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In addition to the action figures below, there have been a number of Daredevil "figures" released over the years that I felt fit better in the Art:Statues section or the Merchandise:Toys section. Be sure to check those out as well!

Marvel Super Heroes
Marx Toys 1966
Daredevil figure Daredevil (#?)
6" (15.2cm) plastic daredevil figure
orig. retail: 3 for $1.25 (grey figures in marvel comics circa 1966)

I've been told that these figures originally came out in "silver" or grey and were available through the MMMS (Merry Marvel Marching Society). However, within a fairly short time, they were licensed to Marx Toys and were released in red, blue, green, grey, and orange. The original silver figures did not have the Marx stamp imprinted on the bottom of the characters and are fairly rare.
The set also included Capt. America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spidey, and Thor. The Marx molds were also used again many years later in Mexico to produce more figures. I'd love to hear from anyone with info on how to tell the difference between the earlier Marx figures and the later Mexican productions.
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
Mattel 1984
Daredevil figure on card Daredevil and his Secret Shield (#9140)
?" figure (with billy club, shield and prismatic inserts)
orig. retail: $?.??

It's been reported that the painted on face can fade on these (even if they're kept in the packaging), and that the arms and legs can become a darker shade than the body. I've included one example of the prismatic inserts to the right - the top image changes to the bottom image depending on the angle you hold the shield.
Daredevil figure DD shield accessory
DD shield accessory

figures in package Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil (gift set) (#9482)
?" figures all packaged together in 1 large gift set
orig. retail: $?.??
Twistables - Marvel Super Hero
Just Toys 1990
Daredevil figure on card Daredevil
?" bendable figure
orig. retail: $?.??
Daredevil figure
Marvel Super Heroes
Unknown company 1990?
Daredevil figure Daredevil
?" figure
orig. retail: $?.??
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Comics Spain 1990?
Daredevil figure Daredevil
8.5cm (3 3/8") figure
orig. retail: $?.??

Most of the Spain PVC DDs I've seen have the paint job shown on the right.
Daredevil figure
Comic Book Heroes & Villains
Gallo Pewter Sculptures Corp. ©1990
pewter Daredevil figure Daredevil (#251?)
6cm (2 3/8") figure
orig. retail: $?.??

"GALLO" is inscribed in the base, "251" is etched onto the bottom. This figure is part of a set of 24 figures produced by the "Licensed in Pewter" division of Gallo Pewter Sculptures Corp. Other figures in the set were: Capt. America, Spider-Man, Punisher, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, White Queen, Red Skull, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Incredible Hulk, Sabretooth, Silver Surfer, Thor, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Colossus, and Magneto.
pewter figure set
Marvel Super Heroes
Toy Biz 1990-1994
Daredevil figure on card Daredevil (#4808)
(1990 Series I)
5" (12.5cm) figure (red costume with exploding grappling hook)
orig. retail: $?.??

Daredevil figure on card Daredevil (#48102)
(1994 Series V)
5" (12.5cm) figure (black & silver costume w/exploding grappling hook)
orig. retail: $?.??
Marvel Super Heroes
Hornby Hobbies Ltd. 1992
Daredevil figure Daredevil
1.5" (4 cm) pvc figure; comes in plastic "egg" which it can be taken out of and "mounted" on
orig. retail: £1
These figures were designed to be sold in a vending machine for £1 each in the United Kingdom. The figures were inside the egg, so you didn't know which one you would get until you opened your egg. There were six figures in all (Dr. Doom, Spidey, the Hulk, Thor, the Punisher, and DD) with plans to have more in the future. set of 6 figures
Marvel Super Heroes?
Yolanda 1996
Daredevil figure Daredevil
4" (10 cm) figure
orig. retail: $?.??

I've been told that Yolanda took over the licensing in Europe after Comics Spain lost the license? I'll post more info here about this figure as I find out about it.
Marvel Super Heroes Hall of Fame
Toy Biz 1996
Daredevil figure on card Daredevil (#48735)
5" (12.5cm) figure with grappling hook; plus '95 Flair Marvel Annual card
orig. retail: $?.??
Spider-Man Web Force
Toy Biz 1997
Daredevil figure on card Tank Attack Daredevil (#47523)
5.5" (14cm) figure plus "Web Tank" which can also be split apart and worn by DD as "Tank Attack Armor"
orig. retail: $?.??

note: first packaging on front said "Tank Attack Darevil"; this was supposedly corrected in later packaging
Daredevil figure plus web tank
Daredevil figure plus armor
Marvel Universe
Toy Biz 1997
Daredevil figure in box Daredevil (#48637)
10" (25.5cm) figure (yellow & black costume) with "billy club accessory"
orig. retail: $?.??

