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The puzzles shown below include both versions made to be printed out on a printer & worked out, and "online" versions. For the online puzzles, you'll need to have your browser JAVA enabled. Also, for the Word Searches I'd recommend that your monitor resolution be at least 800x600 or higher, and for the Concentration game 1024x768 or better is recommended in order to see the whole puzzle/game on the screen at once. If you have puzzles that you've created or puzzles you'd like me to work up for this page, please email me and let me know. Enjoy!

Word Search Puzzles

Daredevil Villains Word Search

Daredevil Villains
online version
printable page
Women of Daredevil Word Search

Women of Daredevil
online version
printable page
Daredevil Creators Word Search

Daredevil Creators
online version
printable page

Concentration (Memory Game)

Daredevil Covers Concentration

Daredevil Covers
DD Sketchagraphs Concentration

DD Sketchagraphs

Matching Item Puzzles
Marvel Nemeses Word Match

Marvel Nemeses
Marvel Couples Word Match

Marvel Couples
Weapons of Choice Word Match

Weapons of Choice

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