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By their very nature, most of the items listed below will be promotional items available only for a short time, so don't plan on finding any on a trip to the grocery store (or even your local comics store). But for historical and/or collecting purposes, I thought it was important to at least document the various items that have come out over the years. I hope you enjoy browsing the DD eatery section of the site!

Daredevil Chocolate Bar
Daredevil Chocolate Bar
Marvel Daredevil Chocolate Bars
2003 True Confections
orig. retail: $1.50 (each)/$36.00 (box of 24)

These candy bars from True Confections came in four flavors: Pure Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, and Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter. The caramel and peanut butter bars both featured images of Daredevil on the outsides and insides of the wrappers. The milk chocolate bars & raspberry bars featured Elektra.
The bars came in a hinged box of 24 featuring six chocolate bars of each flavor. The box also features large art of Daredevil on the lid and inside the lid. There's also an added bonus of what seems to be original artwork on the sides and bottom of the box featuring a very cartoon/anime looking Daredevil and Elektra.


Caramel Bar - outside
Caramel wrapper (exterior)
Caramel Bar - inside
Caramel wrapper (interior)
Peanut Butter Bar - outside
Peanut Butter wrapper (exterior)
Peanut Butter Bar - inside
Peanut Butter wrapper (interior)


DD Chocolate Bars Box - lid
Box art (top)
DD Chocolate Bars Box - lid (inside)
Box art (inside lid)
DD Chocolate Bars Box - bottom
Box art (bottom)
DD Chocolate Bars Box - side
Box art (side)
DD Chocolate Bars Box - side
Box art (side)

Marvel Power Pops - box Marvel Power Pops (#21601)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These lollipops from Au'Some Candies came in four flavors: Bursting Blueberry, Succulent Strawberry, Groovin' Green Apple, and Chillin' Cherry. These candies feature a "flip" case that allows you to press a button and flip out the lollipop. If you don't finish it, you can flip the lollipop right back into the case for later. The cases featured Marvel characters Daredevil, Elektra, Storm, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and the Hulk.

According to the Au'Some Candies website, Daredevil (and Elektra) cases only contained strawberry lollipops, but all of the Daredevil (and Elektra) lollipops I saw were cherry flavored.

Marvel Gummi Candy - box Marvel Decorated Gummi Candy (#21611)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These fruit flavored gummi candies (the individual boxes say gummy candy) from Au'Some Candies came with three characters per pack. Six characters were featured in all: Daredevil, Elektra, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, and Wolverine. I suspect each box had 6 packs of either one or the other set of characters. DD, Elektra, and the Hulk were packaged together in one pack.

Marvel Sour Bubble Gum - box Marvel Heroes Slingers (#21620)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These "Super Sour Power" Bubble Gums from Au'Some Candies came in two flavors: Sour Apple Stinger or Sour Strawberry Pucker. The gum came in cases that attach to your wrist featuring one of six characters: Daredevil, Elektra, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, or Wolverine. I suspect there were two wrist cases of each character per box.

Marvel Gummy Heroes - box Mighty Marvel Gummy Heroes (#21590)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These 3d mold gummy candies from Au'Some Candies came in four flavors: Orange Dream, Blue Raspberry Rage, Fierce Lime, and Chillin' Cherry. Each gummy candy featured one of six characters: Daredevil, Elektra, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Storm, or Wolverine. I suspect there were two of each character per box.

Marvel Snerdles - box Marvel Snerdles (#21630)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These chewy candy fruit strips ("made with real fruit"!) from Au'Some Candies include sour candies positioned to resemble one of four characters: Daredevil, the Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. I suspect there were three of each character per box. For the life of me, I can NOT figure out what the DD image is supposed to be! The Hulk and Spidey images are pretty cool, but the DD image seems to just be a "squiggle". Maybe an attempt at a Quesada-esque billy club cable??
Marvel Snerdles - DD strip

Marvel Klik Dispensers - box Marvel Klik Dispensers (#21540)
2003 Au'Some Candies
orig. retail: $?.?? (each)/$?.?? (box of 12)

These refillable dispensers from Au'Some Candies include two rolls of Smarties each. The dispensers are available as six different characters: Daredevil, the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Elektra, and Storm. I suspect there were two of each character per box.
Note: I've also seen some Captain America dispensers sold on ebay. So, I guess there are seven characters available. Also, the DD dispenser didn't come with 2 rolls of Smarties. It came with one roll of Smarties and one roll of Au'some bubble gum.
Marvel Daredevil Klik Dispenser

