on the Punisher
Punisher War Journal #2
Dec 1988, 26 pgs., $1.50
"Tie a Yellow Ribbon" (An Eye for an Eye pt.2)
Potts, Potts, Lee, Novak

Just released Hector Montoya (old prisonmate of Punisher's) is killing all the people who might trouble him or his family
cameo: (pgs.11-12, 14, 19) DD warns the Punisher about some vandals terrorizing his building, then follows the Punisher later
Punisher War Journal #3
Feb 1989, 24 pgs., $1.50
"A Dish Best Served Cold" (An Eye for an Eye pt.3)
Potts, Potts, Lee, Novak

Montoya dies battling Punisher
cameo: (pgs.4,6) DD finds the Punisher after Montoya poisoned him. DD helps the Punisher get back to his place
Punisher War Journal #46
Sep 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Hot Chrome and Cold Blood" (Dead Man's Hand pt.6)
Dixon, Hebert, Fredericks, Novak

Punisher defeats motorcycle gang and ninjas
cameo: (pgs.20-21) Punisher & DD trade a few blows; same 2 pgs., diff. pt. of view, as DDV 308
Slapstick #4 (of 4)
Feb 1993, 24 pgs., $1.25
"The Nuclear Waste"
Kaminski, Fry, Austin, Oakley

Slapstick takes out the Neutron Bum while DD, Ghost Rider, the Avengers, and others watch
cameo: (pgs.11,15-17) DD (& Ghost Rider) try to find out what's happening from Slapstick & Speedball
Spectacular Spider-Man #128
Jul 1987, 22 pgs., 75¢
"Spider Hunt"
David, Kupperberg, Parker

Spidey being hunted by cops for killing "Blaze" while he was in jail
cameo: (pgs.10-11) DD & Spidey swinging on rooftops; DD offers to help Spidey
Spider-Man: Chapter One #9
Jul 1999, 22 pgs., $2.50
"Hunter and Hunted!"
Byrne, Milgrom, Milgrom?, ? (cover: ?)

Spider-Man, first enslaved by the Ringmaster & then freed by Daredevil, defeats the Ringmaster and then goes on to battle Kraven and the Chameleon
cameo: (pgs.2-6) DD stops Ringmaster from controlling Spidey
note: This could be listed as a reprint, but it's more of a retcon like MWF. There's almost NOTHING I like about this issue. The orig. issue (Spidey #16) was a classic...this one falls FAR short. It's almost impossible to do a Spidey/DD tale that isn't enjoyable to read, but they did. Not too mention: Matt's got brown hair! Sheesh!
Tales of the Marvel Universe #1
Feb 1997, 42 pgs., $2.95
no title Waid, Kubert, Delprang, Chiang
DeFalco, Leonardi, Williamson, Chiang
Busiek, Bagley, Russel, Chiang
Bernardo, Lopreste, Lopreste/Pinnock/Emberlin, Chiang
Mackie, Janson, Janson, Chiang
DeMatteis, Chau, Pennington, Chiang

Repurcussions of the death of the FF, Avengers, etc.
cameo: (pgs.14-17, 24-25) Matt (as FF's lawyer) dealing w/ government agents who want to confiscate all of the FF's equipment
Thor #392
Jun 1988, 22 pgs., $0.75¢
"Quicksand Kills"
DeFalco, Frenz, Milgrom, Workman

Hogun is sent to Earth to retrieve Thor who is battling Quicksand
cameo: (pgs.9, 18-19) DD battles Hogun who bonked his head when he came to Midgard and now sees everyone as demons
Thor #394
Aug 1988, 24 pgs., 75¢
"...and How Shall Mortals Know Ye?"
DeFalco, Frenz, Breeding (pgs.1-3)
Stern, Hall, DeZuniga, Albers (pgs.4-24)

A screenplay writer interviews many people who've known Thor
cameo: (pgs.1-2) DD helps resucitate a drowned Hogun
Uncanny X-Men #351
Jan 1998, 23 pgs., $1.99
"Hours & Minutes"
Seagle, Benes, Benes, Starkings w/Comicraft/KF

Cecilia Reyes tries to leave the X-Men and restart her career at the hospital
cameo: (pgs.15, 17-20) DD asks Dr. Reyes to fix up the wound he received from the Widow
Unlimited Access #2
Jan 1998, 24 pgs., $1.99
"Let's Do the Time Warp Again!"
Kesel, Olliffe, Williamson, Novak

Access runs into his future self and learns more about his powers; Darkseid pits the JLA against the Avengers
cameo: (pgs.9-10) DD rescues Access from being run down by Batman, and briefly meets the Dark Knight
Untold Tales of Spider-Man '97
(Jul) 1997, 38 pgs., $1.95
"It's Always Darkest..." (pgs.1-25)
Busiek, Lyle, Jones, Starkings & Comicraft

Spidey & all the other heroes (incl. DD) try to rein in a super-powered newcomer named Sundown
plus: portfolio of some of Spidey's foes; Hembeck parody short featuring Peter Parker and Matt Murdock as boys
cameo: (pgs.7,9,10,14) DD helps a bunch of other super heroes battle "Sundown", a brand new super villain
Venom: On Trial #1
Mar 1997, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Law & Order"
Hama, Hood, Fisher, Lopez

Venom is captured and is to be put on trial; Matt will represent him
cameo: (pgs.21-22) Rosalind Sharp calling Matt, asking him to represent Venom
Wolverine #17
Late Nov 1989, 22 pgs., $1.50
Goodwin, Byrne, Janson, Novak

Wolverine unwinds & finds clues to drug trafficking in Madripoor
cameo: (pgs.21-25) Back in NY, DD battles ex-fighter high on drugs
Wolverine (II) #23
Feb 2005, 23 pgs., $2.25
"Enemy of the State", Part 4 of 6
Millar, Romita Jr., Janson, Eliopoulos (cover: Romita Jr.)

Wolverine has been brainwashed by Hydra and the Hand and is working for them. Nick Fury, Elektra, and Emma Frost (amongst others) are all trying to bring him in. Elektra and the Hand mix it up in this issue. Capt. America & the Falcon take out a Hydra cell as well.
cameo: (pgs.21-23) DD on his couch surrounded by Wolverine and the Hand

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