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The fanzine/web article entries below are arranged by title of the magazine/fanzine and then by date/issue number. I've included a thumbnail if there's a striking Daredevil cover. In fact, a couple entries have a nice DD cover and NO article!

The full text for some articles is also now available. You can either go directly to the Resource Reprints page, or you can click on the link from the individual article in the index below. The Daredevil Resource will strive to keep adding the full text for more and more articles as we get permission from the authors.

Amazing Heroes
(Zam, Inc./Redbeard, Inc.)

cover of issue
Miller, Janson
Amazing Heroes #4
Sep 1981, 68 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.50

"Devil's Advocate" (p.49-55) by Michael Catron
Michael talks with Miller about the character of Dardevil & what makes him tick. They also discuss where the book is headed & the process of creating the issues, both in terms of stories and how & why some of the art is done the way it is. At the end of the article, Catron put together a section of comments by Miller about many of the individual supporting cast members in the title.

not a Daredevil cover Amazing Heroes #17
Nov 1982, 68 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.95

CODA: "A Last Look at Frank Miller's Daredevil" (p.50-51) by Kevin C. McConnell
McConnell takes a critical look at Miller's run on DD as Miller leaves the title. While McConnell applauds much that Miller did for Daredevil, and for comics in general, he also states that he feels Miller has fallen into a rut, and he's glad to see him moving on to other projects.

Comics in Review: Daredevil #191 (p.57-58) by David Transue
Transue applauds the book - everything from the pacing to the artwork to the storyline - he praises and enjoys just about every aspect of the book...EXCEPT the fact that the book isn't marked as adult reading material.

There are also two parody DD covers in this issue: p.18 & 27. See the Parodies/Spoofs page for these 2 covers.

not a Daredevil cover Amazing Heroes #24
Jun 1983, 76 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.95

"Behind Every Man Without Fear" (p.44-63) by R.A. Jones
Jones recants the history of DD through Miller's first run on the comic focusing on the women in Daredevil's life and the effect they've had on the man and the superhero. Also includes excerpts from Daredevil issues and a nice full page pinup of Natasha & Elektra by Mark Lamport.

cover of issue Amazing Heroes #69
Apr 1985, 68 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.95

"A Frank Miller Triptych" (p.19-36) by Peter Sanderson
Peter discusses Miller's upcoming three projects with him: the Elektra and Daredevil graphic novels, and the Dark Knight Returns. The two also discuss Sienkiewicz (who does the art on the DD graphic novel), Batman as an archetype, an older Batman, Daredevil's motivations and character and how he differs from an archetype like the Batman, and where comics are heading. Sienkiewicz also joins in on the DD discussions and where comics are heading. There's also a 1 page Miller checklist following the article.

cover of issue
Punisher, Daredevil
Amazing Heroes #155
? 19??, ? pgs.(incl.covers), $2.95


not a Daredevil cover Amazing Heroes #182
Aug 1990, 108 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

Silver and Gold: "Divided Daredevil" (p.61-66) by Peter Sanderson
Sanderson writes a very in depth and incisive look at Daredevil before Miller (focusing especially on Daredevil as written by Lee & illustrated by Romita and then Colan). He discusses Daredevil's origin, his motivations & personality, and the types of stories that Stan Lee, especially, wrote for this character. Sanderson shows great admiration for the character and Lee's handling of the character without taking anything away from the Miller interpretation that followed in later years.

To read the full text, click here.

Comic Reader
(Street Enterprises)

cover of issue
Syd Shores
Comic Reader #138
Dec 1976, 32 pgs., $0.60

Comic fanzine - news, info, checklists of upcoming comics (NO daredevil article, just cover)

cover of issue
Daredevil, Shang Chi
Comic Reader #212
Aug 1983, 64 pgs., $1.95

Comic fanzine - news, info, checklists of upcoming comics (NO daredevil article, just cover)

Comic Shop News
(Comic Shop News, Inc.)

cover of issue
Quesada, Palmiotti
[from DD #1 (v.2)]
Comic Shop News #584
Sep 2 1998, 8 pgs., giveaway

Weekly comic news-paper - feature article on Event/Marvel Knights

cover of issue
Darkdevil, Kingpin
[from Darkdevil #1]
Comic Shop News #686
?, 8 pgs., giveaway

"Tom Defalco MC's Another Hero" (p.1) by Cliff Biggers
DeFalco discusses Spider-Girl, the upcoming Darkdevil mini-series, and the possibility of future MC2 projects.

cover of issue
[from DD #41 (v.2)]
Comic Shop News #812
?, 8 pgs., giveaway

"Bendis Takes DD To New Heights with 'Lowlife'" (p.1) by Alex Kirkland & Cliff Biggers
Bendis discusses the current storylines, working with Maleev, and whether or not the film and the comic will have an impact on each other or the fans.

