The Daredevil Resource
Appearance ChecklistChecklist of DD cross-appearances
Major AppearancesStarring or co-starring role
Minor AppearancesOne to a few pages
Bit/Cameo AppearancesOne to a few frames
Alternate AppearancesAlternate/future timelines, etc.
Honorable MentionsDD discussed/mentioned
Parodies/SpoofsParody/spoof appearances (Fun & Games)
PinupsPinup appearances (Art)
Fan ArtDrawings/sketches by fans
Portfolios/Prints/Lithographs"Official" DD art
Posters/Wall HangingsPosters & other wall decorations
Sketchagraph GalleryCollection of DD sketchagraphs
Splash PagesSplash pages featuring DD
Sketches/DrawingsSketches/drawings of DD by comic pros
PinupsDD pinup pages
Authentix Cover GalleryCollection of Authentix sketch covers
Body Art (Tattoos)Daredevil tattoos
Preview ArtPublished "preview" art
Licensed ImagesArt used for merchandise, ads, etc.
ChecklistWriters, artists & editors - alphabetically & by issue number
InterviewsInterviews with folks associated with DD
BiographiesShort biographies of DD creators
Fan ArtDrawings/sketches by fans (Art)
Fan FictionDaredevil stories penned by DD fans
Custom FiguresStatues/figures created by fans
Body Art (Tattoos)Daredevil tattoos (Art)
Custom Trading CardsTrading cards created by fans
Fan LettersLetters published in the pages of Daredevil
Fan ParodiesParodies of ol' Hornhead by DD's own fans
Fun & Games
Top Ten ListsTop 10 DD stories, creators, toughest foes, ways to beat Stiltman, and much more!
QuotesMemorable quotes from DD storylines
Lawyer JokesWhy don't sharks eat lawyers...?
BloopersOops! Mistakes by the all too human artists & writers
Parodies/SpoofsDuh-devil, Scaredevil, bad puns - you'll find them ALL here!
TriviaDaredevil trivia for pundits of all levels of knowledge
Puzzles & GamesOnline word search & memory games, printable word search & matching games
Plot SummarySummary of the storylines from Daredevil over the years
Appearance ChecklistChecklist of DD cross-appearances (Appearances)
ChronologyList of DD issues and appearances in order
Guest IndexEveryone who's appeared in DD (& what issues they were in) (Who's Who)
First MeetingsFirst meetings between DD & various Marvel characters
Issue Guide
Volume 1Cover thumbnails, credits, story summaries for issues #1-380
Volume 2Same vital info for volume 2 issues (#381 and higher)
AnnualsSame info for the DD annuals
Specials/Mini-seriesListing of specials & mini-series starring DD (with thumbnails, credits, etc.)
Trade PaperbacksTPBs (incl. what issues are reprinted in TPBs)
International IssuesDD issues printed in other countries (info on new covers, etc.)
ReprintsReprints cross-listed both by original issue & reprint issue
Marvel KnightsThumbnails, credits & story summaries for ongoing series often co-starring DD
Graphic NovelsListing of the graphic novels DD has starred or even appeared in
BooksNovels, short stories, interactive stories, collections & special editions
TV/AnimationTwo proposed Daredevil series, and DD's appearances in Spidey & FF series
Video Games/CybercomicsOnline DD comics, a DD digital animation, appearances online & in computer games
MoviesDD's appearance in the Hulk movie, and info on the proposed DD movie
NewspaperDaredevil's foray into the Amazing Spidey newspaper strip
Magazine/Fanzine IndexListing of DD articles & covers in fanzines & comic news mags over the years
Article ReprintsFull text reprints of some of the DD articles from fanzines, comic news mags, & websites
ArticlesSome exclusive online articles, plus DD articles & covers in fanzines & comic news mags over the years
SightingsDD figures, t-shirts, ties & pictures spotted on TV, newspapers, street corners, whatever
MusicDD figures, t-shirts, ties & pictures spotted on TV, newspapers, street corners, whatever
BrailleBraille alphabet & numbers, some info on Braille, links to vision/blindness related resources
For Sale/TradeItems I have for sale or trade, also my wish list
Cards/Stickers/Stamps/PogsIndex (w/scans) of trading cards, stickers, and stamps
Toys & GamesToys, games, and puzzles that feature or include Daredevil
Action FiguresFigures: action figures, pewter, PVC, etc.
Diecast VehiclesDiecast planes, cars, etc.
Pins/Buttons/PatchesButtons, pins, and patches.
StationeryStationery, postcards, note cards, valentines, and wrapping paper that feature Daredevil
Clothing & AccessoriesT-shirts, ties, hats & accessories (umbrellas, watches)
CalendarsMarvel calendars
Candy/Food ItemsDaredevil food and candy
Household ItemsLunch boxes, magnets, key rings, cups, etc.
Wall Hangings/Window ClingsPennants, scrolls, window clings, etc.
Who's Who
Cast of DaredevilSupporting cast, allies, anti-heroes, enemies
Guest IndexEveryone who's appeared in DD (& what issues they were in)
Women of DaredevilSecretaries, lawyers/DAs, friends/relatives, love interests, bad girls, writers/artists
Other DaredevilsDD 2099, Darkdevil, golden age DD, imitators, emulators, & some silly stuff
Spidey & DDComparison, appearances together, sales figures, DD vs. Spidey
Nelson & MurdockLegal careers, famous clients, Nelson vs. Murdock, legal terms

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