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Splash page for Protection Racket Protection Racket (1998[AOL], Mar 2000)
DG Chichester, Dærick Gröss

"Protection Racket" was originally up in the Marvel Zone when it was only available to AOL subscribers. It then reappeared in Marvel's Cybercomic area for a month or two. It is not currently online (as of Jul 2000), but may appear in the Marvel Webisodes (formerly Marvel Cybercomics) from time to time, so you should check there every so often. It originally came in 4 parts/episodes...be sure you check them all out. (And as with the DD #0 cybercomic below, you'll need the Shockwave Flash player. The link to macromedia [Shockwave] is listed below.)

Daredevil (v.2) #0 (Aug 1998)
(Marvel Knights DD Cybercomic)
written by Kevin Smith; art by Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti

This was a preview/prequel to the relaunched DD #1 Volume 2 for Sep of 1998. Originally available on the Marvel Knights page, this cybercomic is not currently available online at Marvel's site (as of Jul 2000). Marvel says they may run the comic from time to time on their website in the cybercomic area, so you should check there from time to time.

Currently (Jan 2007) you can find Daredevil #0 online here at Joe Quesada's site (thanks to Martinito for letting me know it was back online). The movie is about 1 Mb in size and is a ".DCR" file, so you'll need Macromedia's Flash Plugin to be able to play it. Daredevil #0 is also supposed to be included on the CD-ROM which accompanies the hard cover special edition of the Smith/Quesada run, so if Joe does take it offline at some point in the future, that is another possible source for it although I'm not sure if it's in the same format and/or requires the plugin.

Opening page for Daredevil #0

Video Games

Encore video game Daredevil
2003 (scheduled to ship Feb 4) - Game Boy Advance
art/animation by Encore Software

From Encore's game description:
New York's crime gangs have escalated their activities to intolerable levels, and Daredevil is out to stop them. In this action-filled sidescroller, players get to be Daredevil as he fights his way through the underbelly of New York's Hell's Kitchen to defeat these criminals and their boss, the Kingpin. Daredevil will run, jump, fight and perform acrobatic maneuvers as he battles with the Kingpin, Elektra, Bullseye, and the Sewer King, as well as ninjas and mafia thugs.

Most of the info and graphics in this section are courtesy of the wonderful folks at Encore who were kind enough to provide the Daredevil Resource with a very nifty promo kit including a copy of the game and a special Christmas "Daredevil" candy basket full of red candy: Red Hots, Boston Baked Beans, etc. Thanks, guys!!

Below are some screen shots the folks at Encore were kind enough to share. If you'd like to see some other screen shots, as well as download a nice MOV trailer of footage from the game, head over to Encore's Daredevil Game site at www.daredevilgame.com.

Screen shot from video game Screen shot from video game
Screen shot from video game Screen shot from video game

Sega Genesis computer game Separation Anxiety
19?? - Sega Genesis computer game
art/animation by ?

Venom has been split from his living costume, creating 5 deadly alien Symbiotes. In fierce 2-player action, Venom joins forces w/his archenemy, Spider-Man, to face this new evil! You'll have awesome allies such as Ghost Rider and Daredevil! Venom's out to part his Symbiote offspring from their newfound life!

Sony PlayStation computer game Spider-Man
19?? - Sony PlayStation computer game
art/animation by ?

Description needed.

Screen Savers

Marvel Screen Posters Marvel Screen Posters
19?? - Berkely Systems, Inc.
art/animation by ?

I'm not sure how many screen shots there are of Daredevil in this package. This one falls under the category of "More Information Needed"!!

Pick Your Champion

"Pick Your Champion" (formerly "Marvel Melee") was a "match" between two Marvel characters hosted each week at the Marvel website. Folks logged in & voted for who they wanted to win the match, saw the current voting figures, and at the end of the week, tuned in to see who "won" the match. Regardless of the "decision" by the fans listed for the matches below, I captured all three graphics for your viewing pleasure when I could: DD wins, DD ties, and DD loses. Daredevil's appeared in 4 matches so far that I know of (plus a rematch with the Punisher), but I was also able to find a few graphics of matches I'd missed, proposed matches or matches yet to come?? I don't know when the Widow match happened, and I don't know if the Cap or Wolverine matches ever did happen. I also still need the Widow & Spidey images for a tie.

Daredevil vs. Deadpool
(decision: Sep 24, 1998 - Deadpool wins)
DD vs. Deadpool - DD wins
DD vs. Deadpool - DD ties
DD vs. Deadpool - DD loses

Daredevil vs. Punisher
(decision: Nov 26, 1998 - Punisher wins)
DD vs. Punisher - DD wins
DD vs. Punisher - DD ties
DD vs. Punisher - DD loses

Daredevil vs. Black Panther
(decision: March 17, 2000 - Daredevil wins)
DD vs. Black Panther - DD wins
DD vs. Black Panther - DD ties
DD vs. Black Panther - DD loses

Daredevil vs. Spider-Man
(decision: November 17, 2000 - Spidey wins)
DD vs. Spider-Man - DD wins
DD vs. Spider-Man - DD ties
DD vs. Spider-Man - DD loses

Daredevil vs. the Black Widow
(decision: date? - ? wins)
DD vs. Black Widow - DD wins
DD vs. Black Widow - DD ties
DD vs. Black Widow - DD loses

DD vs. Capt. America - DD loses
DD vs. Wolverine - DD loses
Knights vs. TBolts - Knights losing
DD vs. Panther - DD losing

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