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See-A-Show Slide Viewer See-A-Show Stereo Viewer Set
Super Heroes (#?)
1966 Kenner
Captain America, Daredevil, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner
orig. retail: $?.??

I believe there are 5 cards of 7 images each included in the Marvel Superheroes set. I've seen the viewer & slides sell on ebay for almost $200, and I saw one on ebay that didn't even get its $25 reserve. Unlike the View Master slide viewer, these cards are rectangular rather than circular. The DD card, "The Crane Cable Caper" is shown on the right. Click on the image to see a magnified version of the "adventure" rearranged in a comic strip style format for easier reading.
See-A-Show DD Slide
Click image to
see show
See-A-Show box top Apparently there was a larger "box" set that had 15 shows included. According to the box, these shows included:
Captain America, Iron Man (2 diff. shows), Sub-Mariner, Daredevil, Thor, Fantastic Four (2 diff. shows), The Hulk, Spider-Man, King Kong, Bozo, Superman, Mr. Magoo, the Three Stooges.
See-A-Show box side

Topps Daredevil Flyer Marvel Flyers
Super Heroes (#?)
1966 Topps
orig. retail: $0.10

These small foam gliders came in 12 diff. characters originally: Thing, Hulk, Thor, Human Torch, Wasp, Iron Man, Spider Man, Doc Doom, Angel, Submariner, Daredevil & Captain America.
Topps Flyers envelope - back
Topps Flyers envelope - front

1966 rubber superhero rings
1966 rubber rings packaging
Image courtesy of
Amazing Marvel Super-Heroes
©1966 Marvel Comics Group
Thor, Hulk, DD, Iron Man, Spidey (shown)
orig. retail: 5¢

I've been told there is a DD "face" ring as well, but I've never seen any proof of that yet. I'm not sure how many rings there are total in this set. The rings are only about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide and only a little taller than that. I suspect these are EXTREMELY hard to find, even without the orig. packaging. If anyone knows what the original product was that these came with or if they came alone, please let me know.

Marvel Sparkle Paints box Sparkle Paints
Marvel Super-Heroes (#?)
1967 Kenner
Spider-Man, Hulk, Daredevil, Thor
orig. retail: $?.??

Like the See-a-Show Viewer above, these are VERY hard to find, especially still in their packaging. Even "partially used" sets with dried paint seem to bring a decent price.
Marvel Sparkle Paints DD pic

Marvel Super Hero Express (#?)
1967? 1968? Marx
orig. retail: $?.??

Marx tin train
Image courtesy of spidermancollector.com
This tin train has 3 cars plus the engine. I've seen some ads that say the train is from 1967 and others that say 1968. These trains go for VERY high prices online. Capt. America is featured as the engineer. While this scan only shows the side with DD and the top, there's a description below of all the characters featured on the train (always from the first car going back). As you can see from the scans of the box below, DD was also featured on the box.

Right side features: Green Goblin & small cameo of Owl (incorrectly labeled "Matthew Murdock"), Hulk & sm. cameo of "Number one" villain, sm. cameos of Red Skull & Hawkeye.
Top features: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America with Thing on the back of last car.
Left side features: sm. pics of Sub-Mariner and Torch, Daredevil, Spider-Man & sm. cameo of Green Goblin.

Marx tin train box front
Marx tin train box back

Marvel World Adventure Playset box Marvel World Adventure Playset (#?)
1975 AMSCO (Milton Bradley)
Heroes, villains, and buildings
orig. retail: $?.??

The set includes at least 34 die-cut fiberboard characters with stands (incl. Spider-Man, Hulk, DD, Fantastic Four and others). Also included are buildings such as the Baxter Building and the Daily Bugle.

Spider-Man American Bricks box Spider-Man American Bricks (#848)
1977 Playskool
Heroes, villains, and building bricks
orig. retail: $?.??

The set includes large building bricks and a number of die-cut fiberboard characters with stands that look remarkably similar to the figures in the AMSCO playset above (at least from the box covers shown in the scans).

Daredevil pencil topper Daredevil Pencil Topper
1996 Yolanda
orig. retail: $?.??

