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With "honorable mentions", the Resource will be cataloging occurrences where DD does not "appear" in an issue at all -- not even as a "non-appearance" (eg flashback, photo or other image, someone dressed up as DD, etc.). Instead, the characters in the issue simply refer to DD or Matt Murdock by name.

Editor's note: this is the pet project of Loren who's contributed to other portions of the site & helped immensely. I think he went over the deep end tracking these "appearances", but he keeps justifying it by pointing to Evel Kneival & the fishing lures that I included under the "Other DDs" section of the site. Loren has also asked that I include the following in a feeble effort to keep the men in the white suits at bay. Also, you may notice a few misspellings like "honour". This is not so much a misspelling as an affectation adapted by our cousins over the northern border to remind us that they are more British than American. ;)

"Collecting comics that only mention (but not show) DD must seem like complete and utter lunacy!! (Actually, it probably is!!) But there is a method to this completion madness.

"I've come to realize comics that simply mention DD (and not show him) are often more interesting than those so-called non-appearances.

"Non-appearances are usually just plot devices that move a story along. No big deal. They often don't give you any new insights or details about our Man WIthout Fear.

"However, comics that mention (but not show) DD often give you new insights into DD and his circumstances. For example, in Spider-Girl #2 (I think), May-Day Parker meets Darkdevil for the first time and alludes to a kind of special relationship that her dad had with the original Daredevil. It sounded as if Matt and Pete may have had some secret bond that was sustained years after Spidey got out of the Superhero biz. This will surely be explained some time down the road.

"In Avengers #112, Natasha is shown to be completely perplexed with her relationship with Matt. It helped to advance our understanding of her existing mindset which eventually lead to their break-up.

"So, some of these "Honourable Mentions" can be very interesting. I hope you understand and realize that I don't have to be institutionalized - at least for this.

"Take care, my fellow Fans Without Peer."

Loren Freid

Amazing Spider-Man #48 (p.10), May 1967
Anticipating the need to battle The Vulture, but sick and weak from the fever, Peter Parker reaches for the phone to call Matt Murdock because "he'll put Daredevil on his trail! It's the least he can do after me fighting Stilt-Man for him (in DD #27)." Peter hangs up the phone and decides to fight the Vulture.
Amazing Spider-Man #233, ? ?
After breaking up an altercation, Spidey wonders if Daredevil has the same problems.
Amazing Spider-Man #424, Jun 1997
Spidey is slow to recognize Elektra as the ninja he has confronted. Eventually, he comes around and states: "You used to hang with Daredevil!" Not many people outside of Matt's immediate circle would know this bit of history. So, Spidey's statement verifies the close relationship he shares with Daredevil.
Avengers #112, Jun 1973

Avengers #137, Jul 1975
Natasha turns down Iron Man's desperate plea for help due of her complicated personal relationship with Daredevil.
Captain America #328, Apr 1987
Demolition Dunphy becomes D-Man, copying original DD uniform and claiming to be a fan of Daredevil.
The Champions #1, Oct 1975
Natasha and Ivan, her father figure, briefly discuss her painful break-up with Daredevil.
Deadpool #8, ? 1997?
Lead-in to Daredevil/Deadpool '97 Annual. Typhoid Mary seeks revenge on the "Red-Man," meaning Daredevil.
Secret Wars #3, Sep 1985
Story continues into Daredevil #223. Beyonder states he'll contact Matt Murdock, "The Avengers' lawyer."
Spider-Girl #2, 1998?

Spider-Girl #17, Feb 2000
Darkdevil's relationship to the original Daredevil and Spider-Man is explored. In a chance meeting Spidey states that Darkdevil is desecrating Daredevil's memory. Darkdevil says that he respects the original Daredevil, who is now dead. He is also related to him, but "not in the traditional sense!"
Strange Tales #166, Mar 1968
Following his daring infiltration of The Claw's secret hideout, Nick Fury, Agent of Shield, must subsequently escape a series of alarms and death traps. At one point he uses a grappling hook, causing him to mudder: "that guy Daredevil oughtta take some lessons from me!"
(Thanks to Bill Koenig for spotting this H.M.)
Two-Gun Kid #74, Mar 1964
In panels 2 & 5 of page 6, Matt Hawke, Two-Gun Kid's alter-ego, is accidentally referred to as Matt Murdock!
Uncanny X-Men #46, Jul 1968
Foggy, representing Nelson & Murdock, reads the will of (the presumed dead) Professor Charles Xavier to the members of the X-Men. This Honourable Mention is another demonstration of the large superhero clientele of the law firm.
Uncanny X-Men #268, Late Sep 1990
Wolverine & Co. are chasing The Hand. Black Widow guest stars. Natasha stated that she thought she and Daredevil had defeated The Hand "once and for all." Daredevil reference aside, it is a fascinating story. It reveals Natasha's actual age (she's over 50!!), establishes a WWII connection between Natasha, Wolverine and Captain America, reveals The Hand's war plan to make Natasha an assassin (a la Elektra years later!) and tells of a secret underground alliance between Baron Strucker, The Hand and the Nazis, a cornucopia of major Marvel baddies.

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