Brach's Fruit Splashers - box Brach's Fruit Splashers (#P00149480)
2004 Brach's Confections, Inc.
orig. retail: $2.79

I was just lucky enough to happen across these in the supermarket one day. Didn't even know they were coming out. Each box has 8 pouches, and each pouch has 8 candies. The candies are a gummi type candy with a liquid center. The candies feature 4 characters (Wolverine, Spidey, Daredevil, and the Hulk), but as you can see from the candies (below left), they don't really quite match the pictures on the side panel (shown right). Also, most of the candies seem to be the Hulk and Spidey. Opening 3 packets, I found 3 Wolverines and only 1 Daredevil. All the rest were Hulk and Spidey. The pouches themselves (shown below) also feature Elektra and the Thing, even though neither the Thing nor Elektra actually have candies. Also, the flip side of the box features a big splash picture of the Hulk and Wolverine (not shown).
Brach's Fruit Splashers - side panel
Brach's Fruit Splasher candies Brach's Fruit Splasher pouches
Miscellaneous Foods
Daredevil Pepsi Bottle Cap Pepsi Bottle Cap #36 (Demoledor)
1980 Pepsi Argentina
orig. retail: $?.??

In 1978 and 1980, Pepsi Argentina featured comic book characters from DC and Marvel comics respectively on the bottle caps of Pepsi and Teem (I'm not sure if any other drinks also featured these bottle caps). Daredevil (or "Demoledor") was featured on cap #36 for the Marvel products and is featured to the left.
Pepsi Bottle Cap
Teem Bottle Cap
A number of the other Marvel caps are shown to the right, and I've started compiling a table below listing all the characters I've been able to find out. I have images of caps going up to #43 although there could very well be more. If you have images or info on the caps missing in the table below, I'd love to hear from you. Marvel Bottle Caps

1 1631 
2Mascara Roja (The Red Skull)17 32 
3Mephisto18 33Hombre de Granito (The Thing)
4Doctor Destino (Dr. Doom)19 34Caballero Nocturno (Nighthawk)
5Doctor Pulpo (Doctor Octopus)20Motociclista Fantasma (Ghost Rider)35Escorpion (The Scorpion)
6La Gorgola (The Green Goblin)21Puno de Acero (Iron Fist)36 
7 22 37Ojo de Aguila (Hawkeye)
8 23La Bestia (The Beast)38Mysterio
9 24Surfista de Plata (Silver Surfer)39 
10 25Falcon40Krang
11Hombre de Hierro (Iron Man)26Hombre Araña (Spider-man)41 
13 28 43Star Lord
14Loki29Hombre de Hielo (Ice Man)
15 30Hombre Elastico (Mr. Fantastic)

Frigo Cheese Heads package Frigo Cheese Heads
2003 Frigo
orig. retail: $?.??

Frigo Cheese Heads natural string cheese included Marvel trivia questions on their string cheese packaging in the early part of 2003. A number of Daredevil questions made the grade and at least three Daredevil "images" were included on these packages. A whole package is shown to the left; a blowup of the top of the packages is shown to the right; and closeups of the DD images are shown below.

Frigo Cheese Head DD image 1 Frigo Cheese Head DD image 2 Frigo Cheese Head DD image 3
Frigo Cheese Head trivia question

Spanish Pepsi can - DD Colecciona TVs Super Heroes Marvel - Daredevil
2003 Pepsi Beverage Company Spain
orig. retail: $?.??

These Pepsi cans came out at the end of 2002/beginning of 2003. The "sell by" or expiration dates on the bottom of the cans I've seen seem to range from December to February. The cans also tell the consumer not to miss Daredevil in theaters on March 7th. So far, I've seen four different characters: Ciclope (Cyclops), Tormenta (Storm), Estela Plateada (Silver Surfer), and Daredevil. I'm not sure if there are any other characters.
Spanish Pepsi can - DD (back)
Spanish Pepsi cans - other characters

Slammers - Ultimate Milkshakes
2004 Bravo! Intl Foods Corp.
orig. retail: $?.??

These 16 oz. "milkshakes" came out in five flavors featuring five of Marvel's icons: Fierce Carmel (Wolverine), Chocolate Web (Spider-Man), Cookies and Green (The Hulk), Dark Strawberry (Daredevil & Elektra), Red White and Blue Vanilla (Capt. America). They were available in many grocery stores, but I saw them most often in convenience stores like 7-11 and Circle K.
Dark Strawberry Slammer - front Dark Strawberry Slammer - front
Slammers Milkshakes

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