Yolanda made a bunch of "pencil buddies" and "pencil toppers". The pencil buddies are really neat miniature PVC figures (similar to the British vending machine figures). Unfortunately, DD didn't get a pencil buddy, just a pencil topper (shown left). Maybe we'll see a DD pencil buddy someday!

Marvel Flashlight/Whistle Marvel Whistle Flash
19?? manufacturer?
orig. retail: $?.??

This toy was displayed on ebay at some point. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is. Any info on this toy would be appreciated. I'm not even sure that Daredevil (or any other superhero) is on the actual flashlight(/whistle). The packaging has pictures of DD, Storm, Hercules, Hawkeye, Nighthawk, and Iron Fist.

Marvel Trivia Game Marvel Trivia Game
2002 Cardinal Industries, Inc.
orig. retail: $?.??

The game includes 24 "Wanted" cards and 40 trivia question cards (each with 5 questions of varying difficulty). You "capture" the villains on the Wanted cards by answering questions correctly. The question levels are (from easiest to hardest): IB (innocent bystander), TSK (teen side-kick), NW (new warrior), SH (super hero), AV (Avenger). There are six DD related questions (listed below). To find out the answers, you'll have to play the game.
#6IBWhich of the five senses does Daredevil NOT have?
#15NWWhat does the Kingpin claim he does as his legitimate cover?
#27AVWhat writer and artist created Daredevil?
#35TSKWho killed Elektra?
#38AVWhat year was Daredevil introduced?
#40AVIn Which issue did Blackheart make his first appearance?

Jack-in-the-Box DD Toy Bag City of Heroes - Daredevil toy
2002 Marvel (mfg. for Jack-in-the-Box Restaurants)
orig. retail: $?.?? (included with kid's meal)

Five different characters were offered with linking "cityscape" bases to hold them. The DD toy spins Daredevil around on his logo when you push him down into his cityscape. In addition to the toys, there was also a special issue comic called City of Heroes available as well (see: Issues:Specials).
Jack-in-the-Box DD Toy
Jack-in-the-Box DD Toy

Daredevil Head Knocker Marvel Head Knockers - Daredevil (#?)
2003 NECA
orig. retail: $?.??

This 8" (20 cm) figure with the wobbly head is based off of Ben Affleck and the costume used in the Daredevil movie. The figure, and head, appear to be made of resin.
DD Head Knocker in box

Marvel regener8r toy in packaging Marvel Regener8'rs - Daredevil (#0106)
2003 Awesome! Toys
orig. retail: $?.??

While this toy is only 3" (8 cm) long (about the size of a Hot Wheels car), it's much bigger than a Hot Wheels car. It's also about 3" (8 cm) wide, and 2" (5 cm) tall. The vehicle has three sections with a different style on the top and bottom. Each of the three sections can be flipped to the top or bottom creating eight different combinations (see below).
Regener8'rs are also available for Hulk, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.
Marvel regener8r toy Marvel regener8r toy Marvel regener8r toy

DD Kubrik Daredevil Kubrik (#KUBPRO22)
2003 MediCom Toy Corp.
orig. retail: $?.??

Kubriks are little lego-like figures. This particular figure was apparently a promotional figure in Hong Kong for the Daredevil movie not available through stores or anywhere else.
DD Kubrik in packaging

Marvel Minimates Marvel Minimates (#71800)
2003 Art Asylum, Inc.
orig. retail: $6.99 (2 pack)

Similar to the Kubrik shown above, these are mini lego-like figures. The Daredevil series of MiniMates includes a red Daredevil, yellow Daredevil, Kingpin, black Elektra, and red Elektra. Later in series 4, battle-damaged Daredevil and Bullseye were also added. The figures are all 2 inches tall and feature 14 points of articulation. They came in 2 packs (shown on the left) and later were released as 5 packs with 4 figures showing and a surprise "hidden" figure.
Marvel Minimates Set
DD red & KingpinSpider-Man & Carnage 
DD yellow & Elektra redSpider-Man/Peter & Green Goblin 
Hulk green & Bruce BannerBattle-Damaged Spidey & Venom 
Chase figure: Elektra blackChase figure: Spidey black 
Maskless Spidey & Doc OckCapt. America & Absorbing Man
Grabline Spidey & Gwen StacyCivilian Logan & Juggernaut
Battle-Damaged DD & BullseyeDoctor Doom & The Thing
Marvel Minimates Battle DD

DD Rubiks Cube Daredevil Rubiks Cube
2003 no company listed
orig. retail: $?.??