Comics Buyer's Guide
(Krause Publications, Inc.)

cover of issue
Black Widows, Daredevil
Comics Buyer's Guide #1406 (v.30, #43)
27 Oct 2000, 60 pgs.(incl.covers), $2.95

"Marvel has a pair of Halloween treats" (p.40-41) by Matt Brady
Brady talks about the plots of the upcoming series, Daredevil: Ninja and Black Widow: Breakdown. He also inserts comments from the creators of each series to give some background on each.

cover of issue
Daredevil (yellow)
[from Daredevil: Yellow #2]
Comics Buyer's Guide #1425 (v.31, #10)
09 Mar 2001, 60 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

"The Man Without Fear" (p.22-24) by Matt Brady
Brady discusses the upcoming series, Daredevil: Yellow. He compares it to Loeb and Sale's other "year one" work on Batman and Superman and inserts comments from Loeb & Sale on a number of the points he discusses.

Dear Captain: "A Visit from Daredevil" (p.42-43) by Andrew Smith
The Captain conducts an "interview" with Daredevil instead of his usual question & answer session. He talks with DD about the new Daredevil: Yellow series, as well as DD's history in regards to costume, creators, and villains he's faced.

not a Daredevil cover Comics Buyer's Guide #1469 (v.32, #2)
11 Jan 2002, 60 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

The Law is a Ass: "Suborning perjury with ol' Hornhead" (p.40-41) by Bob Ingersoll
Ingersoll, a Cleveland lawyer, lets us know that Daredevil, like LA Law, Law & Order, and numerous other TV legal shows, has a LOT to answer for compared to law in the real world. In addition to the usual mistakes that writers make in procedure, dialog, etc., Ingersoll points out that ol' Matt Murdock makes some very big ethical no nos as well! This article concentrates on issue #20 and the wrongful dismissal suit that Matt is involved in. However, Ingersoll hints about even worse lawyering that is coming up in the following issues of Gale's story arc.

To read the full text, click here.

You can also read the full text at Bob Ingersoll's The Law is a Ass website under Installment #133 and Installment #134 of Bob's columns.

not a Daredevil cover Comics Buyer's Guide #1470 (v.32, #3)
18 Jan 2002, 60 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

The Law is a Ass: "Serving notice on Daredevil" (p.36) by Bob Ingersoll
Ingersoll, a Cleveland lawyer who writes for the CBG, continues his analysis of Bob Gale's story arc in Daredevil #20-25 (vol.2). This time he concentrates on the antics of the Jester "serving" Daredevil, and the inadequacies of Daredevil's lawyer who apparently can't tell the difference between civil & criminal cases, and doesn't even realize what Daredevil's best defense is. At least in this article, Ingersoll directed some of the spotlight on folks other than Matt.

To read the full text, click here.

You can also read the full text at Bob Ingersoll's The Law is a Ass website under Installment #139 of Bob's columns.

not a Daredevil cover Comics Buyer's Guide #1475 (v.32, #8)
22 Feb 2002, 64 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

The Law is a Ass: "Summing up Daredevil's case" (p.38) by Bob Ingersoll
In this last installment of Ingersoll's critique of the legalities (or should I say "illegalities") of Bob Gale's Daredevil #20-25, Ingersoll points out that Daredevil's use of multiple "Daredevil"s is just plain fraud, Hillman (the unexpected DD) was just a bad story fix, and the Ringmaster's revelation was both stupid and criminal.

To read the full text, click here.

You can also read the full text at Bob Ingersoll's The Law is a Ass website under Installment #140 of Bob's columns.

not a Daredevil cover Comics Buyer's Guide #1498 (v.32, #31)
02 Aug 2002, 80 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

The Law is a Ass: "The privileges of lawyers and clients" (p.54,56) by Bob Ingersoll
Ingersoll critiques Peter Parker #41 and Batman: Gotham Adventures #47 for their use, or misuse of "attorney/client privilege.

Comics Feature
(New Media Publishing, Inc.)

cover of issue
Miller, Janson
Comics Feature #14 (cover mislabeled #15)
Dec 1981, 84 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.95

"An Interview with Frank Miller" (p.16-26) by Richard Howell & Carol Kalish
The editors of Comics Feature talk to Frank about his start in comics and on the DD title. They also compare DD to Batman and Spider-Man, and talk about the direction the title is going in, and especially what Miller's take will be on various members of the supporting cast.

