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Novels/Short Stories (Prose)
book cover Cutting Edge
Madeline E. Robins, Max Douglas (cover: Max Douglas?)
249 pgs., $6.50
1999 Berkley Publishing Group - New York, NY
ISBN 0-425169-38-3

A greedy investment firm is trying to take over part of Hell's Kitchen. "The Cutter", a killer enhanced by a new genetic process, is killing folks in the same area. Is there a connection? Will DD be able to stop this killer who's enhancement plays havoc with DD's senses and ability to track him?

book cover The Marvel Superheroes (Marvel Novel Series #9)
Len Wein & Marv Wolfman (editors) (cover: Dave Cockrum)
208 pgs., $1.95
1979 Pocket Books - NY, NY
ISBN 82091-5

"Blind Justice", 51 pgs.
Kyle Christopher (Marty Pasko), illus. by John Romita
DD tries to keep a federal witness safe from the Owl.
plus: Avengers, X-Men, and the Hulk stories

book cover Marvel Super Heroes Annual 1992 (hardcover)
Jacqui Papp, Dan Abnett (editors) (cover: Braithwaite, Smith)
64 pgs. (incl. covers; no ads), $8.95
1992 Marvel Comics Ltd. - London, ENG
ISBN 1-85400-287-2

"The Wild & the Blind", 8 pgs.
Ian Rimmer, illus. by Cam Smith
DD & Wolverine try to stop an ancient creature that's killing people in Manhattan. Wolverine sees it as a hunter/predator & simply wishes to stop it. Daredevil sees it as a rampaging murderous beast & wants to kill it.
plus: profiles, pinups & stories of Storm, Capt. Britain, Hulk, She-Hulk and Iron Man

book cover Predator's Smile
Christopher Golden, Bill Reinhold (cover: Matt Wagner)
384 pgs., $5.99
1996 Berkley Publishing Group - New York, NY
ISBN 1-57297-010-3

One of the Kingpin's lieutenants becomes ambitious and decides to take the Kingpin's throne away. He starts a number of arson fires and kidnaps Karen Page and Betsy Potter (the Gladiator's wife) and hires Bullseye as well. The Black Widow gives DD a hand at trying to stop all this craziness. Long time supporting cast members Foggy, Ben Urich, and Turk also make appearances.

book cover Spider-Man Super Thriller: Deadly Cure
Bill McCay, John Nyberg (cover: John Nyberg)
129 pgs., $4.99
1996 Berkley Publishing Group - New York, NY
ISBN 0-671-00320-8

An old professor of Spidey's creates a genetic acceleration formula which genetically enhances whoever takes it. The Kingpin wants it to possibly create an army of superhuman thugs, but more importantly, cure Vanessa. Spidey and DD ponder it as a means of helping Aunt May or restoring eyesight respectively. The Hobgoblin just wants to enhance himself so he can defeat Spidey once and for all. The question is: who will get it and how will he use it?
note: while DD plays a large role, this is essentially a Spidey book

Interactive Stories
book cover Daredevil & Kingpin in the King Takes a Dare
James M.Ward, Marvel Studios (cover: Jeff Butler)
160 pp (each book), $5.95
1987 TSR, Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN 0-88038-459-X

This is an interactive story similar to "Guilt by Association", only this time there are 2 books for 2 players. One player plays the role of the Kingpin, the other assumes the role of DD. There are 3 phases to the game for each player. During the first phase, DD attacks the Kingpin's sources of income while the Kingpin sends various people against DD to wear him down. During the second phase, DD and the Kingpin attack each other's images, and during the last phase the two fight it out head to head.

book cover Guilt by Association
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebook #8
Matthew Costello, John Statema, Jeff Dee (cover: Jeff Butler)
189pp, $2.95
1988 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN 0-88038-533-2

DD is being framed & discredited by the Kingpin, who is working for Alex Wiley, and by Alex Wiley, who is a plant put in place by the Association, an arcane group replacing politicians with imposters in key cities around the country.
(Note: This is an "interactive story" where the choices (and in this case dice rolls) you make send you to different pages giving you different stories when you play/read it more than once.)

book cover The Mighty Marvel Superheroes' Cookbook
Gene Malis & Jody Cameron Malis (art: Joe Giella)
95 pgs., $3.95 (8.5 x 11")
1977 Marvel Comics Group
ISBN ?-??????-??-?

Collection of recipes which includes Hulk's Fried Potatoes, Captain America's Americana Hero, Spiderman's Vanilla Cheese Cake, Dare Devil's Food Cake, and others.

book cover The Gene Colan Treasury
Clifford Meth (interview)/Stan Lee & Roy Thomas (forwards), Gene Colan (cover: Gene Colan)
40 pgs. (B&W), $?.??
1996 Aardwolf Publishing - Morristown, NJ
ISBN - none?