This was also apparently repackaged a short time later with the Spidey 2099 figure.
Daredevil figure

Daredevil figure in box Daredevil (#48893)
10" (25.5cm) figure (red costume) with "billy club accessory"
orig. retail: $?.??
Daredevil figure
Marvel Milestones
Toy Biz 1998
packaging Daredevil (#48265)
8" (20.5cm) figure (with fabric costume)
orig. retail: $?.??

One of the neat things with these "Mego-like" figures, is the ability to adjust the costumes or even have diff. superheros wear each other's costumes. Long time fan & sometimes contributor to the Resource sent some fashion adjustments in for us all to enjoy. Click here to see his contribution to Superhero fashion. (I'm not quite sure this is what Toy Biz had in mind, Adam...)

Daredevil figure in box
Toyfare Mailaway Exclusive
Toy Biz 1999
Daredevil figure in box Daredevil (#V-42)
apx.5" (apx. 12.5cm) figure; red & yellow costume with single "D" on chest
mailaway exclusive from Toyfare #24 (Aug 1999) (ltd. to 10,500)
orig. retail: $3.00? (plus $3.99 for issue containing exclusive envelope)

Also offered later as an "exclusive" to Toys R Us customers for subscribing to Wizard, ToyFare or InPower. Does this mean it wasn't ltd. to 10,500 after all?
Spider-Man Classics (Series II)
Toy Biz 2001
Daredevil figure red Daredevil - red version (#47083)
6" (15cm) figure with 30 (yes, 30!) points of articulation, reprint comic, and a display stand.
sculpted by ?
orig. retail: $7.95

THE most posable DD figure ever released, WITH a display stand and comic reprint, and for one of the most affordable prices of any DD figure to come out in a long time. The figure also includes removable billy clubs and holster on DD's hip to store them in!
Daredevil figure red posed

Daredevil figure yellow Daredevil - yellow version (#47083)
6" (15cm) figure identical to red figure above except for the color. Also comes with display stand and reprint comic. Even the item number is identical, although the bubble pack is slightly different on the top half.
sculpted by ?
orig. retail: $7.95

This figure, or this version I should say, has seen more than a little controversy. It was made available only 1 in 42 cases of figures. Speculators went wild immediately, completely destroying the market for regular collectors. The price skyrocketed to around $100 almost immediately on Ebay, and there were reports of employees at toy stores and chains scooping up the figures before they even hit the shelves to sell them on Ebay rather than selling them for the $7.95 retail price. In an even more interesting turn of events, a number of Phillipine toy retailers were able to acquire disproportionate numbers of the yellow figure directly from the ToyBiz warehouses in the summer of 2002. Immediately the Ebay market was flooded with the yellow version, and the price dropped down to the $20 range for a few months. Where it'll settle, who knows?
Spider-Man Classics (Series III)
Toy Biz 2003
DD movie figure
pre-Affleck head
Daredevil - movie version (#70144/#70155)
6" (15cm) figure with 30? points of articulation, reprint comic, and a display stand.
sculpted by ?
orig. retail: $?.??

This figure comes in two variations. The first variation (#70144) comes with blue stained glass windows (same as series II figures), a different head sculpt (thinner/more sunken face), and is clean-shaven.

The second variation (#70155) has red stained glass, stubble, and a wider face - supposedly this version more closely resembles Affleck.
DD movie figure
Affleck style head
Marvel Studios 12" Collector's Editions
Toy Biz 2003
Marvel Studios DD figure in box Daredevil (#?)
12" (30.5cm) figure with DD movie style costume
orig. retail: $41.99

Oops! On the back of the box, there is some text describing Daredevil that ends with "...a relentless avenger of justice: Davedevil, the Man Without Fear!" That's right, I said DAVEdevil. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone ever checks these items before they're produced.
As to the quality of the figure itself -- incredible. This is easily one of the nicest action figures I've ever seen. The level of detail. The posability. I'm not a big fan of the "movie" costume, but I can ignore it when the quality is so high.
Marvel Studios DD figure - posed
Marvel Figuras de Colección
Spain 2004
Lead Daredevil - Spain Daredevil
2" (5cm) lead figure.
sculpted by ?
orig. retail: $?.??

According to the seller on ebay, these are hand-painted and only available from Spain. I'm not sure what other characters are available in this set, but the seller said that the Daredevil figures were packaged along with Green Goblin figures.

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