Whatever the original retail on this item was, it's too much. I picked this one up on ebay. If you are a Daredevil collector and you're considering this item...don't. It has a generic "TOYS" label with "Made in China" underneath. No company. No licensed product. No quality whatsoever. Mine was chipped. You might ask if it happened during shipping...nope, one of the stickers was placed over the chipped piece of the cube. By the way, that's all this is. A VERY cheap ripoff of a Rubiks cube: cheap plastic, bad action and feel to it, and some mass produced cheap stickers thrown on the squares. I think I dislike this even more than the "Ace Edition" Special DD issue, and that's a considerable amount of dislike.
DD Rubiks Cube

Marvel marbles DD marbles Spider-Man & the Marvel Universe
Collector Marbles
2003 Toy Biz
orig. retail: $?.??

Each pack contains 14 super sized marbles. Each marble has a figure or logo and is numbered. Each numbered marble could be any of the following colors: [solid] almond, butterscotch, light blue, dark blue, steel grey; [semi-transparent] champagne, light blue, light green, aqua, dark blue, dark green, gold. The numbers for all 50 marbles are listed below. I'm still missing the entries for a few of the logos/characters; if you can fill in the blanks, please let me know. The two DD marbles are shown above to the right. I also have a number of other characters/logos, and I'd be very happy to trade 2 or 3:1 for any DD marbles in colors I don't have. There are also Kingpin, Elektra, and Bullseye marbles in the DD related marble department.
1Spider-Man14Magneto27The Hulk40Capt. America (logo)
2Peter Parker15Sentinel28Intelligent Hulk41Capt. America
3Doctor Octopus16Rogue29The Hulk42Iron Man
4Spider-Man17Sabertooth30The Hulk43Iron Man
5The Rhino18Professor X31Absorbing Man44Kingpin
6Spider-Man19Wolverine32Mr. Fixit45Daredevil
7Green Goblin20Storm33Hulk46Daredevil (logo)
8Spider-Man21Beast34Mister Fantastic47Bullseye
10The Lizard23X-Men (logo)36Fantastic Four (logo)49Punisher
11Spider-Man24Wolverine37Invisible Woman50Punisher
12Spider-Man25Cyclops38Dr. Doom 
13Spider-Man26Rampaging Hulk39Thing 

Marvel Chess Set Marvel Chess Set
2003 Pressman
orig. retail: $29.95

Your basic chess set revamped featuring Marvel heroes & villains. The figures are hand-painted and include the characters listed below. If you can't find the set at Target or Toys R Us, you can order it from BoardGames.Com.

(silver bases)
(gold bases)
KINGCapt. AmericaKingpin
QUEENJean GreyMystique
BISHOPDaredevilDr. Octopus
ROOKThe HulkMagneto
PAWNWolverineThe Lizard

Daredevil Flicker Ring Display Marvel Flicker Rings - Daredevil (#?)
2004? ?
orig. retail: $4.99

Adam Gilbert was kind enough to get these pictures at a convention for me. This is an upcoming item that I have no information on as of yet. These look like they're also lenticular.
DD Flicker Ring
Dolls/Plush Toys
Daredevil figure Daredevil (#?)
1996 Elegant Way International

These Manga-esque plush vinyl characters were issued outside the U.S. I'll post more info here when I find out. The DD character (shown left) is one of a set of 12 available (shown below).
Thanks to DD fan Adam Gilbert for clueing me in on this figure
packaging complete set of figures

Daredevil figure Ultimate Marvel Balzac Blow Ups - Daredevil (#00914)
2002 Catpro, Inc.

With "Bop & Bounce magic Action!" These figures use Balzac balloon balls in the center. Apparently, you can blow the balloon ball up with air or fill it with water. I'm not sure how many other characters were available. I had great trouble tracking down even the one DD figure I have, and both the Balzac website and the folks at Balzac were absolutely useless.
Thanks to DD/Punisher fan Adam Gilbert for telling me about this figure, and thanks to Punisher fan Adam Johnson for letting us both know!
complete set of figures

14 inch DD doll Sergio DD image Daredevil Doll
2002 KellyToy, Inc.

