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The Amazing Spider-Man - Stan Lee

Spidey newspaper comic

The Amazing Spider-Man (10-21-92 -> 5-23-93)
Written by: Stan Lee
Illustrated by: daily - Larry Lieber; Sundays - various (see below)
Distributed by: King Features Syndicate

In an epic 7 months of Spidey strips from the fall of '92 through the summer of '93, Stan Lee has Daredevil help prove Spidey's innocence when a gang called the Rattlers tries to frame ol' Webhead as a felon. During these strips, DD also does an epic retelling of his origin to Spidey as this is the "first time they've met" since the strips don't follow the comic book continuity. Stan Lee did all the writing, and Larry Lieber handled the art chores for the daily strips. A number of people handled the art on Sundays (see below), but most of it was handled by Ryan & Sinnott.

Sunday Spidey strip artists
datesartists datesartists
10/25 - 11/22Frenz, Sinnott03/21 - 04/25Ryan, Simons
11/29 - 11/29S.Buscema, Morgan05/02 - 05/16Ryan, Sinnott
12/06 - 12/13S.Buscema, Sinnott05/23 - 05/23Ryan, Simons
12/20 - 03/14Ryan, Sinnott  

Thanks to Bill Koenig for the info on the Amazing Spidey strip.

Foxtrot - Bill Amend

Foxtrot newspaper comic

After the Daredevil Movie, DD started showing up in a lot more popular culture. I'm not sure exactly which day this particular strip ran...however, the Resource will let you know as soon as we find out ourselves!!
Update: DD Resource visitor "Stuart M." was kind enough to send a note that this strip ran 2 Mar 2003. Thanks, Stuart!

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