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From time to time, Daredevil shows up out in the real world: a celebrity wearing a Daredevil T-Shirt, a band named after a scene in a Daredevil comic, a Daredevil comic included in a scene in a book or movie... This page is a list of these Daredevil "sightings" outside the pages of comic books and magazines/books about comic books. I'll include pictures whenever I can. If you ever run across these rare tidbits, please email me and let me add it to this list! Thanks, and enjoy.

...in Congress!

Senator Stevens sporting Hulk tie I've heard from 2 different folks that an Alaskan Congressman was seen wearing a Daredevil tie in Congress on C-Span or CNN or one of those stations. If ANYBODY can get a clip or capture of this, I'll immortalize you on this very page and find some interesting Daredevil item from my closet as a reward!! :)
update: I heard from DD Resource visitor Geoff Hoppe that the Congressman in question is Sen. Ted Stevens (R) from Alaska who is very well known for wearing his Hulk tie (shown right). Still hoping to find an image of the senator sporting his DD tie.

...on Twiggy's chest??!

There is apparently a picture in Life or some other such magazine with 60s icon Twiggy sporting a Daredevil T-shirt. This is another picture I'd LOVE to be able to scan in. If someone either has a scan, or can at least identify the exact magazine & issue so that I can do some library research, I'll dig through my Daredevil stuff & see if I can't find some interesting Daredevil item as a prize.

...on the streets of New York

Superhero mural - New York Well...not on the actual streets, more like on the "walls" of New York. In Marvel Age #106 (p.3), there's a picture of a mural at St. Mary's Recreation Center at St. Ann's Ave. & 148th Street, the Bronx. Daredevil, and a number of other Marvel Superheroes, appear on the mural.

...being donned by Hollywood's elite!

DiCaprio wearing DD t-shirt While I can't say that Leonardo DiCaprio is a favorite actor of mine, I certainly do appreciate his choice of apparel. Such stunning fashion sense can't help but be rewarded by an appearance here in the Sightings section of the DD Resource. This particular photo appeared on page 12 of the Feb 8th, 2000 edition of the National Enquirer. Next to it on the same page was Cameron Diaz sporting Spidey undies. Can you guess which one I really wanted to put up on the page here. ~sigh~

...brazenly displayed on WCW wrestling action figures!

Wrestling action figure - closeup Raven action figure Apparently, the character known as "Raven" in WCW was often seen wearing shirts with comic characters on them? I don't know if anyone ever caught him on video wearing a DD t-shirt or not, but for some reason ToyBiz decided to release this "WCW Bruisers" action figure of him with DD on the shirt. Ironically, by the time this figure came out, he'd already quit the WCW and was playing a different "character" in the ECW. (thanks to Ian Barrett for all the extra info)

...on TV shows?!

Justin Karguth, on Kuljit's DD discussion list, spotted a DD figure on the character Bradley's desk back in April (2000) on the USA show, the Naked Truth. Yet another little sighting it would be great fun to have a video clip of. All sorts of wonderful stuff will be made available to anyone who can snag such!

...in company newsletters.

Autodesk newsletter header

Autodesk, the folks who are involved with such amazing design, rendering, and animation products as AutoCAD and MAYA, recently featured a rather Sienkiewicz-ian DD in the header for their animation group's newsletter (Sep/Oct 1996). A company with products like those that runs images like DD in their newsletter headers has got to be good!

...at fast food restaurants!

Burger King burger wrapper Turns out if you check your burger wrapper at Burger King, you'll find that the Man Without Fear has been there and like Zorro left his mark! I can only assume that the DD (indicated by the yellow arrow) must stand for "double decker" or some such thing.

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