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With "non-appearances" DD is portrayed in the story in some way (flashback, photo or other image, someone dressed up as DD, etc.), but he doesn't actually appear "in person" within the story. By their very nature, these appearances are usually quite brief.

A-Next #4
Jan 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Who shall be worthy?"
DeFalco, Frenz, Breeding/Ryan, Novak (cover: Frenz, Breeding)

A-Next updates their roster.
cameo: (cover) collage of possible recruits including ?Daredevil? The face is behind "American Dream"'s arm, & it's not Darkdevil, but Daredevil shouldn't even be there in this time...
Alpha Flight #1
Aug 1983, 38 pgs., $1.00
Byrne, Byrne, Byrne, Rosen (cover: Byrne, Austin)

Introductory issue giving the origins behind the various members of Alpha Flight & pitting them against Tundra to save Canada.
cameo: (cover) Collage of all of Marvel's superheroes (including DD) stepping aside to let Alpha Flight onto the scene.
Alpha Flight #34
May 1986, 22 pgs., 75¢
Mantlo, S.Buscema, Talaoc, Chiang

Deathstrike shows up to claim Wolverine's skeleton; Wolverine & Puck try to protect Heather who is assuming the role of Vindicator
cameo: (p.8) Lady Deathstrike remembers when DD met her & her father (DD#196-200)
Amazing Adventures (War of the Worlds) #38
May 1986, 22 pgs., 75¢
Mantlo, S.Buscema, Talaoc, Chiang

Deathstrike shows up to claim Wolverine's skeleton; Wolverine & Puck try to protect Heather who is assuming the role of Vindicator
cameo: (p.8) Lady Deathstrike remembers when DD met her & her father (DD#196-200)
Amazing Spider-Man #237
Feb 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
"High & Mighty!"
Stern/Mantlo, Hall, Giacoia, Parker (cover: ?)

Stilt Man breaks into a Stark research & development lab to beef up his armor, and then he ends up battling Spider-Man.
cameo: (p.2) Stilt Man reminisces about his first defeat by DD
Amazing Spider-Man #286
Mar 1987, 22 pgs., 75¢
"Thy Father's Son!" ("Gang War" pt.3 of 5)
Owsley, Kupperberg, Fern/Nichols, Parker

DD diverts Spidey from the Gang War; Spidey saves people in a fire
cameo: (pgs.12,16) Matt calls Peter; Peter pictures DD
Amazing Spider-Man #439
Late Sep 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"There Once Was a Spider..!"
DeFalco, Kayanan, LaRosa, RS&Comicraft's Liz Agraphiotis

Two scientists far in the future find one of Spidey's old web shooters and reminisce about what Spidey and his life must have been like; in the present, Spidey saves a little girl trapped in the sewers
cameo: (pp.14) DD playing cards with The Thing, The Hulk, and Dr. Strange at one of the many glamorous parties that the scientist postulate Spidey & his wife must have had
Avengers Annual #19
1990, 64 pgs., $2.00
"Acts of Vengeance! (Epilog)" (pgs.32-46)
Gruenwald, Mielcarek, Downs, Chiang (cover: ?)

Captain America reviews the events of the recent "Acts of Vengeance" affair with Vision and Thor - a "debriefing" of sorts.
cameo: (p.39) We see a blurb of DD fighting Ultron as the Cap, Thor & Viz discuss what was happening with other heroes during the "Acts of Vengeance" affair.
Avengers(III) #21
Oct 1999, 22 pgs., $1.99
"This Evil Unveiled" (Ultron Unlimited, pt.3)
Busiek, Pérez, Vey, RS & Comicraft (cover: Pérez)

The Avengers vs. Ultron. After battling him for the entire issue, & finally defeating him, they discover a devastating secret
cameo: (p.15) Justice views a computer image of Daredevil while reading up on Ultron.
Beavis and Butt-Head #6
Aug 1994, 21 pgs., $1.95
no title
Dutter, McDaniel, Collazo, ?