"Frank Miller Makes Daredevil Come Alive" (p.28-31) by Kurt Olsson
Olsson analyzes Miller's integration of writing & art, looks at some of the storytelling techniques Miller uses, and makes a number of comparisons between Miller & his predecesor, Roger McKenzie.

cover of issue
DD, Ronin, Wolverine
Comics Feature #25
date?, ? pgs.(incl.covers), $2.50

cover of issue
Daredevil, Batman
Comics Feature #43
Apr 1986, 56 pgs.(incl.covers), $2.25

"It's Miller Time!" (p.26-36) by James Van Hise
James examines Miller's return to the Man Without Fear, and talks with Miller & Mazzucchelli about how they work together on the comic. In addition, Miller & Van Hise discuss the direction Daredevil is headed, 2 upcoming Daredevil related graphic novels, and there is a brief mention of Miller's work on Batman.

note: while the majority of the magazine is "newsprint", the centerfold 4 pages were glossy & included the "splash/pinup" which the cover was taken from.

not a Daredevil cover Comics Feature #46
Jul 1986, 56 pgs.(incl.covers), $2.25

"Heroes: Daredevil" (p.14-19) by James Van Hise
Van Hise gives a history of Daredevil, both the overall storylines and the creators, from the first issue through the end of the Miller/Mazzucchelli storyline. He also gives his opinions as to which creators & storylines he enjoyed the most.

Comics Journal
(Fantagraphics, Inc.)

cover of issue
Daredevil, Elektra
Miller, Rubinstein
Comics Journal #58
Sep 1980, 100 pgs.(incl.covers), $1.95

NEWSWATCH: "Daredevil Drug Story Relocated into Album" (p.13) by ?
News announcement that the infamous "Angel Dust" story would be moved into a graphic album so as not to have problems with the Comics Code.

THE RETICULATED RAINBOW - "McKenzie and Miller's Daredevil: Skillful Use of the Medium" (p.92-94) by R.C.Harvey
Harvey admires the combination of McKenzie's writing and Miller's (and Janson's) artwork. He provides several examples where the writing & pictures are enhanced by each other.

Plus: interesting forum on comics writing with Pasko, Shooter, Wein, Wolfman, & Evanier. Not on Daredevil, just a very interesting article.

issue cover Comics Journal #59
Oct 1980, 108 pgs.(incl. covers), $1.95

NEWSWATCH: The Angel Dust Story (p.12)
Shooter states that he's looking for a way to get the rejected story out to the masses.

"Super-Heroes Without Pictures" (p.49-52) by Peter Sanderson
Sanderson reviews Marvel Novel Series #9 which includes the short story "Blind Justice" by Kyle Christopher.

To read the text from this article, click here.

cover of issue
Comics Journal #70
Jan 1982, 116 pgs.(incl.covers), $2.50

"Frank Miller: A Talk with the Writer-Artist of Daredevil" (p.68-93) by Dwight Decker
Decker talks with Miller about their days as fans, Miller's childhood, how he broke into comics, Miller's artistic style & influences, what Miller is trying to do in Daredevil, the characters & stories in DD, DD's & Miller's relationship to New York City, and a number of other topics.

"Miller's Daredevil: Morality Amid Violence and Corruption" (p.94-99) by Ed Via
Via examines Miller's treatment of Daredevil, the title and the character, so far. He contrasts Miller to the previous creators on the book, and also discusses the violence in the book and whether it's excessive or just the right amount.

"Miller's Daredevil: Elektra - Shock Treatment" (p.101-106) by Peter Sanderson
Sanderson examines, with loving praise, the play and the world that Miller has created within the pages of Daredevil. In particular he examines the characters within the title -- especially Daredevil, Elektra, the Kingpin, and Bullseye.

cover of issue
Comics Journal #77
Nov 1982, 116 pgs.(incl.covers), $2.95

"Special Blood and Thunder Edition: Forum on Frank Miller" (p.26-44)
Special "Letters section" with letters from: Sopp, Fleissig, Schutz, Shelley, Strnad, Harvey & replies by Groth
Also: original art contributions by Brian Riedel, Mario Macari, and Peter Paul

"Reefer Madness, Marvel Style" (p.46-50) by Ted White
White criticizes controversial issues #183 & 184, not for discussing drug use, but for portraying it & PCP as worse than they actually are.

