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DD arm tattoo DD ankle tattoo Bart was kind enough to send me some Dutch DD covers, and he very politely asked whether I might put his DD tattoo up some time soon... Now, this puzzled me as I'd already had Bart's tattoo up for weeks. When I told him this, and asked if he was having problems with his browser possibly, he informed me that the tattoo I had up for "Bart from the Netherlands" was actually from someone else. Yes, it turns out that there are TWO Barts who are Daredevil fans, both from the Netherlands, and both sporting Daredevil tattoos!! Bart said he got the large tattoo on his arm (image from Daredevil(v.2) #3) just this year (2003), and the double "D" ankle tattoo the year before.

Doc Toiny (Den Bosch, Netherlands) - Sep 2003, Aug 2002

DD tattoo on fan Bart dropped me a quick note telling me he enjoyed seeing the DD tattoos shown on the Resource as he had gotten one himself not that long ago. When I asked him if he'd like to add his tattoo to the gallery here, he was kind enough to oblige. However, Bart had one request: to give his tattoo a nice spot as he "had to sit down for three hours for the tattoo." Thanks so much for becoming the first international fan with a tattoo here in the gallery, Bart, and I hope the spot is ok for you! Bart's right shoulder blade is courtesy of the alternate cover for Daredevil (v.2) #1 by Marvel EIC Joe Quesada.

Down4live Tattoo & Piercing (Enschede, Netherlands) - August 2001

DD tattoo on fan DD tattoo - closeup Josh was the first person I'd ever heard from that had a DD tattoo. He went above & beyond the normal call of fan duty and actually had DD's logo tattooed on his arm! Ouch! Josh hails from Michigan, and I wonder whether he should be called the Fan Without Fear? Sense? Pain? In any case, this is one fan who does NOT need to don a DD t-shirt to show his loyalty! And thanks to Josh for the pics & helping start off an entire new page here at The DD Resource.

Sully's Kustom Tattooz (Kalamazoo, MI) - Spring 1999

DD tattoo on fan DD tattoo - closeup In May of 2001, Loren asked a bunch of folks on the DD discussion list what their most treasured DD items were - issues, action figures, original art, etc. Well, Rocky from Phoenix created quite a stir when he mentioned the Daredevil tattoo on his calf! Rocky was kind enough to send me a couple pics so that DD fans everywhere could admire his tattoo, a reproduction of the Mazzucchelli cover from Daredevil #220. Rocky & Josh are definitely two DD fans who've showed their true colors, both figuratively AND literally!

The Enchanted Dragon (Tucson, AZ) - 1994

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