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Daredevil fans are incredibly talented and, as you'll see below, incredibly imaginative as well! Below are examples of some sculptures and figures folks have done of ol' Hornhead. They include production quality resin figures, custom pez dispensers, custom lego pieces, and custom mego style dolls. You can click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of each figure. If you'd like to see statues, busts, and other pieces that were produced commercially, be sure to check out the Art:Statues page as well.

 Ryan Cochran

Custom DD pez figures artist: Ryan Cochran
size: 4" custom Pez figures

I ran into Ryan's wife (the two of them have a custom figure company called Lil' Goblins) on ebay and emailed them to ask if it would be possible to get a custom DD Pez for each of DD's three costumes. You can see the wonderful result in the figure shown. And, yes, these are working Pez dispensers.

 Michael Gilbert

Homemade custom DD figure artist: Michael Gilbert
size: ?" custom figure

Michael posted a note on the DD message board telling us he'd always wished there were a Mego style DD, so finally just made one! When asked about some of the technical aspects of putting the figure together, this is what he had to say: "I made a casting of a Mego Batman head and modified it into DD. The belt was a Mego Robin belt recast and the holsters were added. The boots are Supermans. The oven-mitts were made out of a vinyl table cover and melted together with a soldiering iron. The oven mitts are gone as soon as I get a red handed Mego spidey body."

 Vance Thomas Rudzinskas

Rudzinskas DD sculpture artist: Vance Rudzinskas
size: ?" resin? figure

Vance Rudzinskas is a special case: in addition to the "custom" pieces on this page, I've also included him on the Art:Statues page because of his "garage kit" underground version of Daredevil that was available many years back. That garage kit was the first commercially available DD sculpture out there from what I can tell.

However, on this page we're looking at Vance's "custom" work. This particular piece was the first piece of sculpture I'd ever seen of Ol' Hornhead anywhere. I contacted Vance to see if he'd let me display it on my site, and he was nice enough to not only say "yes", but offer pics of the other piece shown below and some pics of completed garage kit DDs as well.

artist: Vance Rudzinskas
size: ?" resin? figure

If you'd like to see some of Vance's other (non-Daredevil) sculptures, I highly recommend you pop over to his website. He's done quite a number of comic book and non-comic book figures. Well worth checking out. Amazing stuff!

Rudzinskas DD sculpture #2

 Jonathan Andrew Sheen

lego DD figure artist: Jonathan Andrew Sheen
size: ?" custom figure

Jonathan's done dozens of custom figures. You can see a wide selection of them on his Leviathan Studios website. He made DareDevil's mask from the leg of another DareDevil costume. That DD Costume also gave up its "D"s for the corrected chest emblem. The horns are made of Magic-Sculpt. Matt Murdock's head was taken from a Mattel "Real Men" soccer-player hand puppet.

 SJ Lego Figures

lego DD figure artist: "SJ"
size: ?" custom figure

This isn't really a sculpture or "custom figure" per se, but it is a custom DD of a sort (complete with baton - it doesn't show up that well in the picture), and I just had to include it for completeness as well as uniqueness. There are also figures of Spidey, Iron Man, and the Punisher available from this person as well. These, as well as many others, are often available on ebay. I think out of the bunch, the Punisher is the best likeness.

You can see dozens of other custom lego figures on the SJ Custom Lego page.

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