"Censorship in Comics" (p.91-100,104) transcribed by Tom Mason
Panel Discussion from Dallas Fantasy Fair (June 11, 1982) with Gaines, Giordano, Miller, Strnad, DeFalco and Jackson.

"Marvel Comics" (p.102-104) moderated by Carol Kalish, transcribed by Tom Mason
Panel Discussion from Dallas Fantasy Fair (June 12, 1982) with DeFalco, Byrne and Miller.

cover of issue
Daredevil, Jester
Comics Journal #231
Mar 2001, 120 pgs., $5.95

"Gene Colan" (p.60-87) by Larry Rodman
Interview with Gene Colan covering Gene's background, projects over the years, current projects & many other topics.

Comics Scene
(Comics World Corp.)

not a Daredevil cover Comics Scene #6
Feb 1989?, 72 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.50

"The Devil & Ann Nocenti" (p.41-45,52) by Drew Bittner
The article talks about Nocenti's work on Longshot and Daredevil. On Daredevil, the focus is on her storylines/subject matter & on the difficulties she had before getting a regular artist in JR jr.

The Daredevil Chronicles
(FantaCo Enterprises)

cover of issue
Daredevil (wraparound)
Miller, Janson

back cover of issue
(The) Daredevil Chronicles
Feb 1982, 48 pgs., $1.50

"The Devil and Wally Wood" (p.5-6) by Steve Webb
Article discussing the lasting effects that Wally Wood had on the character Daredevil during his short stint on the title at almost the beginning of it's run.

"The Frank Miller/Klaus Janson Interview" (p.9-27) by Peter Sanderson
Miller & Janson discuss how they got on the book, their art styles & how they work together, sources they use as models for their art, past stories in Daredevil & their creators, and "violence" within the book.

"Bring Back the Bad Guys" (p.30-31) by John Skerchock III
A look at the villains in Daredevil over the years, and the contrast between how different creators have used them.

"Daredevil: Birth of a Soap Opera" (p.33) by Steve Webb
Article outlining some of the early development of the DD title, who the major contributors were, and what effects they had on the title even to this day.

"The Denny O'Neil Interview" (p.37-41) by Joey Cavalieri and Mitch Cohn
O'Neil discusses what it's like editing Daredevil & working with Frank Miller, and how it differs from other working relationships on other titles.

Third in the FantaCo series indexing various titles; articles, features, checklists, interviews, and some artwork all highlighting our favorite Man Without Fear

The Daredevils
(Marvel Comics, Ltd.)

cover of issue
DD, Capt. Britain, Spidey
(The) Daredevils #1
??? 1981?, 56 pgs. (incl. covers), 50p

Inside Comics: "The Importance of Being Frank" (p.12-17) by Alan Moore
After first letting the reader know that he thinks comics have become repetitious tripe, Moore explains why he feels Miller's Daredevil is a breath of fresh air. He takes the reader on a journey of his discovering the McKenzie/Miller issues, and then following the blossoming of Miller as he took over the series 10 issues later. Moore also describes some specific tools used by Miller in his storytelling: minimal dialog, unusual layouts, influences from Japanese strips like Baby Carriage & Wolf.

FantaCo's Chronicles Series
(FantaCo Enterprises)

cover of issue FantaCo's Chronicles Series #3
Feb 1982, 48 pgs., $1.50

see: Daredevil Chronicles (listed above)

not a Daredevil cover FantaCo's Chronicles Series #5
Jul 1982, 64 pgs., $1.50

no actual articles - just a couple illustrations incl. Daredevil

(p.3) DD & Spidey from ASM #16 by Steve Ronson

(p.28) DD & Spidey cartoon about knowing each others' identities by Don Martin(e)?


cover of issue Fantasian (v.2) #9
Oct 1981, 24 pgs., 50¢
Daredevil cover (based on DD #1 cover) - Robinette

"The Devil Gets His Due" (p.12-15) by Dan Mares & Dennis Pimple
Mares & Pimple sing Miller's praises - his storytelling, his artwork, the directions he's taking the character & supporting cast in, and even the growing violence in the book.
Also: original art contributions by Motley, Joel Millsapps and Denise Rollman

"Violence in DD" (p.15) by Bob Verhey
Verhey lauds Miller's exploration into the darker, more "realistic" side of crime & life on the streets of New York.

To read the full text for these articles, click here.