These plush dolls have a copyright of 2002, but I don't think they were available until 2003. They come in a 14 inch version (shown on the left) which is somewhat posable, and a 9 inch version (shown on the far right) that isn't posable. They're plush cloth covered dolls. Personally, I think they look more like Sergio Aragonés' version of DD (shown on the right) than anyone else's.
9 inch DD doll

plush blue baseball Daredevil Plush

2002 KellyToy, Inc.

These plush vinyl baseballs/footballs/basketballs have a copyright of 2002, but I don't think they were available until 2003 like the plush dolls listed above. A number of them come in different colors as you can see from the baseball pictures. The football is 15x9 cm (6" x 3.5"). The baseball is is about 11.5cm (4.5"), and the basketball is about 10cm (4").
plush basketball
plush football plush red baseball

boxing glove Daredevil Boxing Glove (child's size)
2003 KellyToy, Inc.

Considering Daredevil's past, especially his dad's career as a professional boxer, I was very pleased to see KellyToys produce a boxing glove as well as the assorted baseballs, basketballs, etc. shown above. A very appropriate choice!
The gloves come in both left and right-handed styles (left-handed is shown on the left), and while they're probably not made of the materials usually used for making real boxing gloves, they are wearable & feel a lot like "real" boxing gloves. The gloves are approximately 28cm (11") long.
Card Games
1977 Marvel Super Heroes Card Game Marvel Super Heroes and Villains Card Game
1977 Marvel Comics International, Ltd.
art: ?

This set of cards included 20 heroes cards (each one a separate hero), 20 villains cards, and a rule card. These came in a hard plastic case with a clear top like the Top Trumps listed below.
Thanks to Daniel Johnson for originally giving me the lowdown on these cards.

HEROES: Thor, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Capt. Britain, Iron Man, Thing, Black Bolt, Capt. America, Wasp, Invisible Girl, Dr. Strange, Vision, Sub-Mariner, Torch, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, Goliath.
VILLAINS: Mephisto, Dr. Doom, Red Skull, Loki, Abomination, Vulture, Morbius, Grizzly, Tiger Shark, Human Top, Galactus, Green Goblin, Dormammu, Absorbing Man, Doc Octopus, Hammerhead, Jackal, Tarantula, Rhino, Gremlin.
1977 Super Heroes - DD card

Milton Bradley Card Game package Marvel Comics Super Heroes Card Game
1978 Milton Bradley

Daredevil card shown to the right has the same image as the DD postcard (part of a larger book of postcards -- it's possible the other images from the game & the postcards are the same as well) which was also available in 1978.
Daredevil card #12 Daredevil card #12 (back)

Top Trumps: Marvel Super Heroes Top Trumps: Marvel Super Heroes
1988? Waddingtons

This game was put out in Great Britain and is part of the popular "Top Trumps" series of games. I believe there is a "villains" deck as well as a heroes deck. There is also a German version of the game (cover shown to the right).
Top Trumpf Cover Card
Top Trumpf DD card The Daredevil card from the German (TopTrumpf) game is shown on the left. The back of the card is shown to the right. Top Trumpf card back

Waddingtons Game Box Marvel Super Heroes Card Game (#33741)
1991 Waddingtons

This card game is not Top Trumps even though it uses the same DD image. In this game there are 4 copies of each of 10 heroes. The four cards each have different backgrounds. The ten heroes included in the game are: Spider-Man, Capt. America, Punisher, Thor, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Iron Man, Daredevil, Spider-Woman, and the Hulk. While the images may come from the top trump set, the cards themselves are quite a bit bigger. They're the same as the 1978 card game size: 5 3/4" x 3 1/2" (14.5 x 9cm).
Daredevil card #8 Daredevil card #8 (back)

Silver Surfer - front of slipcover Tarocchi Marvel by Claudio Villa
1995 Lo Scarabeo?
orig. retail: $?.??

