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Invariably mistakes will happen. We're all just human after all! If you spot some interesting bloopers in Daredevil or when Daredevil guest stars in another mag, please email me. Listed below are a large number of small (and not so small) errors that have caught my eye over the years. Hope you enjoy them.


In these bloopers, the folks speaking (or should we say the writers?) get a little bit confused as to exactly who one of the other characters might be:
  • DDV #3 (p.22) DD refers to the villain Sad Sam as "Silent" Sam (perhaps Sam hadn't said anything in a while?)
  • FAN #39 (p.10) Matt calls Reed Richards "Mr. Murdock" (maybe Reed reminded Matt of his dad?)
  • DDV #47 (p.13) Headline: Biggie "Benton" instead of "Benson" (obviously just a typo by the newspaper people)
  • DDV #66 (p.10 & after) DD refers to Lester Dant as "Leroy" Dant
  • DDV #122 (p.3) Foggy's parents are referred to as Mr. & Mrs. "Franklin" Nelson Sr. instead of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nelson
  • DDV #194 (p.5) Mr. Jenks, (p.7) Mr. Jenk...well, which is it?
  • DDV #349 Matt "seeing" tombstones where he's buried past identities; one tombstone has "Murdoch" with an "H" (you think by this time a lawyer could spell his own name!?) (Thanks to DD fan Gian Lima for this one)

Huh? What is that you're saying?

In these bloopers, the folks speaking (or should we say the writers?) get a little bit confused as to exactly what they're trying to say:
  • DDV #87 (p.19) Electro: "a SMELL setback at worst!"
  • DDV #133 (p.15) "There's a good never diamond exchanges down there..." (huh?)

That's not the way I remember it!

Just like the fish whose size seems to grow every time the fisherman remembers the tale, when writer's attempt a ret-con (retroactive continuity) story, the details often suffer.
  • UTS '97 DD is in his old yellow & black costume swinging from a billy club...but his club didn't have a cable 'til after he changed to the red costume! Maybe it was an experimental model he was testing out between issues! (thanks to Bill Koenig for this one)
  • Marvels #2 DD attends Reed's & Sue's wedding, but FFa3 shows Matt in attendance. Maybe when he ducked out to the little heroes' room part way through the ceremony, he forgot to put his costume back on?
  • Marvel Heroes & Legends 1997 #1 On the last page, there's a pinup showing the new Avengers lineup including ?Daredevil? (probably one of only a half dozen characters in the Marvel Universe who never has been an Avenger)

I left my New Yorker in San Francisco

I guess these are some of the things that can happen when you have people from New York trying to write about a city they know nothing about:
  • DDV #87 I have NO idea where they got this model for drawing the Coit Tower, but it's definitely not the Coit Tower
  • DDV #93 (p.6) "...westward to southern San Joaquin" (I don't even know how a New Yorker could goof this one up! SF is on the west coast...westward would put you somewhere in the Pacific!)
  • DDV #102 Snow-capped peaks around San Francisco bay? I don't think so.
  • DDV #108 915 area code for SF? 415 guys!

Mr. Potatoe Head can't add!

It seems as if the creative teams occasionally have a small problem with their spellin' and 'rithmatic:
  • DDV #30 (p.5) As DD dons a Thor costume the caption above reads: "And then -- Viola!!" I don't think Stan meant for DD to play in the symphony!
  • DDV #121 "Dreadnought" is misspelled on the cover...ah, it's just a villain, who cares!?
  • DDV #160 The headings for the "prologue" and "epilogue" are reversed. This struck me the first time I read it, but then I forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder, PB!
  • DDV #166 Foggy's sister Candace apparently spells her name "Candice" sometimes
  • DDV #175 If you're going to be a writer, at least try to spell your titles correctly! "Gantlet"?
  • DDV #181 (pp.7-9) While Bullseye is doing his incredible out of the chains, in the chains, out of the chains act (see blooper below, same issue) & escaping...he actually fires 7 bullets from the 6 shooter he steals. (Thanks to Ian MacLean for picking up on this one)
  • DDV #3 (v.2) Not exactly spelling or adding, but left & right are usually considered pretty basic as well. A paralegal tell's Matt, "Right here Mister Murdock, I'm to your left." from Matt's right side. Maybe it was a secret plot by the Kingpin to get Matt REALLY confused before they met again...NAH!!
  • DDV #22 (v.2) (pp.5-6) On page 5, everybody keeps referring to the street drug as "MGN", but on the very next page, it's "MGH" (which stands for Mutant Growth Hormone).
  • COC #3 (p.17) In Contest of Champions, the fate of the Earth rested on how many pieces of a "globe" each team of heroes retrieved. Shamrock gets the final piece of globe. This should have made the contest Grandmaster's Team 2:2 Unknown's Team, but for the rest of the comic it says that the Grandmaster won 3:1. If I were the Unknown, I would have asked for a recount!!
  • GS DEF #3 While this isn't spelling or adding as much as vision, it's so closely related to the previous entry, I had to put it hear. This time DD saves the Earth in another "contest" by a coin toss. The odd thing is that he calls "heads" and wins, but it wasn't really heads!!