A number of vignettes, most aren't even titled, and there's no real thread. Beavis & Butt-Head in the comics is a LOT like it was on TV. The one DD page (with credits as listed above) is pretty standard DD stuff. Only find/buy this issue if you REALLY feel like you need to prove how obsessed you are.
cameo: (p.15) B&B are reading a Daredevil comic, which we get to see one page of, while they add their usual brilliant commentary.
Bullseye: Greatest Hits #4
Feb 2005, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Make Your Mark"
Way, Dillon, Dillon, Gentile (cover: Deodato)

Bullseye is questioned by government agents and relates his "story".
cameo: (cover,p.5,18-19) Bullseye remembers various encounters with DD and the time when he thought everyone was DD.
Cage #7
Oct 1992, 22 pgs., $1.25
"The Power Principle" (The Evil and the Cure, part 3 of 4)
McLaurin, Turner, Ivy, Eliopoulos (cover:?)

Hardcore under the orders of some unknown person is trying to recreate the formula for creating Power Man, this time in viral form
cameo: (p.13) In a dream, Cage hears various people (incl. DD) speaking to him.
Captain America #151
Jul 1972, 20 pgs., 20¢
"Panic on Park Avenue"
Conway, Buscema, Colletta, Simek

Cap & Falcon battle Hyde & Scorpion
cameo: (pgs.6,11) flashback by Capt. to DD#82/83
Captain America #179
Nov 1974, 18 pgs., 25¢
"Slings and Arrows!"
Englehart, Buscema, Colletta, Orzechowski

The Golden Archer (Hawkeye) battles Cap to convince him to rejoin hero biz
cameo: (p.32) Flashback by Hawkeye to DD, Spidey, others
Captain America #368
Mar 1990, 22 pgs., $1.00
"A Clockwork Origin" (pgs.24-29)
Gruenwald, Bagley, Hudson, Morelli (cover: Lim, Bulanadi)

MachineSmith recounts his origins to one of the robots he's working on.
plus: "Red Twilight" (pp.1-23) - Crossbones, MachineSmith, Capt. America story
cameo: (p.27) Flashback by MachineSmith to his earlier meetings with Daredevil as Mr. Fear
Cat #4
Jun 1973, 18 pgs., 20¢
Fite, Starlin/Weiss, Mclaughlin, Vladimer

Cat battles Man Bull; also Ms. Marvel short story
cameo: (p.10) Flashback by Man Bull to DD#96
Champions #9
Dec 1976, 17 pgs., 30¢
"The Battle of Los Angeles!"
Mantlo, Hall, Layton, Mantlo

Titanium Man, Griffin, Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar vs. the Champions
cameo: (p.11) Ivan talking with Iceman remembers some of what the Widow's been through over the years
DC/Marvel:All Access #1
Dec 1996, 38 pgs., $2.95
"The Crossing!"
Marz, Guice, Rubinstein, Oakley

Access helps Superman and Spiderman defeat Venom
cameo: DD appears on cover only
Deathlok #16
Oct 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Just Following Orders"
McDuffie, W.McDaniel, Palmiotti, Lopez (cover: Lightle)

Deathlok battles his Infinity War doppelganger
cameo: (p.6) DD on one of a number of TV monitors showing ongoing battles in the Infinity War
Defenders #32
Feb 1976, 18 pgs., 25¢
"Musical Chairs Minds!"
Gerber, S.Buscema, Mooney, Costanza

"The Head Men" have transplanted someone else's brain into Nighthawk's body. Nighthawk, as a disembodied brain, is taking a journey within his own mind as his teammates try to rescue him.
cameo: (p.15) Nighthawk reliving a bunch of old memories including a battle with DD.
Defenders #50
Aug 1977, 18 pgs., 30¢
"Scorpio Must Die!" (Who Remembers Scorpio? Pt.3)
Kraft, Giffen, Giffen, Costanza

