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Below are examples of art featuring DD (& a few of his closer friends) as produced by a number of fans. They range from pencil sketches to paintings and everything in between. I've arranged the artists alphabetically. Please click on the thumbnails to appreciate the pieces in a larger format. Enjoy!!

 Alex Clark

Daredevil fan art artist: Alex Clark
size(B&W): 561x768 (47,381 bytes)
size(color): 561x768 (46,852 bytes)
This was the second piece of art sent to me here at the Resource. It's neat to see the art at two different stages of completion. On the right you can see Alex's work after his friend Sean colored the image for him. Daredevil fan art

 David Davidson

Daredevil & Colossus fan art artist: David Davidson
size: 591x768 (121,392 bytes)

I only heard from David after the Resource had already been up for a year and a half. But in the next 3-4 months after that, David contributed a card that I hadn't seen and 3 great pieces of fan art including this "Uncanny DD". Welcome aboard the DD Resource contributors club and many thanks, David!

artist: David Davidson
size: 502x768 (124,038 bytes)

David had planned on sending me some pieces when I only had a couple fan art pieces up, and then he saw Shawn's stuff and almost backed out on me! I convinced him to send them anyway, and I'm very glad he did. DD deserves all the support he can get from ALL of you artists out there!! Let's make this a fan gallery to be reckoned with!

Daredevil fan art

Daredevil fan art artist: David Davidson
size: 505x768 (73,635 bytes)

This third piece David told me is sort of a DD: the Animated Series. Why not? Why does ol' Webhead always get all the glory!? Thanks again, David. I'll be happy to get more DD pics any time you want to send them.


Daredevil fan art artist: Dima
size: 483x768 (35,117 bytes)

My apologies to Dmitry that the full-sized version is a little bit pixelly, but I blew it up from a smaller image and smoothed it as best I was able. Dima's entries show off a little of DD's form.

artist: Dima
size: 295x357 (17,827 bytes)

Dima was also kind enough to send me this second piece of his. I couldn't blow up the full-sized view any more without seriously compromising the quality. I love the lighting effect! :) Be sure to drop by Dima's website Dima-land to see what else Dima is up to.

Daredevil fan art

Daredevil & Spidey fan art artist: Dima
size: 375x500 (50,207 bytes)

Dima sent me another pic just recently of Spider-Man. While a very nice pic, I told him I thought I'd have to limit things here on the site to DD, the Widow, Karen, Matt, and Foggy. I also told him that if it was DD AND Spidey, then I'd have to add it! So, guess what I got just a few days later!

 "BEH" aka Surliman the Sorcerer

Daredevil fan art artist: "BEH"
size: 389x695 (61,002 bytes)

Surliman has done a number of "photomanipulations" as he calls them. I'm not sure exactly how these are done, but I'll see if I can't get some more info about the process & post it here. Be sure to check out all the other characters besides DD that Surliman has produced at The Inner Sanctum Jump Station.

 Henry Hsu

DD/Matt Murdock fan art artist: Henry Hsu
size: 646x800 (73,302 bytes)

Henry is quite accomplished with his pencils. If you take a trip over to Hern! Productions, you'll see more of his drawings which include everything from Star Wars to Anime. I can only hope he graces us with some more DD art in the near future. Thanks, Henry!


Daredevil fan art artist: Jimbo
size: 640x480 (41,052 bytes)

I want to thank French DD fan "Jimbo" for his patience. While I started a new job, he waited over a year (oops!) for me to get these posted. Merci, my friend, for being so patient. This is Jimbo's 3D rendering of the Black Widow.

artist: Jimbo
size: 640x480 (43,516 bytes)

Not too long after Jimbo sent me his Black Widow rendering, he sent along these two pieces featuring ol' Hornhead.

Daredevil fan art

Daredevil fan art artist: Jimbo
size: 640x480 (24,000 bytes)

I hope Jimbo forgives my slowness & sends along some more 3D renderings! Too bad we can't look at these through a ViewMaster or something like that to REALLY see them in 3D!!

