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I've been quite remiss in my acknowledgements for this page. While I'd started up an "Other DDs" page what seems like ages ago to talk about the Golden Age DD & DD 2099, my oft times collaborator Loren Freid recommended expanding the page to include a lot of what you see below. Exactly what ideas were his & what were mine as in most partnerships where things get bounced around a lot, I've got no idea anymore. Actually, that's not completely true -- Loren thought I was pretty nutty for including Evel Knievel & fishing lures, but he also got a kick out of it, so I kept it. Actually, I liked it, so I probably would have kept it anyway, but don't tell Loren I said that. Anyway, my thanks to Loren for help on this page and many others.

The real thing
(Other superheroes by the same monicker)

Thumbnail: Golden Age DD
Daredevil (Golden Age)

Long before Marvel's Daredevil character existed, Lev Gleason Productions was putting out a magazine called Daredevil and the Little Wise Guys. To find out more about this earlier costumed crimefighter, click on either the picture or the name of this particular Daredevil from the past.

Daredevil 2099

When Marvel created their 2099 alternate future universe, they created a 2099 version of most of their popular characters including Daredevil. This dark, futuristic version of our favorite scarlet superhero fits in well with Marvel's dark and brooding future in 2099. More info on this DD, as well as the series proposal, can be found by clicking on the picture or the name.

Thumbnail: Daredevil 2099
Thumbnail: Earth X Daredevil
Daredevil (Earth X)

Not satisfied with launching just one alternate reality, Marvel decided to launch the Earth X universe at almost exactly the same time as the M2 or Marvel 2 universe. We fans first saw the concept with the "Earth X" insert in Wizard magazine which was a collection of Alex Ross sketches & vignettes of alternate takes on many of Marvel's characters. Toss in the fact that the "Timeslip" series of characters ALSO came out fairly close to this time, and well...

Imitation...the sincerest form of flattery
(Folks who were inspired by or fashioned themselves after DD)

Thumbnail: Darkdevil

As Marvel creates yet another line of books in yet another alternate universe, inevitably we'll see some wheat and probably more than our fair share of chaff. The "wheatiest" in this new line of books seems to be Spider-Girl, not completely surprising as she inspired this latest line, and one of the more interesting characters within this new title is the enigmatic Darkdevil.


I first ran into D-Man in the pages of the Thunderbolts, I believe, but DD fan Loren Freid told me he was a prime candidate for this page and that I should check out Capt. America #328. D-Man (real name Dennis Dunphy, "DD"!), started off as an unlimited class wrestler going by the name of "Demo" & sporting a mohawk. In the Capt. America issue, D-Man shaves his head and dons an outfit resembling DD's old outfit in tribute to DD whom he's always admired. When I saw him later, he had a beard and looked pretty scraggly -- another fan told me he's moved into the sewers & is part of the homeless community, helping and protecting them.

Thumbnail: D-Man

Do the clothes make the man?
(Others who have donned DD's duds)

Masked Marauder's men dressed as DD
Masked Marauder's minions

In issue #16, the Masked Marauder has large numbers of his thugs dress up as DD to taunt and tease Spidey and trick him into fighting the real Daredevil while he carries on his nefarious business elsewhere.

Foggy Nelson

No, Daredevil didn't need to go on a diet. This is a pic of one of the first people to ever don DD's outfit besides ol' DD himself: his partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. Foggy wore the outfit and hired the Gladiator to stage a fight to try to impress Foggy & Matt's secretary, Karen Page, back in the classic issue #18. Little did Foggy know that the Gladiator planned on slicing him up as an appetizer and then defeating the real DD as well.

Foggy Nelson in DD costume
Panther pretending to be DD
T'Challa (aka the Black Panther)

When Matt moved out to San Francisco with the Black Widow, and DD showed up in SF fighting side by side with the Widow, a reporter figured out that Matt was Daredevil. In issue #92, the Black Panther fought the supervillain the Blue Talon dressed in DD's threads while Matt watched from nearby to save DD's secret identity. I suspect that with the Panther's grace, agility, and fighting skills, he's probably one of the few superheroes that could get away posing as Daredevil.