The Defenders beat up on the Zodiac & rescue Nighthawk
cameo: (p.12) One page pinup of the Defenders' hangout at Kyle Richmond's place; cameo faces of all the folks who've been involved with the Defenders (incl. DD) are shown around the page border
Doctor Strange #55
Oct 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"To Have Loved...and Lost!"
Stern, Golden, Austin, Novak

Strange, despairing over Clea, is attacked by (surprise!) D'spayre. D'spayre tries to use a series of illusions to defeat Strange into believing reality is different than he perceived.
cameo: (p.11) D'Spayre makes Stephen see DD (and a bunch of other heroes) as midget stage hands disassembling the "stage" of his existance.
Earth X #0
Mar 1999, 48 pgs.(no ads), $3.99
"Issue 0"
Krueger/Ross, Leon, Reinhold, Klein (cover: Ross)

Machine Man wakes to find that Uatu, the Watcher, has drafted him to become the new Watcher. Uatu tries to explain to Machine Man (X-51) that mankind is on the next step of evolution.
cameo: (p.37,45) Uatu recounts the history of Earth & the various beings that have inhabited it, ending with the story of the superheroes including Matt Murdock. Pg.37 is a brief reaccount of DD's origin & 45 is a collage of many of Earth's superheroes, both being recounted to X-51 by Uatu.
Elektra #1
Nov 1996, 24 pgs., $1.95
"Afraid of the Dark"
Milligan, Deodato, Deodato Studios, Morelli

Elektra, trying to stay on the straight & narrow, has to deal with her old nemesis Bullseye
cameo: (pp.9-10) Elektra reminiscing about Matt
Elektra #19
Jun 1998, 22 pgs., $1.99
"A Promise to Keep"
Hama, Deodato Jr., Koblish, Morelli

After destroying the Chaste the Hand & Elektra's old friend, Nina, set Elektra up to be killed or captured
cameo: (pgs.1-3) A photo of Matt & Elektra that Elektra is reminiscing over
Elektra (v.2) #6
Feb 2002, 22 pgs., $2.99
no title
Bendis, Austen, Austen, none

Elektra decides to visit Matt after she receives a picture of him along with an open bounty offer on him.
cameo: (p.1,3,8) Brief recap of Elektra & Matt's relationship; a bounty photo of Matt; Elektra remembering Matt as he held her dying in his arms
Elektra: Assassin #4
Nov 1986, 28 pgs., $1.50
"Chapter Four: Young Love"
Miller, Sienkiewicz, Novak

Part of the convoluted mini-series with convoluted art by Sienkiewicz
cameo: (p.7) Elektra remembering Matt
Excaliber #39
Jul 1991, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Heart of the Matter" (The Promethium Exchange Pt. 3 of 3)
Lobdell, Badger, Eliopoulos, ?Kavanagh?

Excaliber & Avengers fight Doom to prevent him from taking all the promethium from the "Other World" dimension.
cameo: (pgs.4-5) "Daredevil" is one of many Otherworld demons appearing in the form of Earth heroes that Doom summons to fight the Avengers & Excaliber.
Fantastic Four Annual #22
1989, 64 pgs., $2.00
"For Crown and Conquest!" (pgs.2-36)
Thomas, Buckler, DeZuniga, Chiang (cover: Frenz, Sinnott)

The Fantastic Four & Avengers seek to rescue the Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch & others from becoming the Brides of Set.
cameo: (p.7) Ms. Marvel relates some recent incidents related to Set's worshippers including a time DD had to rough up Spider-Man a little.
Fantastic Four #236
Nov 1981, 54 pgs., $1.00
"Terror in a Tiny Town" (pgs.1-40)
Byrne, Byrne, Byrne, Novak (cover: Byrne, Austin)