(Marvel Comics Group)

cover of issue FOOM #13
Mar 1976, 32 pgs.(incl.covers), $0.75
Daredevil cover - Colan, Palmer

"(but first, a word from our sponsors...)" (p.2-3) by Chris Claremont
Issue introduction

"Through the Eyes of a Beholder" (p.4-9) by Naomi Basner & Chris Claremont
An overview of DD's story up to the present, including orig. char. sketches of DD, Murdock, Page & Nelson by Wally Wood and an unpublished DD page by Gene Colan.

"The Women in Daredevil's Life" (p.10-13) by Naomi Basner
A look at the Black Widow, Karen Page, and Heather Glenn.

"Buscema's Bullpen" (p.14)
6 "pinups" drawn by students in Buscema's School of Comic Book Artists.

"A Talk with the Men Behind the Man Without Fear..." (p.15-17) by Chris Claremont
Interview with Stan Lee & Marv Wolfman on where the book has been, and where it's going.

"Daredevil Checklist" (p.18-19) by Scott Edelman
Checklist of issues through #134 (and annual #1) including writer, penciller, and inker.

Back cover includes 4 covers including unused covers for issues #43 & 54.

Hero Illustrated
(Warrior Publications, Inc.)

not a Daredevil cover Hero Illustrated #3
Sep 1993, 196 pgs.(incl.covers), $3.95

"Frank Miller Gives The Devil His Due!" (p.54-57) by Robert J. Sodaro
Sodaro interviews Miller about his work on Sin City & Martha Washington. They discuss Miller's work in movies, working at Dark Horse, projects Miller would like to do (eg Capt. America & Superman). Miller mentions that he doesn't really keep an eye on Batman or Daredevil as he has his own ideas for the characters he works on, & it's hard for him to watch what others do.

(Marvel Comics)

cover of issue Marvel (September 1998 Catalog)
Sep 1998, 48 pgs., $1.99
Daredevil cover (Quesada, Palmiotti)(same art as alt. cover #1)

Marvel's catalog, also includes checklists, some articles, ads for upcoming titles/products, and an 11x17 centerfold poster (same art as on cover)

Marvel Age
(Marvel Comics Group)

cover of issue Marvel Age #5
Aug 1983, 16 pgs., $0.25
Daredevil cover - Johnson

"An Interview with Klaus Janson" (p.7-8) by Mark Lerer & Steve Ringgenberg
Janson talks about moving from inking to pencilling, his favorite comics, and pencillers he's enjoyed working with.

"The Future of Daredevil" (p.9-10) by Mark Lerer & Pat O'Neill
A look at where DD is headed under O'Neil & new artist William Johnson.

cover of issue Marvel Age #36
Mar 1986, 32 pgs., $0.35
Daredevil cover - Mazzuchelli

"The Return of Frank Miller" (pp.18-23) by Sholly Fisch
An overview of Miller's upcoming work on DD with Mazzuchelli, on the Elektra graphic novel & mini-series, and on the DD graphic Novel.

cover of issue Marvel Age #106
Nov 1991, 32 pgs., $1.00
Daredevil cover - Weeks; DD 300th issue spotlight

Stan's Soapbox (p.7) by Stan Lee
Stan discusses how Daredevil was created

"Giving Daredevil His Due" (p.8) by Mike Lackey
Introduction into "Let's Level About Daredevil" (p.8-13), a collection of excerpts about Daredevil from many of DD's past creators including: Nocenti, Weeks, Williamson, Colan, Gerber, Lee, Romita Jr., Janson, Chichester, Miller, Romita Sr. and Macchio.

Trivia quiz (p.14) by Brian Nelson

Cover study (p.15) - a look at 6 of DD's similar covers: 3 with large cats, 3 with DD balancing on a cable/rope.

"The Strange Story of Mike Murdock" (p.16-17) by Fred Hembeck
Hembeck discusses & pokes fun at those issues in which Lee created Matt's alter-persona "Mike"

"Daredevil: the Lee/Colan Years" (p.24-25) by Barry Dutter
A look at Daredevil's early issues.

cover of issue Marvel Age #127
Aug 1993, 32 pgs., $1.00
Daredevil flipover back cover - Miller

Stan's Soapbox (p.7) by Stan Lee
Stan discusses how Daredevil was created

"Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" (p.12-15) by Anya Martin
Miller & Romita Jr. talk about the MWF series, how it got started & just what the story covers.