 Gian Lima

Daredevil fan art artist: Gian Lima
size: 641x768 (82,572 bytes)

This was the very first piece contributed to the Daredevil Resource art gallery. In addition, Gian honored the site by including the title in the sketch. Thanks, Gian.

 JP Nguyen

Daredevil fan art artist: JP Nguyen
size: 536x768 (200,994 bytes)

Yet another French DD fan, JP Nguyen, sent me this watercolor rendering of DD in the cemetery. I can only assume this is inspired by the famous DD cover with Daredevil at Elektra's grave. Nice to see a watercolor on the fan art page!! Thanks, JP.

artist: JP Nguyen
size: 533x768 (68,094 bytes)

This second piece by JP Nguyen was done with Photoshop. Definitely a little Quesada influence here! Merci for the wonderful art, JP!!

Daredevil fan art

Daredevil fan art artist: JP Nguyen
size: 543x768 (103,588 bytes)

JP Nguyen has graced my page with one more piece. This one definitely has a little bit of a David Mack feel to it!

 Nate Piekos

Daredevil & Spidey fan art artist: Nate Piekos
size: 255x349 (29,457 bytes)

I've known Nate for some time now from the "Groop" list (a fan list for Groo). He's an extremely creative fellow who, in addition to creating his own comics, also runs his own business, Piekos Arts, which deals in web design, graphic design, logos, and custom fonts. Nate was generous enough to create this graphic for my DD/Spidey page. Thanks, Nate!

 Jussi Pohjolainen

Daredevil fan art artist: Jussi Pohjolainen
size: 960x768 (56,823 bytes)

Jussi emailed me & asked me to take a peek at this piece. And, maybe if I like it and thought it was worthy, would I want to put it in the fan art section? Judge for yourselves, DD fans! In fact, I emailed Jussi back & said I was very impressed & thought this must have been done mostly on computer? Jussi told me the background was done on computer, but the Daredevil was by hand.

artist: Jussi Pohjolainen
size: 576x768 (92,721 bytes)

Well, I'm glad I told Jussi how impressed I was with the first piece, because then I got to see this second piece as well! Jussi said that this one was entirely by hand except coloring & a few minor adjustments. Thanks, Jussi. This fan art section just keeps getting better & better! My curiosity is also piqued just a little...this hints of being part of a larger project maybe??

Editor's update: Turns out this IS part of a bigger project. If you'd like to see more of Jussi's art, and more of this particular project, be sure to visit Jussi's site. Jussi gave me permission to grab another picture or two, but asked that I leave a few exclusive to his site so people would still visit. :) I've already got 3 wonderful shots here at the Resource, so I'm tickled to just point them your way, Jussi. Whaddaya still readin' this for, folks? Go check out the rest of it...

Daredevil fan art

Daredevil fan art artist: Jussi Pohjolainen
size: 543x768 (72,231 bytes)

After I put Jussi's first 2 pieces up, I got another email saying that I was so nice in my compliments that Jussi decided to send me another -- but I didn't have to put it up if I didn't want to... Thanks for another one, Jussi. I have a couple old DD scripts I wrote lying around; if you ever want to collaborate, just holler! :) Coloring & background again done on computer, DD & Elektra drawn by hand.

 Shawn van Briesen

Daredevil fan art artist: Shawn van Briesen
size: 575x768 (83,190 bytes)

This entry in the Daredevil gallery is a watercolor painting. You can see more of Shawn's work at the Shawn van Briesen Art Pages and at the Cafe DNA. Shawn also has a work in progress, an online painted film noir style comic, which can be found at www.empusa.com. Check it out.

artist: Shawn van Briesen
size: 556x768 (74,105 bytes)

Shawn's second piece of art features DD's long time friend and associate Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow.

Black Widow fan art

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