"The Challenge of Dr. Doom!" (pp.41-54)
Lee, Kirby, various, Novak

FF 20th Anniv. issue featuring 2 Dr. Doom adventures
cameo: (cover) DD (& just about everyone else in the Marvel Universe) appears on the cover
Fantastic Four #347
Dec 1990, 23 pgs., $1.00
"Big Trouble on Little Earth!"
Simonson, Adams, Thibert, Oakley (cover: Adams, Thibert)

De'Lila defeats the Fantastic Four then tricks Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Spidey & the Hulk into going after the Skrulls that are pursuing her.
cameo: (p.16) De'Lila (in the form of Sue Richards) scans a computer database of heroes (including DD)
Gambit (II) #17
Jun 2000, 22 pgs., $2.25
"The Pin Cushion" (Assassination Game, Part 1 of 3)
Nicieza, Paquette, Parsons w/Perotta, RS & Comicraft's Troy Peteri

Someone has put a million dollar bounty on Gambit's head. EVERYONE shows up to collect: Bullseye, Deadpool, the Constrictor, etc.
cameo: (pgs.3-4) Fifolet, Gris-gris, and Questa of the New Orleans assassins guild scare Bullseye off of Gambit so they can have him themselves by making Bullseye think he's battling Daredevil (actually 3 Daredevils - one in each costume)
Ghost Rider (I) #17
Apr 1976, 18 pgs., 25¢
"Prelude to a Private Armageddon!"
Isabella, Robbins, Colletta, Holloway

Daimon Hellstrom teams up with Johnny to rid Katy Milner of a demon.
cameo: (p.16) While Johnny Blaze reminisces over his past loves, Karen Page does the same: we see a brief pic of Matt's head as she remembers him and others.
Ghost Rider (I) #19
Aug 1976, 17 pgs., 25¢
Isabella, Robbins, Colletta, Hipp

Ghost Rider versus Satan
cameo: (p.30) part of header: DD's head & GR's head in "Prologue" title advertising next issue
Green Goblin #12
Sep 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
Even the Brave Can Fall!
DeFalco, Hood, Fisher, Novak

The Green Goblin manages to take out one of the Sentinels invading NY City
cameo: (p.16) Goblin wonders about DD with no discernible powers playing super hero
Hawkeye #4
Dec 1983, 23 pgs., 60¢
"Till Death Do Us Part..."
Gruenwald, Gruenwald(/Brown), Bulanadi(/Akin/Garvey), Rosen (cover: ?)

Crossfire captures Hawkeye & Mockingbird to test the "undertaker device" and then plans to use it on all the superheroes.
cameo: (cvr,p.5) DD & other heroes gathered at Hawkeye's funeral as told by Crossfire to Hawkeye
Human Fly #11
Jul 1978, 18 pgs., 35¢
"Silver Charity, Sudden Death!"
Mantlo, Elias, Esposito, Watanabe

After crash in Montreal, Fly is trying to regain his confidence
cameo: (p.2) flashback of Fly shaking hands with DD & White Tiger
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #2
Sep 1991, 56 pgs., $2.00
"Everything's Happening at the Zoo!" (pgs.44-52)
Witterstaetter, Wilson, Parker

Impossible Man and his family search Earth for missing imp child
cameo: (p.45) just Impossible Man pretending to be DD
Infinity Gauntlet #2
Aug 1991, 40 pgs., $2.50
"From Bad to Worse" (pt.2 of 6)
Starlin, Perez, Rubinstein, Morelli

Thanos eliminates half the universe (including DD) using the Infinity Gauntlet
cameo: (cover, p.18) DD pictured with all the other superheroes who are missing
Infinity War #1
Jun 1992, 40 pgs., $2.50
"Chthonic Maneuvers" (pt.1 of 6)
Starlin, Lim, Milgrom, Morelli

The Magus warns Thanos that he's taking over the Universe again
cameo: (cover) DD shown with group shot of most of the heroes in the Marvel Universe
Iron Fist #12
Apr 1977, 17 pgs., 30¢
"Assault on Avengers' Mansion!"
Claremont, Byrne, Adkins, Rosen

