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Hostess Parodies

Some of you may remember the Hostess Fruit Pie ads run in Daredevil and the other Marvel comics in the 70s. Not too long ago on the RACMU newsgroup, one of the fans out there, James Smith, came up with a parody of those ads utilizing that milestone in DD comics, the Death of Elektra. DD superfan Bill Koenig, from our own DD mailing list, replied in kind with his own parody finishing the epic with the fateful confrontation between Bullseye and Ol' Hornhead. My thanks to James and Bill for these creative gems.

The Death of Elektra
James Smith

BULLSEYE: Now, we fight, Elektra! And only one of us may live!
ELEKTRA: Wait, Bullseye! Why fight, when we can eat delicious Hostess Fruit Pies!
BULLSEYE: Did you say Hostess Fruit Pies?
ELEKTRA: I sure did! Two great flavors, too--apple and *ulk*!

DD vs. Bullseye
Bill Koenig

(Daredevil, his legs wrapped around a wire, holds Bullseye above the pavement.)
BULLSEYE (waving sai): Not again! I'll kill you!
DAREDEVIL: Wouldn't you rather have a Hostess Fruit Pie instead?
BULLSEYE: Hostess Fruit Pie?!
DAREDEVIL: Sure, two delicious flavors. Here, catch!
(he tosses two fruit pies and Bullseye grabs for them)
BULLSEYE (as he begins to fall): D'oh!

Action Figure Theatre

While popularized most recently in Wizard magazine, folks have been playing make-believe with action figures since they were created and with dolls even before that. Below are some examples of daring new DD situations as created by the fertile minds of DD fandom!

 Adam Gilbert

One of the neat things about the old Mego figures in the 60s/70s was the fact that you could change their clothes around. The figures didn't just have "painted on" costumes. So, shortly after the Famous Covers series of Mego-like figures came out, long time fan Adam Gilbert (fashion & cultural attaché to the Resource) created the following two "What If..." pictures for your edification and enjoyment:

Daredevil in drag DareBarbie
What If... Daredevil had stayed in San Francisco in the 70s rather than moving back to New York? What If... Barbie was a superhero rather than a marketing & fashion icon designed to give females in the country an irreversible negative self-image?

 Alice Lynch

Alice was kind enough to email me and ask if I'd be interested in seeing her DD parody, starring her cat, Toby. I wrote back to tell her of course I was interested. She sent me a number of great pics and captions, and then I promptly get busy out in the analog world again! Anyway, I finally got them up here a couple months later. I hope you're pleased with them, Alice. I know the rest of us are!!

Note: Be sure to click on the pictures below for a larger version.

Daredevil vs. Toby "the Paw"

tobester cover page tobester panel 1 tobester panel 2
tobester panel 3 tobester panel 4 tobester panel 5
tobester panel 6 tobester panel 7
tobester panel 8 tobester panel 9

Miscellaneous Panels

misc. panel 1 misc. panel 2
Gotta give the Devil his due....
"Got me some serious ironing
to do this afternoon....."
misc. panel 3
OOPS! Not Josie's Bar......
"Protecting the Inner Sanctum
of the Domestic Goddess"

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