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Matt's profession as a lawyer probably figures as prominently, both in and out of his title, as any other Marvel character's career choice. We often see Mr. Murdock dressed in a suit in the courtroom as much or more than in his superhero duds. However, this also reflects the importance of this side of his personality to the character. It would be almost impossible to say whether Daredevil is an attorney by day, or Matt Murdock is a vigilante by night. The roots of this can be traced back to his childhood where his father, "Battling" Jack Murdock, made his son promise to work hard at school so that he wouldn't just become another boxer or laborer, but would excel using his wits and his brains rather than his muscles. This caused Matt to be picked on a lot growing up, so while he kept his promise in spirit to his father, he also found great joy in developing his physical abilities and athletic prowess from a very young age. This isn't that surprising growing up around gyms, the son of a heavyweight boxer. So, when Matt later became the superhero Daredevil, it's also not surprising that he's part detective and part acrobatic pugilist, also pursuing justice in the courtrooms by day. And when the legal system fails and justice does not prevail, then he can don his alter-ego's costume to guarantee justice as the costumed adventurer Daredevil.

Below you will find a chronology of Matt's and Foggy's legal careers, a list of their more notable clients (both super heroes and super villains), and a short glossary of legal terms and definitions. I'd also like to thank DD fan, Loren Freid, for helping with sections of this page as well as others. Thanks, Loren.

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