These Italian tarot cards include the 22 cards of the Major Arcana only. Each card includes a color illustration of a Marvel character on the front, and a Dr. Strange design on the rear. You can see the Daredevil card (and the Dr. Strange backing) in the 1995 cards entry. The cards come in a cardboard "wrap" with an additional DD illustration on it (image to immediate right), and then slide into a cardboard slipcase with the Silver Surfer on the front and Dr. Strange on the back (images far left and right).
Daredevil - inner slipcase Dr. Strange - back of slipcover

Top Trumps - Marvel Comic Heroes 2 Top Trumps: Marvel Comic Heroes 2
2004 Marvel Comics International, Ltd.
art: (DD card) Joe Quesada

This card game comes in a nifty flip out plastic case and includes 30 cards (heavily weighted toward the X-Men) plus a rule card and two promotional/advertisement cards. I assume there must be a Top Trump Marvel Comic Heroes 1 which includes Spidey, the Fantastic Four, etc.

FEATURES: Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Soldier X, Black Cat, War Machine, Warbird, Quicksilver, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Punisher, Agent X, She Hulk, the Abomination, the Incredible Hulk, Galactus, Toad, Mystique, Blob, Sentinels, Sabretooth, Bishop, Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Archangel, Gambit, Cyclops, and Colossus.
Top Trumps 2 - DD card Top Trumps 2 - DD card (back)
Interactive/Role Playing Games
Daredevil Super Heroes Gamebook Guilt by Association
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebook #8
Matthew Costello, John Statema, Jeff Dee (cover: Jeff Butler)
189pp, $2.95
1988 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN 0-88038-533-2

DD is being framed & discredited by the Kingpin, who is working for Alex Wiley, and by Alex Wiley, who is a plant put in place by the Association, an arcane group replacing politicians with imposters in key cities around the country.
(Note: This is an "interactive story" where the choices (and in this case dice rolls) you make send you to different pages giving you different stories when you play/read it more than once.)

TSR role playing game module Lone Wolves
Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure MH-4 (#6859)
Bruce Nesmith
??pp, $?.??
1984 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN 0-88038-131-0

Game module for Marvel Super Heroes game. Includes adventures for Daredevil, the Black Widow, Power Man & Iron Fist. Includes the following villains: Kingpin, Modoc, Taskmaster, Kraven, Vermin plus the Punisher to complicate things.

TSR role playing game module After Midnight
Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure MLA1 (#6892)
Anthony Herring
64 pgs., $8.95
1990 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

First adventure in the GANG WARS trilogy. Complete stats are given for Daredevil, Black Widow, Power Man, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Spider-man. Includes a full-color foldout playing map.

TSR role playing game module Night Moves
Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure MLA2 (#6895)
Anthony Herring
64 pgs., $8.95
1990 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Second adventure in the GANG WARS trilogy. Complete stats are given for Cloak & Dagger, Daredevil, Power Man, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Spider-man. Includes a full-color foldout playing map.

TSR role playing game module Night Life
Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure MLA3 (#6897)
Anthony Herring
64 pgs., $8.95
1990 TSR Inc. - Lake Geneva, WI
ISBN ?-?????-???-?

Third adventure in the GANG WARS trilogy. Complete stats are given for Daredevil, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Shang-Chi, and Spider-man. Includes a full-color foldout playing map.

Daredevil HeroClix Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge - Daredevil
2002 WizKids Games
orig. retail: $?.??

HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game featuring dozens of characters from the Marvel Universe. Many (most/all?) of the characters come in three different levels: rookie, experienced, veteran. The figures on the three DD pieces are the same, but they have yellow, blue, and red rings respectively (see image), and different values on their game "dials". The Daredevil figures are figures #97, 98, and 99 in the set.
Daredevil - 3 versions

Daredevil HeroClix Marvel HeroClix: Xplosion - Daredevil
2003 WizKids Games
orig. retail: $?.??

This is the second set of Heroclix figures to come out. The Daredevil figures are figures #61, 62, and 63 in the set.
Daredevil - 3 versions
1983 Marvel Superheroes Puzzle Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle
Marvel Super Heroes (#4788)
1983 Whitman
orig. retail: $?.??

This jigsaw puzzle has 300 pieces and measures 57cm x 83cm (22.5" x 33"). There are 132 Marvel characters depicted on the puzzle. The bottom of the puzzle box has a legend to all the characters. The picture shown is part of the front of the box. You can barely make out DD below the Torch, above Electro, and between the Thing and Spidey.

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