Hank Pym (aka the Yellow Jacket)

DD and Yellow Jacket pull the old "switch the costumes" routine to fool the Mad Thinker and save the Thing and the Vision from the Thinker's evil plans in Marvel Two-In-One #39.

Yellow Jacket shrinking out of DD's costume
Mental patient dressed as DD
Psychotic mental patient

In Daredevil #231, the Kingpin has a patient from a mental hospital released & dressed up as Daredevil to go kill Foggy and possibly Karen, and at the same time framing Daredevil for the murder(s). Matt overhears the plans and stops the released psychopath before he even gets to Foggy's apartment.


After DD's sojourn through Hell with the Inhumans, he has a minor breakdown and seems to lose his memory and identity. In issues #285-290, Bullseye takes advantage of this, pretends to be Daredevil, and tries to besmearch Daredevil's reputation by committing crimes wearing DD's costume. In issue #290, the storyline culminates with Matt regaining his memory, donning Bullseye's costume, and defeating a VERY confused and even MORE unbalanced Bullseye once again.

Bullseye impersonating DD
'Sir' pretending to be DD

This was one VERY mixed up lady..uh..man..um... Well, Sir was a lady who decided to become a man but had more than just a few psychological problems along the way. While DD was having yet another breakdown, Sir donned DD's outfit and wrecked a little havoc in issues #345-347.

Spidey & Terrence Hillman

In Volume 2, #24-25 Daredevil is being sued by Daredevil (well, actually by Matt who's representing a client who's suing Daredevil). So, Spidey dons DDs persona & costume so that he (Spidey as Daredevil) can appear in the courtroom at the same time as Matt. In #25, Matt brings in a video tape showing Daredevil outside in the city while Daredevil (Spidey) is still in the courtroom. Three Daredevils?? In case you're not already confused, a young man by the name of Terrence Hillman breaks into the court ALSO wearing a Daredevil costume!

Spidey as DD Hillman pretending to be DD
Stan Lee as Daredevil
Stan Lee

Marvel Age #106 was a special 300th issue retrospective on Daredevil. As you can see, Stan's cartoon figure donned DD duds to start off a special soapbox where he described DD's creative origins.

The Twilight Zone
(DD as seen in dreams, alternate realities, etc.)

Satyrized DD from Killraven's dream
Satyr/Demon DD (War of the Worlds #38)

Killraven is drawn into the dreams of a man hooked into the "Dream Dome". Among this man's dreams are variants of MANY of Marvel's heroes whom Killraven battles for his life, including a satyrized DD with hooves, horns & a tail.

Lemurian DD (What If...? [v.2] #25)

In this alternate reality, Lemurians Llyra & Ghaur strive to free the ancient god Set on Earth and succeed. All of Earth's population, including the super heroes are either killed or turned into lizards.

Daredevil turned into a lizard

A Daredevil by any other name...
(Doing searches on the internet gave me...)

Thumbnail: Evel Knievel
Evel Knievel (and others)

One of the most common things to turn up when searching for things DDish on the internet are people who try to kill themselves repeatedly albeit unsuccessfully by jumping things, falling from great heights, or riding over waterfalls in any number of contrivances. One of the most famous, and frequently encountered on the net, is Evel Knievel.

Daredevle fishing lures

I seem to keep bumping into these guys EVERY time I do searches on the computer. A fellow named Lou Eppinger apparently created a line of lures under the name Daredevle which sold out of Detroit, MI. Folks will pay large sums of money to add to their collections of lures including lures which are 20 or 30 years old! And I thought comic collectors were silly!

Daredevle fishing lure
Thumbnail: Daredevil Aces pulp book
Daredevil Aces

This one's courtesy of my friend & collaborator, Loren Freid. First he gives me a bad time for creating this section, then he adds to it!! What are friends for!? Anyway, searches for DD on the web/net also often bring up pilots, especially fighter pilots. Old pulp fiction paperbacks are the most common form of this particular Daredevil fascination.

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