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

Sometimes objects, people, or even body parts seem to appear and disappear without explanation. Here are some magical examples:
  • DDV #12 Zabu briefly sprouts a tail
  • DDV #29 (cover) DD is wearing his sunglasses under his hood?? Thanks to Alice Lynch for this one.
  • DDV #29 DD is drawn for one frame with gun & holster
  • DDV #112 (p.1) rope ladder which had wooden rungs in last frame of previous issue now has rope rungs. (Maybe the bad guys switched ladders on DD midstep to confuse him?)
  • DDV #181 (pgs.7-9) Bullseye is in leg chains, but then does a wonderful side-kick while freeing himself to get a gun to then shoot off the leg chains. Maybe he has REALLY skinny feet & stepped in & out of them without realizing it?? (Thanks to Jacinto Mendoza for this one)
  • DDV #197 (pgs.15-16) appearing & disappearing wrench
  • DDV #198 (p.2) 1 frame without head bandage

Does she? or doesn't she?

This refers to an old commercial which challenged the watcher to figure out whether or not the model used hair coloring. For some reason, hair color seems to be a very common blooper. Here are some examples:
  • DDV #3 (cover) Karen Page as a brunette (she's really blond)
  • DDV #12 (p.1) Since the last frame of issue #11 Karen is still wearing the same dress (it's even the same color), but for some strange reason, Foggy's grey suit turned green, Matt's black suit and blue tie changed to brown and green respectively (did he change of the stairs on the way down?), and even Matt's cane changed from brown to grey. (I know! These are clothes not hair color, but a whole wardrobe change between frames??)
  • DDV #20 (cover) The Owl's hair seems to have turned white prematurely (it's brown inside the issue)
  • DDV #77 (p.6) Mary Jane (Spidey's future wife) sporting blond rather than red hair
  • DDV #88 (entire issue except cover) Killgrave the Purple Man isn't (so I threw in a skin color blooper too!)
  • DDV #93 (cover) all of a sudden the Indestructible Man has a full head of hair!
  • DDV #97 & #105 (covers) A blond Dark Messiah with brunette hair
  • DDV #121 (p.3) Deb Harris' brunette hair has turned red AND she's wearing the Black Widow's dress shown in other panel's on that page.
  • DDV #127 (cover) blond Torpedo has his predecessor's grey hair (grey-haired torpedo died in previous issue)
  • DDV #139 (p.2) a blond? Matt Murdock...you think they'd at least get the star right!
  • DDV #202 (p.9) Officer Mulcahay is black (on p.10 he's white) (ok, so I snuck one more skin color in!)
  • DDV #305 (cover) The Surgeon General is a brunette, but on the cover of #306 and inside both she's a redhead.
  • SCO #9 (pp.2-6) Matt has brown hair in this retelling of Spidey #16. And with Byrne & Milgrom doing the issue. I just don't get it.
  • SSS #43 Karen is a brunette; I can't complain too much here...after all, this is Super Spidey Stories. Besides, maybe they just saw the cover of DDV #3

The Silver Screen

These bloopers are all associated with the "big screen" production of our favorite horn-headed vigilante that came out in Feb 2003.
  • Original Motion Picture Score (track 10) The title reads "Nachio's Assassination". You would have thought that someone would have sent Graeme Revell a legible list of the scenes or characters or somethin'!

Miscellaneous Bloopers

These are bloopers that I couldn't conveniently fit into one of the "cute" categories listed above:
  • DDV #57 (p.16) Matt says he's "not used to doing things left-handed"...but he IS left-handed
  • DDV #74 Everybody in town (8 million people according to the issue) seems to be blind except for the taxi driver who drives Foggy & Matt to the ophthamologist, and the doctor himself who examines Foggy!
  • DDV #81,96, OVR#6 (p.6, cover, p.1) DD's mask has eyeholes cut in it
  • DDV #95 Jameson is referred to as the publisher of the NY Daily News (this one surprises me a little...must have been a newcomer to the Marvel staff).
  • DDV #164 (p.18) pinup in back says it is an alternate cover by Miller/Janson for issue #164 - it's actually for #162
  • DDV #237 DD says he recognizes Klaw by his red jumpsuit...last time I checked ol' Hornhead was still blind
  • DDV #290 for 4-5 issues previous to this, Bullseye was wearing DD's costume and the eyeholes were cut out (as they would have to be). But for this whole issue, Bullseye managed to get around with his eyes covered somehow!

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