Cap & Iron Fist battle the Wrecking Crew in the Danger Room.
cameo: (p.1) DD is seen on ABC on one of the monitors in the Avengers' Headquarters Monitor Room
Iron Man #7
Nov 1968, 20 pgs., 12¢
"The Maggia Strikes"
Goodwin, Tuska, Craig, Simek

Iron Man battles Gladiator and the Maggia
cameo: (pgs.5-6) Gladiator remembering battle with DD
Iron Man #60
Jul 1973, 20 pgs., 20¢
"Cry Marauder!"
Friedrich, Tuska, Esposito, Vladimer

Iron Man battles Masked Marauder
cameo: (p.11) Masked Marauder flashes back to his defeat at the hands of DD
Iron Man #72
Jan 1975, 17 pgs., 25¢
"Convention of Fear!"
Alfonso/Friedrich, Tuska, Colletta, Orzechowski

Iron Man vs. Whiplash, Melter, Man-Bull, Black Lama at comic convention
cameo: (p.23) fan at convention dressed as DD
Ka-Zar (II) #15
Jul 1998, 21 pgs., $1.99
"Jungle Book"
Priest, Martinez, Rodriguez, Sharpe

Ka-Zar & Zabu are stuck in NY City & being hunted by the police. Foggy Nelson handles the case & stashes Ka-Zar at Matt's apartment while Matt is out of town.
cameo: (p.18) Kevin flashes back to when Shanna & he bumped into Murdock at a dinner party (from Ka-Zar #5)
Man-Thing #20
Aug 1975, 18 pgs., 25¢
"The Nightmare Box"
Gerber, Mooney, Braverman

Man-thing is given a mysterious box that some demons? want
cameo: (pgs.26-27, 30) the demons assume the forms of DD & some other heroes temporarily
Marvel Comics Presents #113
1992, 32 pgs., $1.50
"Mindfield" (Typhoid's Kiss Pt.5 of 8) (pgs.1-8)
Nocenti, Lightle, Lightle, Oakley

Wolverine & Typhoid battle; Wolverine leaves Mary
plus: Giant Man, Ghost Rider & Iron Fist, Werewolf stories
cameo: (p.7) Mary remembering DD
Marvel Fanfare #10
Sep 1983, 32 pgs., $1.50
"Widow" (pgs.1-18)
Macchio/Perez, Perez/Layton/McDonnell, Breeding, Orzechowski

Nick Fury relates the Widow's history to some people who want her in charge of a mission to retrieve Ivan Petrovich
plus: Jungle Book story; 5 Brent Anderson pin-ups
cameo: (pgs.16-17) Fury talking about the Widow & DD's relationship
Marvel Heroes & Legends 1997 #1
Oct 1997 (cover says Nov), 48 pgs., $2.99
"Avengers Assemble!"
Felder/S.Buscema/Ayers/Ditko/Kane, Milgrom/Ayers/Lialoha/Palmer, Costanza

The original 60s Avengers in untold adventures
cameo: (p.48) Collage of Avengers (mistakenly) including DD
Marvel Holiday Special 2004 #1
Jan 2005, 48 pgs., $3.99
"Jonah's Holiday Carol" (pgs.1-26)
DeFalco, Miyazawa, Miyazawa, Robins

J. Jonah Jameson falls asleep in his office and has a very Scrooge-esque dream. In the scene featuring DD, Spidey is telling Jameson about a future where heroes become more and more scarce.
plus: Two other Christmas stories: an X-Men story and a Fantastic Four story. cameo: (p.20) Daredevil being pursued by Doc Ock
Marvel Team-Up #12
Aug 1973, 19 pgs., 20¢
"Wolf at Bay"
Wein/Conway, Andru, Perlin, Jetter

