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Below are examples of commercially available sculptures or statues of Daredevil that have been released over the years. These include statues, "mini-statues", mini-busts, etc. The majority are resin figures, but at least one of them is cold cast porcelain. There are a few garage kits or unlicenses foreign pieces that I've also included as they enjoyed decent sized production runs and aren't really "custom" figures (as in commission work). You may also want to check out the Fans:Custom Figures page for some more interesting figures as well.

Redman (garage kit)
Zootman Creations 19??

Painted & assembled kit Redman Resin Kit
artist: AdVance (Vance Rudzinskas)
size: 9" (23 cm) resin figure
orig. retail: $??.??

The image on the left shows what the figure looks like after it's been assembled and painted. This particular figure was actually put together and painted by Vance himself. On the right, you can see the packaging the unassembled kits were sent out in.

In addition to the kit shown here, Vance has done some nice custom sculptures as well. Check out the Fans:Custom Figures page if you'd like to see some examples. If you'd like to see some of Vance's other (non-Daredevil) sculptures, I highly recommend you also pop over to his website. He's done quite a number of comic book and non-comic book figures. Well worth checking out. Amazing stuff!
Redman packaging
Unassembled DD kit On the left is an image showing the unassembled, unpainted pieces. On the right is another completed & painted kit. This one was done by "Doc Roc". My first contact with Vance was actually through his friend, Doc. Doc is also responsible for the cool radar effect background added behind Vance's statue. Click here to check out Doc's site which specializes in fine models (as in statues/figures, not anorexic women). Kit assembled and painted by Doc Roc

Limited Resin Statues
Bowen Designs 1998
ad photo of statues Daredevil Statue
artist: Randy Bowen - 1998
size: 14" (38 cm) resin figure (1/8th scale)
orig. retail: $150.00

These 2 pieces were designed & sculpted by Randy Bowen. The yellow & black figures were limited to 2000 pieces (some places said limited to "initial orders"). The red costumed version was limited to 4000 pieces. You can visit Randy Bowen's site here.

Daredevil Mini-Statues
Bowen Designs 2001
Daredevil Statue (small scale version)
artist: Carl Surgess (based on Randy Bowen design) - 2001
size: 8½" (22cm) resin figure
orig. retail:: $45.00

These figures are based off the larger 1998 figures by Bowen (half size of orig. statues). The small scale versions are shown next to full size statue on right to show size contrast. The red costume was limited to 4000, the yellow costume limited to 2000 (same as the large statues).
Daredevil mini-statues
Daredevil Mini-Bust
Bowen Designs 2001
Daredevil bust Daredevil Mini-Bust
artist: Randy Bowen - 2001
size: 5½" (14cm) resin figure
orig. retail: $40.00

Red costumed resin mini-bust on small pedestal. Limited to 6000 pieces.

Marvel Dioramas
Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles 2003
Daredevil: Death of Elektra
artist: Martin Canale - 2003
size: 10" (25.5 cm) tall x 11" (28 cm) wide resin diorama
orig. retail: $190.00

Ok...so this is an "Elektra" statue, but it does have a statue of DD included within the diorama! So, I've included it for completeness sake. The piece is based off of designs by Greg Horn and is limited to 1982 pieces.
Death of Elektra Diorama

Marvel Universe
Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles 2003
DD bust DD bust packaging Daredevil Resin Bust
artist: Jeff Feligno - 2003
size: 6¼" (16 cm) resin bust
orig. retail: $45.00

Limited to 7500 pieces, this resin figure shows a bust of DD rising out of a stylized New York brownstone building. While the pieces themselves are not numbered, a numbered certificate of authenticity is included in the box. The box & certificate both show a 2002 copyright, but the piece wasn't shipped until 2003, and the bottom of the busts show a 2003 copyright. The front side of the packaging is shown on the right.

Earth X
Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles? 2003
Earth X DD bust Earth X Daredevil Resin Bust
artist: design/paint: Alex Ross; sculpt: Tony Cipriani - 2003
size: 4½" (11.5 cm) resin bust with red chromelike finish
orig. retail: $35.00

While this isn't technically a "Daredevil" statue, Earth X Daredevil is based off of Daredevil, so I decided to include it here. The piece is limited to 2000 pieces.

Collection MARVEL
Attakus 2003
attakus statue Daredevil - Born Again
artist: Bombyx - 2003
size: 14" (36 cm) cold cast porcelain figure
orig. retail: apx. 300.00 euros

This figure was only available through Attakus in France. It was limited to only 888 pieces. It's an amazingly beautiful piece. The scans just don't do it justice. It's larger than the Daredevil in the DD Bowen statue since there is no pedestal for DD to stand on. The piece is also 14" wide and 12" deep. The image to the right is one box I found shown on ebay, but another box I saw advertised on ebay looks similar to the packaging shown with the Yellow Attakus statue (next entry), and when I got my original statue, it had the numbered certificate, but no box with it.
box - attakus red

attakus statue Daredevil - Yellow
artist: ? - 2003
size: ~14" (36 cm) cold cast porcelain figure
orig. retail: ?

