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Below is a listing of all the interviews I've run across which concern the Daredevil comic or people who've worked on Daredevil over the years. The interviews themselves are not here, instead I've put listings of where to find the interview in print, or a pointer to the interview if it's available online. The interviews are arranged alphabetically by who the interview was with, and then by date (most recent first) if that person has been interviewed more than once. Also, if more than one person was interviewed, the interview will show up under both names.

In addition to interviews I've found online elsewhere, or in printed matter, my friend/cohort/DD web rival Kuljit has compiled a very impressive portfolio of interviews for his website, The Man Without Fear. Ol' Kuljit's put together so many interviews, in fact, that I've put them in their own section. Be sure to check out both sections if you're looking for a particular creator. Kuljit was also gracious enough to allow me to point to his interviews from my pages here, so be sure to check them out as well as the rest of his interviews. You'll be glad you did!

Chichester, D.G. (Apr 1994)
Interview by Gene Lomoriello
from: Overstreet's Comic Book Monthly #12 (pgs.14-19) (Overstreet Publishing)
Standard interview with writer DG Chichester. Questions about DD, Chichester's start in comics, on DD, etc.

Colan, Gene (Jun 1998)
Interview by Kevin Hall
from: The Daredevil Resource
Gene and Kevin talk about Gene's early interest in comics, his work on Daredevil and Dracula over the years, his innovative style and what it involves, and the comic industry today.
This interview is available online here.

Kelly, Joe (Nov 1997)
Interview by Scott Brick
from: Wizard #75 (pgs.46-52) (Gareb Shamus Enterprises)
Brick talks about Marvel's new writing star Joe Kelly, and talks with him about his beginnings and his work on Deadpool and Daredevil, as well as his upcoming stint on X-Men.

Miller, Frank (1996?)
Interview by Christopher Woodward
from: Overstreet's Fan Universe (Gemstone Publishing)
Christopher and Frank discuss the comics industry in general, both then and now. (Some brief mentions are made of Daredevil and Elektra).
This interview is available online here.

Palmiotti, Jimmy (Oct 1998)
Interview by Matthew Senreich
from: Wizard #86 (pgs.50-54) (Gareb Shamus Enterprises, Inc.)
Wizard staff writer Matt Senreich interviews Palmiotti (and Quesada and Smith) about the upcoming Marvel Knights titles.

Quesada, Joe (Oct 1998)
Interview by Matthew Senreich
from: Wizard #86 (pgs.50-54) (Gareb Shamus Enterprises, Inc.)
Wizard staff writer Matt Senreich interviews Quesada (and Smith and Palmiotti) about the upcoming Marvel Knights titles.

Smith, Kevin (Oct 1998)
Interview by Matthew Senreich
from: Wizard #86 (pgs.50-54) (Gareb Shamus Enterprises, Inc.)
Wizard staff writer Matt Senreich interviews Smith (and Quesada and Palmiotti) about the upcoming Marvel Knights titles.

Man Without Fear Interviews (by Kuljit Mithra)

Ayers, DickDec 1999start in comics, other creators, current projects go
Bowen, RandyJan 1999start in sculpting, working on DD statues, upcoming projects go
Chang, BernardFeb 1998Valiant, DD/DP annual, art outside comics go
Chichester, DGFeb 1998start in comics, comic companies, McDaniel go
DeMatteis, J.M.Feb 1998start in comics, DD work, DD movie script go
Englehart, SteveJun 1997aborted DD stint, New Universe, current projects go
Geller, UriFeb 1998appearance in DD, Geller's abilities, Geller's website go
Gerber, SteveDec 1997start in comics, Howard the Duck, work on DD, current projects go
Golden, ChristopherApr 1998comics vs. novels, DD novel, other work, upcoming projects go
Hamner, CullyMar 2000start in comics, Flying Blind arc - covers, SHIELD costume, Laurent "look" go
Isabella, TonyMay 1997start in comics, work on & feelings about DD, current projects go
Isanove, RichardAug 1999coloring, computer coloring, Daredevil, work at Top Cow go
Kelly, JoeAug 1997start in comics, continuity (Lee vs. Miller), DD/DP annual go
Kesel, KarlSep 1997work on DD, why he left, current projects go
McDaniel, ScottJan 1998start in comics, armored costume, Elektra, working with Chichester go
Nocenti, AnnOct 1998editing/writing, various co-creators, social issues, reader questions go
Nord, CaryOct 1998start in comics, working from Canada, Daredevil, Micronauts go
O'Neil, DennisFeb 1998editing DD, Miller & Janson, following Miller go
Palmiotti, JimmyOct 1998start in comics, inking, Event comics, relaunched DD go
Quesada, JoeJun 1998start in comics, Event & Marvel, DD, Smith & Mack, other work go
Robins, Madeleine E.May 1999Daredevil novel, background and other interests go
Shooter, JimJul 1998writing DD, Miller, running Marvel, comics as a medium go
Sienkiewicz, BillJan 2000graphic novel, working with Miller, Elektra, other projects go
Simonson, WaltAug 1997start in comics, writing vs. drawing, aborted collaboration w/Miller go
Smith, KevinNov 1998moving into comics, DD - cast, plots, supporting chars., Miller go
Weeks, LeeFeb 1998start in comics, comic companies, McDaniel go
Wolfman, MarvNov 1997editing & writing DD, creators' rights, sales market, current projects go
Wright, GregoryMar 1998start in comics, Daredevil work, writing vs. coloring go

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