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If you have a quote that you really like, please email me at KevinQHall@netscape.net and include the source of the quote. If I really like it also, I'll put it up here with the rest.


"Ow! Daredevil?! Will you stop with the #$@%& billyclub?!"
-- Jigsaw (Punisher[III] #4, p.19)

After DD hits Jigsaw's hands for the second time, right when he's about to kill a Punisher who has run out of ammo. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. This is what I'd imagine the bad guys would REALLY say, rather than the worn out "No! It can't be you!", etc. that the writers usually serve us.

"I'm...um...the Hulk! Yeah, that's it! Bet you're really scared now, huh? Take that, puny human!"
-- Grey Gargoyle and DD (Daredevil #361, p.17)

Grey Gargoyle is trying to figure out who turned out the lights on him in this scene. It sounds a little like the Hulk...sort of...kind of...

"Hey! Ain't you that hero -- Cap'n America?"
"Nope. I'm Doctor Doom. That's what the "DD" stands for."
-- Baxter Bldg. Janitor and DD (Marvel Two-In-One #3, p.6)

Poor DD! "Cap'n America" indeed! At least he had a good comeback. I've noticed that a lot of DD's best dialogue seems to happen outside his own title.

"So how'd you get in, Devil?"
"I flew in, Turk"
"...course, I knew that. 'Spose the window locks weren't much trouble..."
"Melted them with my heat vision."
"That's what I figured."
-- Turk and DD (Daredevil: Love and War, p.54)

This quote is a reminder to both sides of the Grim & Gritty vs. Snappy Comeback debate that Miller knew how to write humor as well as grim and gritty. Thanks to Gerry Alanguilan for sending this quote to the DD mailing list.

"You won't save me -- not like before! Kill you! I'll kill --"
"You'll kill no one --"
"-- ever again!"
-- Bullseye and DD (Daredevil #181, p.35)

Bullseye, about to get saved by DD, tries to stab DD ?forcing? DD to drop him on the railroad tracks. Bullseye had just killed Elektra. Originally I had thought to have just "humorous" quotes, but one fan sent this one in. Thanks to Tony Guagliardo for making this page more complete.

"Hey, DD -- maybe you haven't noticed... but Billy-Bob Bullet here is shooting at me! Aren't we supposed to be pals? buds? The two-man beach volley-ball team of the super hero set?"
-- Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) (Daredevil #354, p.14)

"Y'know what, DD? You're despicable!"
"Hmmm...'The Despicable Daredevil' -- always wanted an adjective for my name! And someone's already taken all the good ones like 'amazing', 'spectacular', 'sensational'..."
-- Spider-Man and DD (Ibid, p.18)

These two clips give you some perfect examples why Spidey & DD are so great teaming up together. I think the writers have a field day when they put these two in the same book. "Snappy banter" just doesn't get any better than when Hornhead & Webhead start trading quips.

"You can't understand what it's like to write obits in this town, Urich! Talk about a thankless job!"
-- Obit columnist Trilby to Ben Urich (Spider-Man Unlimited #18, p.5)

Initially I wanted these quotes to either be from Daredevil or a story that featured DD in a major way. While this one is from a "non-appearance", it was just too good to pass up. Obit columnist Trilby has the most anguished look on his face, and then goes on to explain how many retractions he's had to print: Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Hulk, etc. Seems you just can't keep a good character dead in the Marvel Universe!!

"Even in blindness, he taught the world to see."
-- Epitaph on DD's tombstone (What If...? (v.2) #1, p.?)

I've always been very gratified that while DD is considered a "second-stringer" and "low powered" hero by many, he's also shown to get a lot of respect and have a profound effect on the superhero community by most writers/artists. Thanks to LedZClassic@aol.com for sending in this quote.

"And I--I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear."
-- Kingpin (DD #229, p.?)

After the Kingpin has torn down DD's world, he seems to realize (a little late) that he may not have done quite the right thing after all. This one seems to really get to people. I've lost the name of the orig. person who sent this in (please contact me), but it was also submitted later by LedZClassic as well.

"It isn't about war. That's where I've gone wrong my whole life. I've been tearing myself up into pieces...bottling them up...battling them. It's not about that. It's all about Union."
-- Matt Murdock (DD #350, p.40)

DD engages in introspection & philosophy as much or more than any other Marvel character. However, it's not the 'woe is me' Spidey stuff, or the 'all the humans hate us' X-stuff -- Matt/DD engages in real explorations of our values & the things that drive & motivate us as human beings. Thanks to DD fan Matt Reiland for this one.

"You've fought crooks, hulks, and kingpins. Now do something really heroic. Cross the street."
-- Daredevil (DD #187, p.14)

This was the issue where DD's senses had gone on overload, and crossing the street really was a battle. I always like it when larger than life folks like Daredevil are brought back to a human level with these little inner speeches & battles that we all have just trying to get through a normal day. Many thanks to Mrs. Woolley for sending this one in.

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