I'm assuming this statue is also cold cast porcelain, but I haven't actually obtained or seen the piece in person yet. I'll add more info on the artist, price, size, etc. as I get it.
attakus statue

Daredevil 40th Anniversary Statue
Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles 2004
40th Anniversary Statue Daredevil 40th Anniversary Statue
artist: the Gore Group (inspired by Joe Quesada)
size: 7" (18 cm) resin statue/diorama
orig. retail: $69.99

It's amazing the number of really nice statues that have come out in just a few years. I was thrilled when the first Bowen statue came out (I still am, actually -- it's a great piece), but who could have guessed in just a few short years there'd be this many superb pieces. This one just in time to celebrate DD's 40th Anniversary!

Daredevil Resin Busts (UK)
Trevor Dixon-Cave 2004
UK Daredevil Bust - red Daredevil Resin Busts
artist: Neil Simms
size: 6" (15 cm) hand-painted resin busts
orig. retail: apx. $60-65

These three busts do a very nice job of chronicling the evolution of DD's costume over the years. The red costume, his most well known, is shown on the left. His yellow costume (the first one he wore) and his armored costume, from the Scott McDaniel days, are both shown below. These busts are apparently "garage" pieces out of the UK, but a number of retailers over there carried them. It's my understanding that they were being made and painted as orders came, so I'm not sure how much of a run they enjoyed.
UK Daredevil Bust - yellow UK Daredevil Bust - armor

Marvel Milestones - Daredevil
Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles 2005
Marvel Milestones - Daredevil Marvel Milestones - Daredevil
artist: Art Asylum’s Eli Livingston (based on Joe Quesada artwork)
size: 16" (41 cm) resin statue
orig. retail: $175.00

Limited to 2500 statues.

Marvel Comics Legendary Scale Busts
Sideshow Collectibles 2007
sideshow DD bust Daredevil - Legendary Scale Bust (1:2)
artists: Jeff Yagher, Tom Gilliland, The Silva Bros, Darth Rimmer, Heath Hammond, Sideshow Art Department - 2007
size: 10" (25.4 cm) "high quality polystone" figure
orig. retail: $199.99

This particular bust was limited to 325 pieces...sort of. Sideshow also did an "exclusive edition" of the bust (100 more pieces) that are identical to the first 325, but these 100 also include a "bonus accessory": a Daredevil nameplate (shown below). Both the regular and exclusive editions sold out on the Sideshow website, but I've seen quite a few for sale on ebay and elsewhere. Most of the ones I've seen online have been going for anywhere between $150-200, not even fetching full retail price. I suspect that the combination of a fairly high price, a number of other DD statues available this year and last year, and the fact that the DD movie has now faded in the distance all combined to keep the resale price fairly low on this piece. The figure is made out of "high quality polystone", which I assume means "resin". If someone out there is more knowledgable about "high quality polystone", I'd love to hear from you.
exclusive nameplate

Classic Daredevil - Legendary Scale Bust (1:2)
artists: Jeff Yagher, Tom Gilliland, The Silva Bros, Darth Rimmer, Heath Hammond, Sideshow Art Department - 2007
size: 10" (25.4 cm) "high quality polystone" figure
orig. retail: $199.99

The yellow DD version of this bust was limited to 300 pieces and includes the "exclusive" Daredevil nameplate that was included in the exclusive red DD version, but this time the nameplate has yellow letters instead of red letters.
sideshow yellow DD bust

Marvel Cold-cast Porcelain Statues
Hard Hero Enterprises 2007
hard hero DD statue Daredevil
artists: Seth Vandable - 2007
size: 17.25" (44 cm) cold-cast porcelain figure
orig. retail: $199.00

This looks like an absolutely gorgeous piece. The only other sculptures that seem in a similar class so far are the original Bowen statues and the Attakus cold-cast pieces. This piece is why I think the Sideshow Collectibles piece was a bit overpriced: this piece is almost twice as tall, it's cold-cast porcelain (as opposed to "high quality polystone"), and it's a buck cheaper! The Hard Hero DD statue was limited to 1000 pieces (plus an unknown number of "artist proofs"). Go here to check out some of the other pieces by Hard Hero Enterprises.

Classic Daredevil
artists: Seth Vandable - 2007
size: 17.25" (44 cm) cold-cast porcelain figure
orig. retail: unknown

The yellow DD version of this statue was apparently some sort of dealer incentive. I'm not sure how many were produced or what the "price" was for this statue.
hard hero yellow DD statue

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