"Hembeck" (p.23) by Fred Hembeck
Humorous bit on how Daredevil chose his monicker

Marvel Comics Index
(Marvel Comics)

cover of issue Marvel Comics Index 9B
Apr 1982, 114 pgs., $5.95
Daredevil (wraparound cover, but only other characters on back)
Miller, Rubinstein

Part of Marvel's Comic Index series. Synopsis and then listing of each issue through #181 with a B&W thumbnail of the cover, credits, and comments for each issue. Also a cross-index of characters appearing in the title. In addition to Daredevil, this index also covers Black Panther, Shanna, Black Goliath, Human Fly, and Dazzler

Marvel Illustrated
(Marvel Comics)

not a Daredevil cover Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue #1
1991, 48 pgs., $3.95

"A Prizefighter's Son" (p.48) by Ben Urich
Ben Urich, reporter for the Daily Bugle, interviews lawyer Matt Murdock about his dad, and the effect his dad had on his life.

(The) Marvel Saga
(Marvel Comics Group)

cover of issue Marvel Saga #13
Dec 1986, 32 pgs.(no ads), $1.00
Daredevil cover - Pollard, Janson

The Official History of the Marvel Universe, Chpt. 13 "Evil Dared"
Daredevil's portion (pgs.18-31) includes excerpts from DD #1, 88, 164, 168, and 177.
A synopsis of Daredevil's origin, his dealings with Stick, Elektra, & Foggy, his father's death & the resolution with his father's killers.

Marvel Vision
(Marvel Comics)

Daredevil pinup Marvel Vision #5
May 1996, 64 pgs., $1.50

"Time Slip: Daredevil" (p.24-25) by Tim Sale
Part of the "TimeSlip" visual redesigns of all the characters. Not so much an "article" as a pinup with a little explanation. The thumbnail to the left is the pinup, NOT the cover for the issue (no DD on the cover).

cover of issue Marvel Vision #13
Jan 1997, 64 pgs., $1.50
Daredevil/Batman cover - McDaniel, LL&C

"Daredevil & Batman" (p.8-11) by Rob Samsel
The upcoming Daredevil/Batman crossover is looked at, including comments from writer Chichester & editor Macchio.

not a Daredevil cover Marvel Vision #16
Apr 1997, 64 pgs., $1.50

"NorDDern Exposure" (p.18-21) by Robert Piotrowski
Piotrowski interviews Cary Nord, asking him about how he got into comics, and what it's like for him to be working on Daredevil.

not a Daredevil cover Marvel Vision #30
Jun 1998, 80 pgs., $1.99

"Daredevil's Favorite Hole-in-the-Wall!" (p.32-33) by Barry Dutter
Dutter discusses DD's favorite hangout from the Miller days: Josie's Bar.

Overstreet's Comic Book Monthly
(Overstreet Publications)

cover of issue Overstreet's Comic Book Monthly #12
Apr 1994, 152 pgs., $3.95
Daredevil cover (same art as '93 Triton promo card) - John Romita

"Dan Chichester: The Writer Without Fear!" (pgs.14-19) by Gene Lomoriello
Standard interview with writer DG Chichester. Questions about DD, Chichester's start in comics, on DD, etc.

Punisher Anniversary Magazine
(Marvel Comics)

cover of issue Punisher Anniversary Magazine #1
Feb 1994, 48 pgs., $3.95
Daredevil, Punisher, Spidey cover - Michael Golden

Marvel Age Special on the Punisher - articles, interviews, etc. (NO daredevil info/articles, just on the cover)

Rocket's Blast Comicollector

cover of issue Rocket's Blast Comicollector #56
~1968?, 68 pgs., $0.65
Daredevil, Dynamo cover - Wood

"Cut and paste" style fanzine with a few articles (mostly from newspapers or other magazines) and LOTS of ads. In fact, most of the fanzine is filled with ads, for sale & want lists (NO daredevil info/articles, just on the cover)


cover of issue Scarce #40 (vol.2) {French}
Été 1994, 76 pgs. (incl. covers), 50F
Daredevil, Elektra cover - art: ?

"Dossier Daredevil (pt.1 of 2)" (p.9-23) by various
The first of a 2 part "dossier" on the Daredevil comic book. A number of writers examine different periods in the title's history, and provide a summary of the stories presented so far.