Spidey goes to SF, battles Werewolf being controlled by Moondark.
cameo: (p.3) still photos of DD & BW that Robertson shows Jameson
Marvel Team-Up #101
Jan 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"To Judge a Nighthawk!" (pgs.1-17)
DeMatteis, Bingham, Esposito, Albers

Spidey & Nighthawk battle robots created by a girl Richmond was supposed to have killed.
cameo: (p.12) Mindy (Kyle's old girlfriend) remembering scenes from past including Nighthawk vs. DD
Marvel Team-Up #121
Sep 1982, 22 pgs., 60¢
"Look Before You Leap!"
DeMatteis, Gammill, Esposito, Rosen

The original Leap Frog's son dons his dad's suit to try to make him proud. Although he is a bit of a klutz, he ends up helping Spidey & the Torch bring down the Speed Demon.
cameo: (p.8) Leap Frog remembering his battles with Daredevil.
Marvel Team-Up #131
Jul 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
"The Best Things in Life Are Free...But Everything Else Costs Money!"
DeMatteis, Gammill, Esposito, Albers

Spidey & Frog-Man (the Leap Frog's son) both go after the White Rabbit to collect the reward which they both need for various reasons.
cameo: (p.7) Spidey flashes back to Daredevil's battle with the Leap Frog as he talks with the Leap Frog's son.
Marvel Treasury Edition #12
1976, 84 pgs.(incl. covers), $1.50
"Special HTD Late-Breaking Campaign Update"

Gerber interviews Howard regarding his Presidential campaign, and various Marvel superheroes give endorsements for Howard
plus: four HTD reprints, and an all new HTD and Defenders story
cameo: (p.63) endorsement of Howard by DD next to a stock head pic of DD
Marvel Two-In-One #76
Jun 1981, 22 pgs., 50¢
"The Big Top Bandits"
DeFalco/Michelinie, Bingham, Stone, Higgins (cover: Bingham, Stone)

The Thing, Iceman, & Giant Man defeat Ringmaster & his Circus of Crime
cameo: (p.4) Ringmaster remembering old defeats including DD
Marvels #3
Mar 1994, 45 pgs., $2.95
"Judgment Day" (pt.3 of 4)
Busiek, Ross, Starkings/Gaushell

Growing fear and distrust of the "Marvels"
cameo: (p.10) DD in newspaper -- Kazar captured & DD accused of murder
Maximum Security #1
Dec 2000, 38 pgs., $2.99
"Big Trouble for a Little Planet!: Illegal Aliens"
Busiek, Ordway, Vey/Blyberg/Ryan/Ivy, Comicraft's AD & JL

The Intergalactic Council has decided to pay Earth back for meddling in the affairs of alien cultures for many years by quarantining Earth, turning it into a prison planet, and sending all the dregs of the cosmos to the Earth for punishment.
cameo: (p.16) The Avengers view DD battling some bad guy in New York.
Nomad #4
Aug 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Neon Knights" (Dead Man's Hand pt.2)
Nicieza, Olliffe, McKenna, Eliopoulos

Meeting in Vegas to divvy up Kinpin's empire continues; Nomad battles Bushwacker & Deadpool
cameo: (cover) DD (with Nomad & Punisher) as part of "Dead Man's Hand" logo
Nomad #5
Sep 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"Suicide Kings" (Dead Man's Hand pt.4)
Nicieza, Olliffe, McKenna, Eliopoulos

Nomad (& Punisher) mix it up with Bushwacker & a little with each other
cameo: (cover) DD (with Nomad & Punisher) as part of "Dead Man's Hand" logo
Peter Parker: Spider-Man (v.2) #53
Apr 2003, 22 pgs., $2.25
"Rules of the Game"
Wells, O'Hare, Faucher, Gentile

A group of corporate types send Boomerang after Spidey apparently as part of a betting ring?
cameo: (p.8) images of DD and other superheroes are shown as two people on the news debate whether or not superheroes are a menace or a benefit
(The) Pulse #1
Apr 2004, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Thin Air" (Part 1)
Bendis, Bagley, Hanna, Petit