A set of sketches, strips, and other artwork by Gene Colan with an interview and forwards as mentioned above. Only 1500 were printed.
book cover (back)

book cover Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians
Clifford Lawrence Meth, Gene Colan (cover: Gene Colan, Jeff Amano)
96 pgs., $9.95
1997 Aardwolf Publishing - Morristown, NJ
ISBN 1-888669-05-5

This is a collection of short stories and poems with scattered illustrations by Gene Colan. There is only a single poem about Daredevil, with an illustration by Gene Colan (pp.56-57).
Note: This book contains strong language and disturbing subject matter. I do NOT recommend it for children

Collections/Reprints/Special Editions
book cover Here Comes...Daredevil
Lee, Everett/Romita/Colan (cover: ?)
80 pgs., $0.50 (4 1/8"x7")
1967 Lancer Books - New York, NY
Lancer 72-170

Reprints major portions of DD #16, 17 (both listed under story name "None Are So Blind...!" which is title of #17), DD #1, and DD #20, 21. All in black & white and the pages are all turned sideways like comic strips so you read through the book with the spine at the top.

book cover Stan Lee Presents
The Man Without Fear!

Jim Salicrup (editor) (cover: Bob Larkin)
159 pgs., $1.75
1982 Marvel Comics Group - NY, NY
ISBN 0-939766-18-3

Reprints of "Trapped by the Fellowship of Fear" and "The Stiltman Cometh"

book cover The Man Without Fear (hard cover)
Frank Miller, John Romita Jr. (cover: ?)
? pgs., $?.?? (?"x?")
19?? ? - ?, ?
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Special edition hardcover (leather bound?) reprint of MWF #1-5 mini-series.

book cover Marvel Masterworks (v.17) (hard cover)
Lee, Everett/Orlando/Wood/Powell (cover: Kirby, Everett [repro. of #1])
? pgs., $?.?? (?"x?")
19?? ? - ?, ?
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Special collection reprint of Daredevil issues #1-11.

book cover Marvel Masterworks (hard cover)
Lee, Everett/Orlando/Wood/Powell (cover: Kirby, Everett [repro. of #1])
? pgs., $?.?? (?"x?")
19?? ? - ?, ?
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Special collection reprint of Daredevil issues #1-11.

book cover Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil (hard cover)
Lee, Kirby/Romita/Colan/Giacoia (cover: Kirby, Romita [repro. of #13])
224 pgs., $49.95 (7"x10")
2001 Marvel Comic - New York, NY
ISBN 0-7851-0804-1

Special collection reprint of Daredevil issues #12-21. Special bonus section in back includes Romita's first DD sketch, 3 pages of unused Kirby layouts for issue #13, and a Kirby design sketch of the Plunderer.

book cover Mighty World of Marvel Annual 1979 (hard cover)
Lee, Kirby/Romita/Colan/Giacoia (cover & inside cover[shown right]: Budiansky, DeZuniga, Marcos)
64 pgs. (incl. covers), ?.?? (19.5 x 27.5cm)
1978 World Distributors Ltd. - Manchester, Great Britain
SBN 7235-0497-0

Reprints of DD annual #4 and DD #140, both from 1976. Also includes a bonus section with 2 pages on Daredevil, 1 page on his billy club, a pinup of DD, and a pinup of Ka-Zar & Zabu. I'm fairly sure these are all previously published bonuses that I've seen before. I'll list where from as I find them again. The covers and inside covers are new art. You can almost make out DD on the inside cover (above right) between Namor & Dr. Strange to the far left.
book cover

book cover Fantastic Firsts (hard cover/slipcase - ltd. to 1000 copies)
Stan Lee, various artists (cover: ?)
428 pgs., $125.00 (?"x?")
1994 ? - ?, ?
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Includes introductions to the stories by Lee, DeFalco, Leiber, Trimpe, Thomas, Romita, Sinnott, Heck, Ayers, Macchio, Lobdell, Gruenwald, Colan, Steranko, & Buscema.
Special collection reprint of Fantastic Four #1, Tales to Astonish #27 & #35 (Ant-Man), Hulk #1, Fantastic Four #4 & Fantastic Four Annual #1 (Sub-Mariner), Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man), Journey Into Mystery #83 (Thor), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man), Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1, Strange Tales #110 & #115 (Dr. Strange), Avengers #1, X-Men #1, Avengers #4 & Tales of Suspense #63 (Captain America), Daredevil #1, Strange Tales #135 (S.H.I.E.L.D.), Silver Surfer #1. Also includes special Marvel bookmark. (Special note: one ebay ad said ltd. to 1000 copies, another said ltd. to 2500 copies).

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