"Introduction" (p.9) by Thierry Mornet
"Daredevil 1 à 19" (p.10-11) by Denis Boyer
"Daredevil 20 à 100" (p.12,14-16) by Elisabeth Campos
"La nuit de Barry Smith" (p.13) by Francis Saint-Martin
"Daredevil 101 à 147 (p.17-18) by Jean-Marc Laine
"Daredevil 148 à 157 (p.19) by Frank Fickinger
"Daredevil 158 à 191 (p.20-23) by Denis Boyer


cover of issue
[adapted from DD #26 (v.2)]
Tripwire (Vol.4) #7
Oct 2001, 48 pgs.(incl. covers), $3.95

"Return of the House of Ideas?" (p.20-32) by Keith Giles and others
Tripwire talks with Joe Quesada, Stuart Moore, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bendis, and John Cassaday about what's been happening at Marvel over this past year. With the exception of Cassaday, all the other creators talk at various times about Daredevil.

cover of issue
20th Century Fox
Tripwire (Vol.5) #1
Apr 2003, 96 pgs., $5.95

"Daredevil (The man Without Peer...)" (pgs.50-55) by Andrew Colman & Stephanie Gray
This article is really a combination of three articles in one, which works surprisingly well considering the potential for confusion, although it is still a little distracting at times. The main article carries the subtitle "Four Decades of Streetfighting". It's a fair attempt at a summary of Daredevil's backstory and the history of the comic to try to bring the uninitiated up to speed. Interspersed on these pages are large boxes with white outlines spotlighting different folks involved in the movie: Johnson (director), Affleck, Garner, Farrell, Duncan along with some stills of each of the actors/actresses. The third article is made up of a thin margin column along the right side of each page highlighting "key" Daredevil issues over the decades & showing the cover for each one.

Triton: Comic Cards & Collectibles
(Attic Books, Ltd.)

cover of issue Triton: Cards & Collectibles #1
Jan 1994, 100 pgs.(incl. covers), $3.50

"The Daredevil Roundtable" (p.14-25) by Brian Kelly & Dean Sasso
Romita Sr., Romita Jr., Colazzo, McDaniel, Chichester, Macchio, and Garrahy all discuss Daredevil with Triton's editors. Most of the focus is on the Man Without Fear mini-series and the changes that Chichester & McDaniel made to Daredevil's costume. There's also some discussion about the character of Daredevil & some of the upcoming plot.

(Gareb Shamus Enterprises, Inc.)

not a Daredevil cover Wizard: The Guide to Comics #65
Jan 1997, 264 pgs., $4.99

"Devil of a Time" (p.38-42) by Craig Shutt
Shutt discusses Kesel's approach to Daredevil and returning humor into the book. He also takes a look at some of the developing storylines and the parts some of the supporting characters will play.

"Eight to the Fore '97" (p.68-76) by Marc Shapiro
Shapiro profiles 8 artists to watch in 1997 including DD artist Cary Nord.

cover of issue Wizard: The Guide to Comics #67
Mar 1997, 200 pgs., $4.55
DD cover (1 of 2 - other cover features Thing/Iron Man) - Nord, Ryan

"A Devil of a Tale" (p.34-38) by Matthew Brady
An overview of DD's history to bring reader's up to date.

"Overburdened Kesel Leaves 'Daredevil'" (p.16) by Matthew Senreich
Wizard talks about Kesel and his reasons for leaving the book, James Felder also leaving, and Joe Kelly coming on board.

not a Daredevil cover Wizard: The Guide to Comics #69
May 1997, 184 pgs., $4.55

"Catching Up With...Joe Kelly and 'Daredevil'" (p.16) by MS
A brief look at where Kelly will be taking the book after Kesel's departure.

"Dream Teams" (p.38-45) by Wizard Staff
The Wizard staff picks their "dream" writers & artists for Marvel's books. For DD (p.40), they gave the nod to Matt Wagner and Rick Leonardi.

not a Daredevil cover Wizard: The Guide to Comics #75
Nov 1997, 208 pgs., $4.55

"A Wonderful Life" (p.46-52) by Scott Brick
Brick talks with Marvel's new writing star Joe Kelly about his beginnings and his work on Deadpool and Daredevil, as well as his upcoming stint on X-Men.

Daredevil/Batman pinup Wizard: The Guide to Comics #82
Jun 1998, 208 pgs., $4.55

"Last Man Standing - Batman vs. Daredevil" (p.38-39) by Wizard Staff; art: Graham Nolan
article gives edge to Batman over the "faster, more agile Daredevil" as Bats will figure out DD's blindness & overwhelm his remaining senses... I don't think so! :) (Note: art on left is from the article, there is no DD on the cover of this issue).