Jameson decides to add a new supplement to the Daily Bugle which will concentrate on superheroes. He decides to have Ben Urich and Jessica Jones in charge of the new supplement: "The Pulse".
cameo: (p.9) Daredevil is on a TV screen in the Bugle's main work area. Other monitors show the Hulk, the Torch, and Capt. America.
(The) Pulse #7
Mar 2005, 24 pgs., $2.99
"Secret War" (Part 2)
Bendis, Anderson, Anderson, Petit (cover: Mayhew)

Jessica (and Ben Urich) try to figure out just who attacked her and Luke Cage.
cameo: (p.11) DD & Black Widow are on a newspaper headline.
Punisher 2099 #4
May 1993, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Heroes Day"
Mills & Skinner, Morgan, Palmiotti, Lopez (cover: Morgan, Palmiotti)

Barrio Man tries to show the punisher what Heroes Day is all about.
cameo: (p.13) Barrio Man remembers the heroes of the past, including DD. There are also a number of pages with reg. folks dressed up in a DD costume for the celebration
Punisher War Journal #45
Aug 1992, 22 pgs., $1.75
"The Vegas Idea" (Dead Man's Hand pt.3)
Dixon, Hebert, Fredericks, Novak

Mysterious Lady (Viper?) convinces Castle to go to Vegas and take on all the crime bosses meeting there
cameo: (cover) DD (with Nomad & Punisher) as part of "Dead Man's Hand" logo
ROM #21
Aug 1981, 21 pgs., 50¢
"Mover Over ROM -- There's a New Hero in Town!" (pgs.1-16)
"Trouble in Paradise!" (continuing story of The Saga of the Spaceknights!)(pgs.17-21)
Mantlo, S.Buscema, Sinnott, Novak (cover: Milgrom)

The Torpedo moves to West Virginia to safeguard his family from a group called the Rocketeers. He meets ROM, and discovers that the Rocketeers are connected with the Dire Wraiths. Backup story of Galador about the Terminator Space Knight
cameo: (p.10) Torpedo recalls his battle with DD that wrecked a family's home (DD #127)
Shadows & Light #1
Feb 1998, 48 pgs., $2.99
"Freefall" (pp.3-14)
Jones, Ha, Costanza (cover: Stelfreeze)

The Black Widow tries to retrieve a family diary, but ends up fighting off some vengeful Russians
plus: Daredevil, Hulk, Iron Man stories & a few pinups
cameo: (p.8) The Widow remembering DD
She-Hulk #8
Dec 2004, 23 pgs., $2.99
"Engagement Ring"
Jones, Ha, Costanza (cover: Stelfreeze)

She-Hulk has to battle the Champion to win a legal case.
cameo: (cover) Jen in an elevator with Matt Murdock and others
Silver Surfer (III) #14
Aug 1988, 22 pgs., $2.99
"Silver Mirrors!"
Englehart, Staton, Rubinstein/Marzan, Bruzenak (cover: Mignola, Rubinstein)

A Skrull double of the Surfer fights the Surfer & then Ronan the Accuser.
cameo: (p.14) The Silver Surfer's double recounting Capt. Marvel's funeral (DD attended) to Frankie Raye
Sleepwalker #18
Nov 1992, 22 pgs., $1.25
"Rest in Peace!"
Budiansky, Krantz, Ramos, Starkings (cover: Quesada, Williamson)

Infinity War crossover issue. Prof.X, Psylocke, Jean Grey and Moondragon enlist Sleepwalker's aid in helping humanity resist the power of the Magus
cameo: (pgs.7-22) The evil doppelganger of DD (along with the Beast and Firestar) repeatedly battles the Sleepwalker
Spectacular Spider-Man #83
Oct 1983, 22 pgs., 60¢
Mantlo, LaRocque, Mooney, Rosen (cover: LaRocque, Milgrom)

