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One of the sillier villains (in an early issue Stiltman used a giant "vacuum cleaner" device to suck up money and jewels as he towered above the city) that DD has faced repeatedly over the years is Stiltman. Stiltman has become the villain that DD fans like to groan about and have learned to love to hate. So, without further ado, I present my choices for the top ten ways DD has defeated Stiltman:
10. Stiltman fires an electrically activated gun while standing in water.
    His system shorts out, and his legs retract. While slightly more
    creative than the next 3, DD didn't actually defeat Stiltman as much
    as Stiltman goofed up. (DD #27)

 9. DD, swinging on his cable, kicks Stilts from behind and simply knocks
    him over. (DD #102)

 8. DD swings around and around Stiltman's legs with his billy club cable
    tying his legs together until he tips over. (DD #26)

 7. This time DD swings round and round Stiltman again tying up his entire
    body as well as his legs. You think Stilts would have learned better 
    in issue #26. You may have also noticed a recurring theme here: VERY
    tall villain, tip him over! (DD #67)
 6. Stiltman is shrunk by his own molecular condenser ray when DD snatches
    it from him. Variation on a theme: VERY tall villain, make him small!
    (DD #8)

 5. An oldie but goodie: DD ducks and lets bad guy defeat bad guy. This
    time it is Electro doing the honors. (DD annual #1)

 4. DD causes Stiltman to fall in huge pools of grease where he can't get
    any friction or leverage. While definitely one of the most original
    ways to defeat a bad guy, this one's just too gross to make it any
    higher on the list! (DD #318)

 3. DD removes the gyroscope on the Stiltman armor that Turk is wearing
    causing him to fall over after Wilbur Day tells DD how & even gives
    him a special tool to do it. Turk just can't get a break! (DD #186)

 2. DD presses Stilts' "stilt activating button" sending Stiltman into
    a nearby building unexpectedly. (DD annual #1)

And THE number one way that DD has defeated Stiltman:
 1. DD ricochets his club back & forth off Stiltman's hydraulic legs.
    Wilbur didn't think that was very effective either...until the
    thousands of roaches which had moved into his legs while they were in
    storage started swarming all over him! (DD #317)

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