"Report Card: Daredevil, Not daring enough" (p.125) by Wizard editors
The Wizard editors review Daredevil #368-375. While the reviewers loved the characters & some of the story telling, they thought the plots fell a bit short, and the ever-changing artists (especially on the #375 fiasco) really distracted from what could have been much better stuff. Their grade: C+

cover of issue Wizard: The Guide to Comics #86
Oct 1998, 192 pgs., $?.??
DD cover (1 of 2 - other cover features the Hulk) - Quesada, Palmiotti

"The Wizard Q&A: Marvel Knights" (p.50-54) by Matthew Senreich
Wizard staff writer Matt Senreich interviews Smith (and Quesada and Palmiotti) about the upcoming Marvel Knights titles.

cover of issue Wizard: The Guide to Comics #105
Jun 2000, 208 pgs., $4.99
DD/Punisher cover (2 of 2 - other cover features collage of characters) - Dillon, Liquid! Graphics

Just a few DD blurbs here & there - no real articles. Biggest reason to include this issue was the DD/Punisher cover.

"The Greatest Year in Comics - 1986" (p.37) by Mike Cotton
Wizard staff writer Mike Cotton recaps eight events in 1986 that had a huge impact on comics - 3 of these involve Miller: Dark Knight, Batman: Year One, and DD's "Born Again" storyline.

"Reload!" (The Greatest Comeback) (p.44-46) by Christopher Lawrence
Feature on the Punisher mini-series including discussion of issue #3 guest-starring Daredevil, and the ramifications that may continue into the upcoming Marvel Knights series. Also, a side-panel "On the Rebound" mentions some other notable comebacks including the Daredevil title itself.

cover of issue Wizard: The Guide to Comics #108
Sep 2000, 184 pgs., $4.99
DD/Punisher cover (1 of 2 - other cover: Universe X by Ross) - Quesada, Ross

"News & Notes: Yellow Fever" (p.22) by Christopher Lawrence
Wizard writer Christopher Lawrence talks about the upcoming Daredevil: Yellow 6-issue mini-series by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale due out around the beginning of 2001.

"Give the Devil His Due" (p.36-38) by Wizard Staff
Feature examining Daredevil's rise to the top Marvel solo character book. The Wizard staff compares DD to the Spidey titles in terms of story, art, villains, etc.

(Starlog Group, Inc.)

cover of issue
Daredevil, Elektra (movie)
20th Century Fox
WizBang! (Comics Heroes #2)
Apr 2003, 76 pgs. (incl. covers), $6.99

Title Page/Table of Contents (p.4-5)
Two page art spread of Tim Sale Daredevil Yellow art around the contents and title page

"Daredevil Days" (p.28-35) by Will Murray
Will Murray puts together an admirable synopsis of the creative teams and how they portrayed the character Daredevil over a period of almost 40 years. Murray uses a number of cover and issue images as well as quotes from magazines, websites, and unpublished information to round out a very interesting look at the history of the character.

"Making Daredevil" (p.36-44) by Marc Shapiro
Shapiro examines the history of the making of the movie starting from early rumors to the final decisions on directors, writers, and cast. Interspersed with the main article are stills from the movie, images from issues of the comic book and half page profiles on the main characters: DD, Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin, Foggy and Urich. The profiles are nice as they bring into the picture how each actor/actress fit their particular character as well as how they felt about the character they played and the movie as a whole.

"The Art of Daredevil" (p.46-48) by Marc Shapiro
A brief filler (mostly images) highlighting some of the sets, costumes and props from the movie and the comic books.

"Artist of Shadow & Fog" (p.51-59) by Pat Jankiewicz
Jankiewicz talks with Colan about his work at Marvel, concentrating on the last 35 years. The main focus is Daredevil, but Colan and Jankiewicz also talk about other titles Colan has worked on, and his feelings about editors, inkers, other artists, and Hollywood's treatment of comic characters and creators. The interview is interspersed with images of pages and covers that span the last 35 years as well.


cover of trade paperback The Greatest Spider-Man and Daredevil Team-Ups
Sep 1996, ? pgs., $?.??
Trade Paperback Collection compiled by Ralph Macchio

Introduction (p.?) by Ralph Macchio
A very nice analysis of the chemistry, similarities, and differences between Spidey and DD. It would have been tough to get a better intro for this book.

Online Articles

"Daredevil Goes From Bats To Blades" by A.E.Wright
Late 1996, Mania (formerly Smash) Magazine (American Entertainment)
Article discussing Daredevil's upcoming cross-company crossovers with Batman (DC Comics) and Shi (Crusade Comics).
This article can be found online here.

"Truth and Dare" by Benn Ray
Late 1996?, Overstreet's Fan Universe (Gemstone Publishing)
Article reviewing the changes taking place in the comic industry with repspect to story writing and in particular with Karl Kesel at the helm of Daredevil.
This article can be found online here.

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