Spider-Man and the Black Cat are trying to figure out their relationship while the Punisher is being arraigned in court.
cameo: (p.16) Ben Urich, Peter, Jameson, and Robertson discuss the Punishers past run ins with superheroes (incl. DD)
Spider-Man Unlimited #18
Nov 1997, 38 pgs., $2.99
"All My Pasts Remembered!" (pgs.1-31)
DeFalco, Bennett, Pimentel, Morelli (cover: Velazquez)
"The Secrets of Doctor Octopus!" (pgs.32-35)
DeFalco, Olliffe, Williamson, "Jackmo" (Morelli?)

Spidey recounts Doc Ock's history to Mary Jane; Ben Urich goes over the same info with a reporter named Trilby; and Carolyn tries to bring the Doc up to speed as he's lost much of his memory. The second feature just talks about some of the Doc's abilities.
cameo: (pgs.16,34) Carolyn recounts Doc's first trial to him (Matt Murdock was his lawyer); demonstration of Doc's abilities includes agility with his tentacles - shows him holding Daredevil in the air with them.
Sub-Mariner #40
Aug 1971, 20 pgs., 15¢
"...Under the Name of Ritual--"
Conway, Colan, Grainger, Rosen

Spidey and Subby battle Turalla
cameo: (p.2) Namor remembering his battle with DD & Spidey in DD#77
Uncanny X-Men #370
Jul 1999, 23 pgs., $1.99
"History Repeats"
Davis/Kavanagh, Adam Kubert, Townsend, Comicraft's Deschesne (cover: Adam Kubert)

The X-Men get transported in time & space to the Skrull homeworld just before Galactus arrives to devour the planet
cameo: (p.13) A "knocked-out" DD lies prostrate on the ground as the X-Men continue to battle others. However, ALL the heroes other than the X-Men are Skrull lookalikes
Web of Spider-Man #30
Sep 1987, 22 pgs., 75¢
"The Wages of Sin"
Owsley, Geiger, Abel/Baker/Fern/Geiger/Williams, Parker

The Rose relates his history to a priest.
cameo: (pgs.16-17) The Rose relates his father's obsession with Daredevil to the priest.
Werewolf by Night #42
Jan 1977, 17 pgs., 30¢
"The Marauder and the Man of Iron"
Moench, Perlin, James

Werewolf and Iron Man fight Masked Marauder and Tri-animan
cameo: (p.23) Masked Marauder flashing back to DD vs. Tri-man (around DD#140)
West Coast Avengers(v.2) #28
Jan 1988, 22 pgs., 75¢
"Double Crossed!"
Englehart, Milgrom, Hunt, Oakley (cover: Milgrom, Machlan)

The West Coast Avengers battle the Zodiac.
cameo: (p.5) Iron Man talking to Tigra flashes back to Iron Man #35-36 & DD #73
Wolverine #103
Jul 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
"Top of the World, Ma!"
Hama, Semeiks, Hunt, Starkings & Comicraft (cover: ?)

Elektra tries to bring Wolverine back to the path of the warrior from the beast he seems to have become.
cameo: (p.11) Elektra remembering Matt
Wolverine #104
Aug 1996, 22 pgs., $1.95
"The Emperor of the Realm of Grief"
Hama, Semeiks, Hunt, Starkings & Comicraft (cover: ?)

Logan & Elektra go to Gateway to find out information about Onslaught.
cameo: (p.10) Elektra remembering DD saving her from being a slave to the Hand
X-Man #60
Feb 2000, 22 pgs., $1.99
"Out of the Loop"
Kavanagh, Herrera, Koblish/Ramos, Starkings & Comicraft's Levine (cover: ?)

Nate Grey finds himself in a "reality"/dream? from his own unconscious while Pestilence is apparently taking him to meet Apocalypse.
cameo: (p.4) Dead/unconscious DD lying on street

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