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DD fans come from all over the world, and Daredevil has been printed all over the world and in a multitude of languages! Below, I've listed a few of the countries that I've found out about who have published DD over the years. Mostly these pages are put together with the help of international fans who run across my site. If you are from another country that has had DD published at some point in the past or currently, please email me. I'd love to get some info from you!! The folks who've helped me compile info for each of the countries are listed on the page with the info about Daredevil in their country. You may click on the flag or the country name to find out more!

An interesting aside: While there has been talk of censoring some comics in America from time to time (usually due to sexual themes), DD has actually been banned in a number of countries due to "excessive or graphic depiction of violence".

flag of Brazil
Brazil (Brasil)
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Finland (Suomi)
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flag of Germany
Germany (Deutschland)
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Italy (Italia)
flag of Norway
Norway (Nörge)
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Spain (España)
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Sweden (Sverige)
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United Kingdom
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