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Daredevil - The Album (2003 Wind-Up Records)

album cover 1 - Won't Back Down (3:22)Fuel
2 - For You (3:42)The Calling
3 - Bleed For Me (3:59)Saliva
4 - Hang On (3:10)Seether
5 - Learn the Hard Way (2:54)Nickelback
6 - The Man Without Fear (3:20)Drowning Pool (feat. Rob Zombie)
7 - Right Now (4:33)Nappy Roots (feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D.)
8 - Evening Rain (3:53)Moby
9 - Bring Me to Life (3:56)Evanescence
10 - Until You're Reformed (4:00)Chevelle
11 - Right Before Your Eyes (3:31)Hoobastank
12 - Fade Out/In (3:37)Paloalto
13 - Caught in the Rain (3:31)Revis
album - back cover CD - top face 14 - High Wire Escape Artist (3:47)Boysetsfire
15 - Raise Your Rifles (2:37)Autopilot Off
16 - Daredevil Theme (3:32)
      (Blind Justice Remix)
Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger
17 - My Immortal (4:23)Evanescence
18 - Sad Exchange (3:32)Finger Eleven
19 - Simple Lies (4:07)Endo
20 - Let Go (4:29)12 Stones

Daredevil: The Album
Songs: 20 - Average length: 3:42 - Total time: 73:55

This album is chock full of music -- and I do mean chock full. As you can see by the total playing time, not even part of another song would fit on the CD. The album includes songs from 18 different groups (Evanescence has 2 songs) plus one song from the composer of the motion picture score.

The images above show the front cover -- the very familiar (& overused) image seen on everything from magazines to posters to trading cards -- the rear cover, and the CD itself. The album was originally released 4 Feb 2003, ten days before the official release of the movie.

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Original Motion Picture Score (2003 Varèse Sarabande)

album cover 1 - Daredevil Theme (4:40)
2 - Young Matt's Father (1:58)
3 - Hell's Kitchen (2:13)
4 - Matt Becomes Daredevil (1:38)
5 - The Kingpin (3:52)
6 - The Darkest Hour (2:44)
7 - Bullseye (2:45)
8 - Elektra (4:15)
9 - Mistaken Identity (2:52)
10 - Nachio's Assassination (1:12)
11 - Elektra Vs. Bullseye (2:56)
12 - Blind Justice (2:10)
13 - Church Battle (2:23)
14 - Falling Rose (1:12)
15 - The Necklace (3:19)
album - back cover CD - top face  

Daredevil: Original Motion Picture Score
Songs: 15 - Average length: 2:41 - Total time: 40:09

Unlike the "pop" album listed above, this album is not chock full of music. In fact, the total playing time is almost half as much. That's disappointing to me. Is this actually all the music Revell wrote for the movie?? Or is it just bits and pieces of his work. The record producers could easily have added a good 20 minutes more at very little additional expense on their end, and they would have had a much more palatable product.

As to the music itself: it's very edgy and moody -- which fits the tone of the Daredevil movie. It makes it a little harder to just listen to as a soundtrack, but I want to watch the movie a few more times concentrating a lot on the music before I get too picky there. I do think the music fits the movie well, and Revell made heavy, and very good use, of the choir. Something not all movie soundtrack composers do well.

The soundtrack was recorded by the Hollywood Studio Symphony. The liner notes give a complete listing of the musicians (although not the choir) and a nice B&W photo gallery of stills from the movie. The musical score was released at the same time as "Daredevil: the Album" on 4 Feb 2003.

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Damage Deposit (2002 Havoc Records)

Daredevil vs. The Punisher
Lyrics by Felix Havoc

This city is sick and Punisher's the cure
A gun in each hand he keeps the streets pure
He's loaded for bear and both barrels blaze
Unleashes his vengeance in a bloodlust craze

He's a one man vigilante army and he can't be stopped
When he hits the streets many suckers will be dropped
Brute force alone, might isn't always right
Who will defend the innocent, protect their rights?

Son of Battling Jack, trained by Sensei Stick
Can't see s*** but he'll f*** you up quick

Lawyer by day, crimefighter by night
Stands up for the weak, upholds justice and right

Black Widow and Elektra keep him on his feet,
Outwits his foes on Hell's Kitchen's streets.

Turns them over to the authorities, but they bust right out of jail
Who will end the cycle when the system fails?

Daredevil and the Punisher, two streetfighting vigilantes with
diametrically opposed methods of fighting crime.
Punisher thinks criminals are scum and should be brutally terminated,
while Daredevil feels that rules are needed to protect the innocent's rights.
While both resent the others methods, while each has it's merits and weaknesses
and ultimately a harmonious equilibrium is achieved.

Comments by Felix Havoc (from the Damage Deposit website):
This song is of course about comic book characters. But I was trying to make a larger point about crime and justice in society. When I read about the acts of murderers, rapists and drug dealers I wish there was a Punisher to just waste them rather than see them put back on the streets to victimize more innocent people. However, when someone I know gets mixed up with the criminal justice system, I feel like they are getting screwed by the system and want to see their rights protected. Like most things in life there are no simple solutions and as much as I dislike most criminals I also don't trust the government to administer "justice" on behalf of the people. I wish the Punisher and Daredevil were for real because they would have this problem wrapped up in no time.

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Invincible Unthinkables (1998 Unthinkable Productions)

Man Without Fear
Lyrics by Eben McGarr (Mr. Unthinkable)

Seventy stories below,
the pavement races near.
Can't see with his two eyes,
but he sure as hell can hear.

He's not a Hero for Hire.
And he lacks a Iron Fist
He doesn't need a sidekick
or shoot webs out from his wrists.

No suit of armor, doesn't need a shield!
No super strength, or invisible force field!
No super powers, but listen up, bub!
He does the same job with just a billy club!

He's a Man Without Fear

There are a lot of guys in New York
In the same line of work.
But when you go into Hell's Kitchen,
You go into his turf.

Doesn't need a gun, Doesn't need to kill anyone. He'd rather they spread the word, And in case you haven't heard... No suit of armor, doesn't need a shield!
No super strength, nor invisible force field!
No super powers, but listen up, bub!
He does the same job with just a billy club!

He's the Man Without Fear

(spoken: Kingpin)
He dragged that lady and a baby from that burning building. He's an H-E-R-O hero.
He's a thorn in my side. Send in the assassin.
(spoken: Bullseye)
No sweat. I'll take care of him just like I took care of his girlfriend.
(spoken: Daredevil)
Fluctuation in your heartbeat. You're lying. I smell your fear.

No suit of armor, doesn't need a shield!
No super strength, or invisible force field!
No mutant powers, but listen up, bub!
He does the same job with just a billy club!

He's the Man Without Fear

Many thanks to Mr. Unthinkable for contacting me and setting me straight on the lyrics I was missing or had wrong.

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The Marvel World of Icarus (1972 Unthinkable Productions)

The Man Without Fear
Lyrics by ?

{I need the lyrics to this song. If anyone out there has this album/CD or knows a website with the lyrics, I'd love to hear from you.} album (CD?) - front cover
album (CD?) - front cover

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